10 Best Podcast WordPress Themes Of 2021

10 Best Podcast WordPress Themes Of 2021

 Best Podcast WordPress Themes Of 2021

Podcasts are increasingly becoming the new norm, and nowadays, several technopreneurs are turning towards podcasts to showcase their knowledge to their audience.

Even the audience is more interested in listening to their favorite business, personality, or preferred niche/industry. Hence, the trend of podcasts is on the high rise. 

The best way to give your audience what they want is by getting a website that is designed to represent podcasts in the most appealing manner and then choose the right podcast hosting site

We’re going to discuss some of the best Podcast WordPress themes in this post.

The themes on this list are designed to meet the requirements of your Podcasts. Therefore, whether you’re uploading a podcast manually or you’re using podcast streaming services, the themes on this list will enable you to display your content easily without hassles.

In this article, we’re going to explore the different WordPress podcast themes out there from a design, functionality, and features perspective. Also, selecting the best theme to represent your podcast is crucial. So, we’re also going to tell you about the specific industry-related themes that you can choose for your podcasts. 

Some of the themes on this list are also capable of supporting video content so, here’s a great value-added proposition for you. Also, with the customization option, you can pretty much change everything about your website, from the appearance to the content to the layout.

Now, without any further ado – let’s start exploring the top 10 WordPress podcast themes.

1. Megaphone

Megaphone-Best podcast wordpress theme

Megaphone is a purpose-driven WordPress podcast theme that lets you launch your website seamlessly. Why is Megaphone #1 on the list? Well, the list isn’t in any specific order so, I listed it here randomly; however, the theme is designed to match your podcasting requirements.

From six different layouts to the customization feature, the theme has got everything you need to create a custom-tailored website for your podcasts. Since the presentation of content is everything, you can also customize the presentation of it to ensure maximum impact. 

With multiple columns of different shapes and sizes, a color scheme customization option, and the optional sticky audio player feature that you can turn on to be displayed no matter where your user is on your website, the theme stands out.

Additionally, you can also showcase your podcast content wherever you want by integrating the selected WordPress podcasting service into your website. The theme also supports several podcast-related plugins to enable easy management of your podcast episodes. 

2. Dixie

Dixit-Best podcast wordpress theme

Want to build your audience in the digital world? You can do it with the Dixie podcasting theme. This theme is designed to help you with your podcasting efforts.

You can integrate this theme with Podbean, Spreaker, and other similar service providers to revolutionize your podcasting experience. Moreover, the theme literally gives you all the option to add, manage, host, or publish your podcasts.

You can also use the theme to upload video content alongside your podcast episodes. The default main page of the theme has everything your audience would search for once they land on your website. 

It has a phenomenal player that seamlessly showcases the latest podcasts from your side and keeps your recent podcasts in the loop in case the user wants to listen to them.

Additionally, there are specific options designed to display the information of your podcasts, like who is featured in it, what it is all about, or when your upcoming podcast is going live.

You can also send emails to your visitors through Dixie because Dixie integrates with the email marketing tools to enable you to send invitations to your audience.  This could come in real handy if you ever decide to run a webinar or other live event and need to connect with your audience to make it a success. 

Moreover, you can customize Dixie with the drag-and-drop page builder, you can leverage the built-in templates and start editing your podcasting website, and you can create a custom intuitive user-interface for your audience with Dixie.

3. Tusant

Tusant-Best podcast wordpress theme

Tusant is yet another powerful theme designed to display your podcast in the most spectacular way to your audience. The theme not only supports podcasts but also videos, music streaming, and other types of content.

Tusant is capable of handling an entire series of podcasts with its robust features and functionalities. You can publish several episodes of your podcasts and still ensure easy navigation for your users through Tusant.

The minimal look of the website is also appealing and engaging to the users simply because it doesn’t feel overwhelming at first glance, and secondly, everything the user wants would be right in front of him/her.

