7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Website Is Not SEO-friendly

7 Warning your wordpress website is not SEO friendly

7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Website Is Not SEO-friendly


It is not always easy to keep your ranking up in search results because Google algorithms change every time. So in this situation, you have to make your site SEO friendly and updated. But many users say that they are not getting ranking in google. So if you are also facing this kind of issue, then don’t worry because today I will try to cover everything about 7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Website Is Not SEO-friendly.

If you read the full post and implement it, you can easily rank in google without any issues. But before starting, let’s understand what is search engine optimization and how it works?

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO refers to search engine optimization that tells us how to make ou site best according to search engine requirements. Google works as artificial intelligence and a specific algorithm called crawlers or bots.

When a person searches a query in google, these crawlers crawl the web pages and show results according to the algorithm. This algorithm is hidden, so we use some specific terms to tell the crawlers to show our website at the top.

7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Website Is Not SEO-friendly

1 ). Loading Time


It is said that content is the king, but it is not enough to rank on google. Google crawlers see every term according to the algorithm to show a page at the top. Loading time is one of these terms that crawlers use to show search results.

If your website loading time is less than other sites, then Google will automatically bost your website. But if you have a website with more loading time, then you can’t rank with only content.

Loading time can decrease because of some reasons like hosting, bug & error, or domain server slow speed. So by covering these problems, you can make your site fast loading and SEO friendly.

2 ). Responsive Design


Responsive Design also matters in SEO of a website to rank on google. There are many templates in wordpress that are available according to every niche like news, recipes, and celebrities.

So, you can choose one of them to rank your website. But every template is not responsive and SEO friendly. There are a lot of paid templates available from $20 to $200 for a lifetime.

SO I recommend you to buy a paid theme that will help you to increase your SEO score. But keep in mind the theme must be attractive and straightforward. A colorful but much loading template can’t rank in google. So always choose a simple and fast loading template.

3 ). URL Structure

URL Structure

URL Structure of a website or post describes whats you are offering. So it matters very much in the ranking of a website. It always has a relevant structure of your content and category.

A shorter URL can help you to rank quickly. But only a short URL is not enough to rank it should to relevant to the content. Google Crawlers read the links and URLs to show results. So we have to provide a specific URL to rank fast.

How to change URL Structure in WordPress?

Login in the wordpress admin panel.
And then go to website settings.
From the setting, click on permalink.
Then choose a structure with post name and post id.
You can also choose custom permalink.
And then click on save changes.
Now you can change every post permalink.

4 ). Keyword Stuffing

keyword stuffing

Every newbie wants to rank fast in google, so they want to copy other content or done keyword stuffing in the article that google never likes.

Keyword Stuffing gives you a temporary boost, but as I told you, google algorithm change every time, so it decreases your ranking even full website ranking after a few times.

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So always write content naturally and never try to add more keywords in the content. It would be best if you kept a 1% to 3% keyword density in your article. Try to cover LSI Keywords in your article. S, your article will be rank for different keywords. But it should look like natural ways.

5 ). Meta Description

Meta Description

Meta Description plays an essential role to rank posts on google. It is a rule of WordPress; you have to add 160 characters meta description in your post. But make it unique and natural and never copy other meta.

Try to cover your focus keyword in the meta description. The meta description should not be longy and not be short too. Just add specific meta that google likes.

If your description would be lengthy, Google will cut it and down your website. I recommend using a short and attractive meta description with your targeted keyword.

6). Title Tags


Title Tags refer to a blue heading or headline that appears on search results. Recently MOZ’s research on it and the results is that every post tile should be up to 60 characters.

It helps the google search in web pages with the minimum time to describe everything about your content. The more attractive heading can drive more visitors to your website.

But keep in mind post title must have targeted keyword at the beginning of the post. Additionally, many SEO experts recommend using numbers in your post titles. It is beneficial to rank fast, so must ad number in every post title.

For Example

7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Website Is Not SEO-friendly
The above example has a number that attracts more users. It also increases the reader’s interest in reading the full post that will increase the user experience on your website.

7 ). Duplicate Content


Many peoples copy other websites’ content and publish it on their website. It is against Google policies. Now talk about other people who copy content and sping it with different words and synonyms that google never likes.

To avoid duplicate publishing content on your website and always post a unique article. Additionally, your unique article will rank fast in google permanently.


SO after discussing the above details, I hope you will lie and share 7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Website Is Not SEO-friendly with your friends. And you can also follow us for more interesting posts related to your queries and wordpress issues.

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