7 Best Anti-Spam WordPress plugins in 2020

Best Anti-Spam WordPress plugins

7 Best Anti-Spam WordPress plugins


As a blog or website owner, isn’t it a pleasure to see Incoming traffic growth? Indeed it is! We all experienced it! Unfortunately, when your website starts attracting the public, you fall prey to spam. This is one of the most unpleasant things you will have to face. In this article, we will discuss the Best Anti-Spam WordPress plugins that will help you to secure your website or blog against spam.

As soon as your website starts receiving a fair amount of traffic, a crowd of unwanted spammers joins the party. And most of these spammers are automatic robots. In this article, we will discuss the best premium WordPress plugins that will help you to secure your website or blog against spam.

But first, if you’ve never installed WordPress, find out How to install a WordPress blog, steps seven et How to find, install, and activate a WordPress theme on your blog. So let’s go back to why we’re here.

7 Best Anti-Spam WordPress plugins


Math Captcha for WooCommerce


Math Captcha is a premium WordPress and WooCommerce plug-in that allows you to add a mathematical Captcha to your login, registration, and lost password forms. It can also be added to the payment page of your website.

Its main features are assistance plus Math Captcha on the same page, easy customization to match the appearance of your website, customization of error messages, the possibility of Disable Math Captcha for a connected user, excellent for fighting spam and even more.

Anti-Spam Pro

anti spam wrodpress plugin

Anti-Spam Pro is a powerful WordPress Premium plugin. See the WordPress spam protection plugin works as soon as it is installed. It doesn’t show any annoying Captcha where you have to manage a long row of channels. Just install the plugin and do something else. This plugin will instantly increase the general protection of your website.

Double Opt-in for Gravity Forms


Stop getting spam from bots or other troublemakers. This high-quality WordPress protection plugin is one of the most effective on the market, as it requires human interaction and a real inbox. It is based on the Gravity modules plugin, which must be installed before using it.

So if you’ve designed a Gravity Forms form that can reach more than one recipient using a selection area, you can make sure they aren’t bothered by spam.

Here is an example:

A medical center that offers its patients direct contact with several doctors. It would help if you made sure that only the letters of people authenticated and who have confirmed their notes via double factor authentication reach the doctor. So with Double-Opt-In for Gravity Forms, this is now possible and very simple.



SecuPress is a very new security plugin on the market (released initially as a freemium in 2016), but it is undoubtedly one of those that are growing rapidly. It was developed by Julio Potier, one of the original co-founders of WP Media, the company that develops WP Rocket and Imagify. There is both a free version and a premium version that includes many additional features.

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If you want a security plugin that has a friendly and easy to use user interface, SecuPress is the right plugin. The free version has anti-brute force logins, blocked IPs, and a firewall. It also includes the protection of security keys and blocks visits by malicious bots (a function that usually has to be paid for in other security plugins).


zxeion wordpress plugin

Zxeion is a powerful, premium WordPress plugin that helps strengthen the security of your website. This plugin includes a collection of patches and tools for extra protection, as well as real-time network protection, which can assist you in identifying and blocking warnings to your website without having to take anything.

Its features are among others: real-time protection, ability to hide the administration section, automatic prohibition by the firewall, file protection, IP blocking, protection from Brute Force attacks, detection of server errors, protection from spam, and many others.


commentpress wordpress plugin

CommentPress is a powerful premium compact WordPress plugin that allows you to insert, edit, and delete comments quickly and easily. CommentPress uses Ajax, jQuery, and PHP to post comments, so you won’t need to reload the page.

This WordPress plugin has many options that allow you to customize it and give it the look of your website. It proposes a captcha to fight spam and to have more security in the forms.

Ultimate Math Captcha


Ultimate Math Captcha is a high-quality WordPress captcha plugin that is 100% efficient. It allows you to add a mathematical captcha on WordPress login forms, registration, password recovery, comments, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, and bbPress modules.

Its features include ease of installation and configuration, the addition of captchas on many modules, support for multiple mathematical captchas on the same page, customization of error messages, and many others.

All In One WP Security & Firewall


Being one of the most feature-rich free security plugins, All In One WP Security & Firewall offers a simple interface and decent customer support without any premium plans. It is a highly visual security plugin with graphs and indicators to explain metrics to beginners how security strength and what needs to be done to make your site more potent.

The features are divided into three categories: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Therefore, you can take full advantage of the plugin even if you are an expert developer. The main ways in which this plugin works are the protection of user accounts, the blocking of forced access attempts, and the improvement of the security of user registration. Database and file security are also included in the plugin.

Captcha Other

captcha wordpress plugin

Captcha Other is a powerful wordpress security plugin, and Its main features are many types of supported eyebrows: login, registration, commentaries, contacts, etc. Protection improved by Captcha with letters, numbers, and images, the configuration of a deadline for the presentation of Captcha, the possibility of updating the captcha, de renames and Captcha notifications, compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, multilingual support (39 languages) and RTL and many others.


Here! That’s all for this article. You are dedicated to the seven best Anti-Spam  WordPress plugins designed to help you effectively fight spam on your website. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please let us know inside commentaries.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources if you need more elements to carry out your website creation projects by asking our guide on WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all times.


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