5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips 2021

5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips

5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips 2021

Many online stores use email marketing to expand their market reach. It is a great way to generate possible leads. The number of people connected to the internet is increasing day by day and email marketing becoming a much powerful tool in the future is inevitable.

Businesses are investing a lot of money into their email marketing. There are a lot of tips practiced by successful online stores globally. That said, there are still people who believe email marketing does not work. Well, it does work, and we will show you how much. The reason why people say this might be because of their weak email marketing. So, if you want to benefit from email marketing, you should take note of widely-used email marketing tips.

In this blog, we will be looking at some of the innovative email marketing tips for you to follow. But let’s first talk about why we need email marketing in the first place.

Why We Need Email Marketing?

  • Better Reach

Email is a common thing in this age of connectivity. Everyone is hooked up to their devices. As per IBM data, around 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips 2021

Credits: IBM

This tells us that email marketing makes it possible to reach more customers in an efficient way. Email marketing offers better reach as compared to conventional marketing methods. Conventional marketing does not offer wide coverage as it depends on many factors. On the other hand, you can send bulk emails with one touch only.

  • Better Conversion Rate

Email marketing was the first-ever form of digital marketing services. It offers a better rate of converting possible leads into actual ones. The return is even better than other internet marketing channels like social media websites. This makes it a very effective marketing tool. Experion data suggests that it is possible to make around $44 by spending $1 on email marketing. That is insane! 

  • Targeted Offers

With email marketing, businesses can send targeted offers to each customer. They can do this by studying customers’ previous purchases and products searched on the online store. It is another benefit that email marketing has over other marketing channels. You can even use A/B testing to identify what type of customers resonate with which type of campaigns.

  • Measurable Channel

 It is easy to lose sight of your marketing budget when business is kind of slow. So you should have a close watch over your marketing spend. Email marketing is easy to track and measure growth which comes in handy in tight seasons.

  • Efficient

Email marketing saves a lot of work hours for businesses. It means that the employees do not have to put in extra shifts. Automation can handle much of email marketing as it involves many repetitive steps. You can save a lot of time by automating your online stores. It is also very easy to follow up with customers not going through with the purchase at checkout.

Effective Tips for Generating Leads

Now let’s talk about how to drive your customers all the way through the checkout step.  Here are five innovative email marketing tips that you can follow.


  • Understand Your Market

Understanding your target market and the audience is most important for email marketing. Who your customers are, what age and gender are you dealing with the most. Are you running an international online store like Alibaba and Amazon? Or are you limited to a specific country? These are some of the important questions that you need to think about. Once you have done that organize your customers’ list as per their age, gender, market, and nationality.

  • Personalization

 It is better to deliver your marketing message in a more personal way than a formal one. Make your customers feel valued. Send them birthday cards, wish them on holidays and festivals, and include content that is made specifically for the customer. Sympathizing with your customers in case of any mishap works more than you can imagine. One way to do this is by providing the best in class customer service. Follow up with your customers after each purchase, get their feedback regarding the product, the vendor or the online store itself. It will also help you in measuring the performance of your online store.

  • Include Reviews/Survey 

Customers talk to other people who have shopped on a certain platform. How many times have you checked for product reviews or reviews regarding a sales event? By including positive reviews and ratings regarding your product in the marketing email, you can increase the chances of lead generation. It will also help you in building the customers’ confidence. Collaborate with influencers on YouTube and Instagram for authentic product reviews. Make sure you are not just sponsoring these reviews for marketing purposes.

  • Content Style

 The content of your marketing email is a very significant factor that can make or break your email marketing campaign. The spam emails infecting our inboxes are usually ambiguous and general content-wise. A well-written email is easily distinguishable from a spammy one.

It really helps a lot in the long-run when you spend time on developing your content. Craft a unique subject line and heading that appeals to your customers so that the receiver can get an idea what the email is about. There are various tools available online that can help in email marketing, one of which is email subject line tester.

5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips 2021

Credits: CoSchedule


It scores your marketing email’s subject line giving you an idea of how good or bad it is. There are other tools available for headline scoring and content scoring as well. The selection of words is also very important in the body of the email. Keywords can be used properly to achieve the maximum benefit out of your email marketing. Use industry-related words, marketing words in your emails that attract customers’ focus. Some websites are also providing a list of words to use in email marketing.

5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips 2021

Credits: https://coschedule.com/blog/email-subject-lines/


  • Flash Sales and Themed Offers

Flash sales have become a popular event in the online shopping industry. More and more businesses are launching flash sales to attract new customers. It is a great way to promote brand and induce customer loyalty in the target audience.

It was reported in 2012, that online store with flash sales grew 2x as compared to the stores with no flash sales. The picture has further changed since then as holiday sales are about to hit the $1 trillion mark this year. Email marketers around the world have also picked up this news. Businesses are now informing their customers about exciting flash sales via emails containing tempting offers with limited timespan.

Flash sales based emails can be thematic is nature for events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and New Year, et cetera. This will help you to attract new customers and retain the old ones as well. Your readers will be encouraged to take action on sales promotions.

Final Words


Let’s wrap it up by understanding one important fact. Email marketing should be done in a planned manner. Send marketing emails often, but not too often to frustrate your customers. Customers all around the world complain about getting similar emails again and again. If your email marketing offers are not good, they will unsubscribe. So there is a very thin line between doing it and overdoing it. Keep a close eye on that. Happy selling!


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