Tusant is also mobile-friendly, which means that visitors can easily listen to their podcasts on their smartphones. This theme can also be integrated with the latest tools and plugins to ensure an optimal user experience.

Moreover, the default theme is black. However, you can easily tweak the appearance of the theme by customizing it. There’s also a page-builder tool that comes along with the theme that helps you in creating complete pages from scratch. 

4. Podcaster

Podcaster-Best podcast wordpress theme

Podcaster has got everything you need to launch your podcast website. From robust features to amazing functionality, the theme offers a lot to users in order to maintain a stunning user and customer experience.

You can create stylish podcast designs, add elements, promote your podcasts, edit the design and do much more with this feature-packed theme. You can even link to the main podcast repositories, add the feed of your latest episodes on the main page of your theme and do much more with Podcaster.

Some other features of this amazing WordPress podcasting theme include author pages, featured image adding, customization, engaging podcast presentation, and even free blogging templates.

Podcaster also gives you the option of changing the appearance of your entire website and podcast representation by simply changing the fonts, logo, colors, and even the header to customize them to match your podcast. 

This is something that I like to call “Podcast branding.” This is the process of creating a website through a theme to specially match your specific requirements. Moreover, the developers of this theme update it every now and then, ensuring the latest features and functionality In the long run.

5. Castilo 

Castilo-Best podcast wordpress theme

Castilo was also designed to help you with your podcasts. This marvelous WordPress theme supports several plugins, gives you numerous features, which include RSS feed support, customization, Google Play Music and iTunes integration, and much more.

The RSS feed feature of the theme specifically helps you promote your podcast by spreading the word that your podcast has been released and update on your website. 

Another useful feature of this theme is that it allows you to import your podcasts from wherever they are published on the internet to your website. From the feature’s standpoint, Castilo is one amazing WordPress podcast theme that you should totally check out.

In fact, this process of getting podcasts from wherever they are published can also be automated by customizing the setting of Castilo. You can schedule the time of running the importing function through controls.

Moreover, from the design’s perspective, Castilo is super intuitive and engaging. The design can be customized to best fit your podcast’s niche. Additionally, there’s also a modern podcast player that comes along with the theme. This player lets your audience listen to the podcast seamlessly without any hassles.

Also, you can integrate social media, email newsletters, widgets, plugins, and much more to Castilo.

6. Podcast Master

Podcast Master-Best podcast wordpress theme

Podcast Master is, as the name suggests, the master of hosting your podcasts and showing them to your audience in an impactful manner. 

Whether you’re new to podcasts or you’re just thinking of getting a theme, in both cases, the Podcast Master is perfect for you. With the feature of publishing an unlimited number of podcasts, the theme lets you upload each time without the concern of running out of space.

Podcast Master leverages the WordPress custom post types to save your podcast details and to display your website’s content/information in the best way to your audience.

Podcast Master also comes with several design templates, customization options, management options, blog page, organizing features, and categories and tags options.

All of these options mentioned above contribute vastly to making your website look clean and clear. Moreover, this specific WordPress theme has some premium features, i.e., a storage option and a modern-looking podcast player.

The popular Podcast hosting enables your audience to listen to the podcast from your website quickly, and this adds more value to the already robust user-experience that your Podcast Master is delivering.

7. Rare Radio

Rare Radio is more like multi-purpose music and podcast/audio supporting themes. In a nutshell, it is great for podcasts.

There are 4 different demos available from which you can choose, and these demos are designed amazingly well. Not only are these designs engaging but also, they have a certain feel to them that enables you to develop an interest in your audience regarding your podcast.

With custom-built-in layouts, you can customize the look and feel of your website’s homepage. You can also add an audio or video intro to your homepage, which by the way, is known to decrease bounce rate drastically.

Moreover, the theme gives you the category option from where your audience can easily find their preferred podcast. The theme also has the functionality which supports live streaming podcasts. 

However, the core feature of this theme is that it shows notes for each episode on your blog in the form of time-stamps. Although you can change the display and style of content still, this feature is amazing and eye-catching. 

