How To Easily Add Title Attributes To Images in WordPress 2021

How To Easily Add Title Attributes To Images


In this article, we will show you the differences and how to easily add title attributes to images in WordPress. A great deal of web content is made up of images. However, not many website owners optimize their images to speed up or improve search rankings. Although WordPress comes with the option to add alternative text and the title of the image, beginners often don’t understand the difference and how to use them.

What are alt text and the image title?

Alternative text, also called alt text or alt tag, is an attribute added to an image tag in HTML. This text appears inside the image container when the image cannot be viewed. Help search engines understand what an image is about. Alternative text is also very useful in case you cannot find images on a page.

How To Easily Add Title Attributes To Images in WordPress 2020

The title of the image is another attribute that can be added to the image tag in HTML. It is used to provide a title for your image. Text entered within the title tag will not be shown to the user when an image cannot be viewed. In contrast, the image title is displayed in a popup when a user hovers over an image.

Alt text alt tags and image titles are also used to improve the accessibility of your website for those with vision problems or screen readers. A screen reader will read the entire text article, and when it comes to an image, then it will say Image: Title XYZ. This allows the user to know why you added the image even if they can’t see it.

How to easily add title attributes to images in WordPress

WordPress allows you to add alt text to your images when you upload them using the integrated media uploader.

You can also add alternative text to the image by visiting the Media »Library and clicking the Edit link below the image.

How to add the image title in WordPress

When you upload an image using the built-in WordPress media uploader, you will see a title field. This title field is used by WordPress to manage multimedia files. It should not be confused with the title attribute used within an image.

The title added when uploading an image (i.e., the file name) is used only by the WordPress media library to view the list of media files.

While this title will help you locate media files in the WordPress media library, it’s not the title attribute we’re talking about. Here’s how to add the title attribute to your images in WordPress.

If you are using the visual editor, you need to click on the image and then click the Edit button on the image.

The image editing popup screen will appear where you need to click on Advanced Options. The option to add the image title attribute will be displayed.

For those users who are not afraid to edit some HTML. Switch to the text editor and add the title attribute to the image tag like this:


< img class = “alignleft size-medium wp-image-2204” src = “” alt = “alternate text for image” width = “300” height = “199” title = “A proper title attribute” />       

Alternatively, you can use a plug-in called Restore Image Title, which uses the title field when uploading the image in WordPress as the image title attribute.

Why and how to use alt text and the title of the image

We recommend that our users use both the alternative text and the image title with their images. An obvious advantage is that it helps search engines discover your images and display them in the image search results. The other advantage is that these tags improve the accessibility of your site and explain your images to people with special needs.

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Search engines, particularly Google, claim to focus exclusively on the alt text as a classification factor for images. However, this does not mean that they completely ignore the title attribute. Try adding different texts in both attributes using keywords that describe your images.

Also, remember not to include too many keywords in the alt and title tags. Instead, write descriptive and useful texts that describe the image.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to easily add title attributes to images in wordpress.

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