There are also free templates within the theme that you can use to customize and build your blog page. You can add images to your site through the image gallery, you can share the image of the guests that you’re featuring in your podcast, and you can easily display photos from social media channels on your website.

8. Viseo

Viseo-Best podcast wordpress theme

Video is yet another powerful and flexible WordPress theme that can be integrated into your WordPress site within a few clicks. This theme is the best for you if you’re creating the news, videos, or podcasts.

After the seamless integration of the theme to your WordPress website, you will start getting all the stylish pages, templates, and designs that you can use to create a customized site of your own.

One of the primary goals of this theme is to make your podcast look professional, influential, and imperative for entrepreneurs. There are several screen sliders that you can adjust according to your requirements. There are several design elements that you can customize as per your podcast’s niche.

The theme is literally designed to engage your audience at all costs. Hence, there are several options of adding audio or video to the website for better engagement.

Moreover, below the slider header section, you’ll find your blog sections along with a featured image, publishing date, and author bio. The overall presentation of the website is designed to give your audience a better way of navigating through your website to find whatever they’re searching for.

Viseo also has the drag-and-drop page builder tool that enables non-technical folks to quickly create pages without the hassle of coding and programming.

9. Wpcast

Wpcast-Best podcast wordpress theme

Wpcast is specially built wordpress podcast theme to serve the podcasting community. With amazing support for the best podcast networks, the Wpcast stands out.

If having a stylish, functional, feature-packed, and modern podcast website is your goal, then Wpcast should be your first choice. 

Platforms like Google Podcast and Apple Podcast are pre-built/integrate within this theme, so you never have to worry about publishing your podcasts.

Additionally, the same integration of these famous platforms can also be used to send data to your audience that you’ve published a new podcast. This theme can also be bonded with PowerPress, Libsyn, and Blubrry to further streamline the development of a Podcast website.

Moreover, from the design’s perspective, Wpcast gives you different elements, components, and features that you can integrate into your site to ensure maximum engagement and impact.

You can literally customize each aspect of the site to make it look just the way you want. There are sliders within the theme that you users can use to slide their way to the podcast they want to listen to. The layout grids and content display are amazing and enable you to efficiently organize your podcast’s content. 

The drag-and-drop page builder is also present in the theme, which improves the speed of your Podcast WordPress website development.

10. Vlog

Vlog-Best podcast wordpress theme

Vlog is also a user-friendly and experience-oriented WordPress podcast theme designed to enable your audience to listen to all the information you’ve gathered for them in the form of a podcast.

It doesn’t matter if your podcast is audio or video; Vlog has got all the features and technology stack to uphold your content and display it to your audience in a spectacular way. 

Platforms like YouTube or Twitch can be easily integrated into the Vlog WordPress theme, making it easier for you to import, upload or publish a podcast or any other form of content.

Once you’ve done uploading podcasts, Vlog gives you multiple features to organize your Vlogs according to your requirements. The more conveniently they’re organized, the easier it will be for your audience to skim through your website.

Furthermore, you can add playlists, edit content, choose the post’s layout from over 200 layout collections, add thumbnails to your video, add feature images and do much more with this amazing theme.

There’s also a built-in player integrate into the theme so that your audience can listen to the video or audio easily without any distractions or hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file available on the internet where people shares about their stories and experiences.

Is wordpress suitable for podcasting?

Definitely yes. Using wordpress you can spent your minimum time customizing your website and can focus more on your podcasts. Besides there are lot of themes and templates particularly made for podcasting.

Do I even need website for podcast?

The answer depends. If you are well known podcaster then even without a website you can reach your listeners. But if you are just starting out a new podcaster then it is highly recommended to have a website. This will help you gain audience fast,

Which theme should I use on wordpress for podcasting?

The best wordpress theme for your podcast website are:
2. Dixie
3. Tusant
4. Podcaster
5. Castilo

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