5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins

How to Add WordPress Rich Snippets- 5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins for 2019.

How to Add WordPress Rich Snippets- 5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins


Rich Snippet refers to the schema of a WordPress website. It is an important part of the ranking of a website. So, if you are also looking for How to Add WordPress Rich Snippets- 5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins for 2021. Then you are at the right place because today I am here to provide everything about WordPress website schema or Rich Snippet.

It is about to tell the search engines about our content and specialty that will appear in sear results. According to the latest research, 70% of websites are using schema on the internet.

Why Rich Snippet & Schema?

It is an essential question of every newbie who is running in g a website or want to start a new website. Rich Snippets or schema is the basics details of our website that we tell to search engine crawlers to show our website at top resorts.

It takes time to implement, but it gives us more customers and traffic in proper ways. We all know Google has become the number one search engine, so most users index their websites on google to get more and more traffic. So in this way, google reported that Google loves schema.

5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins for 2021

1 ). All in One Schema Rich Snippets


In our list, we keep All in One Schema Rich Snippets on number one. It is a free WordPress Plugin that provides quality features to schema about the WordPress website.

Every beginner can easily use it free of cost. So if you want to do a schema of our WordPress website without paying, then this plugin is for you.

It will provide al the paid feature in free. You will be able to configure every post with this plugin while adding more information to the posts.

2 ). Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

On the second number, the WordPress schema plugin is Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin. It is another one of the best plugins that provide every detail, like other plugins.

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But keep in mind that if it is a premium plugin, hat it will give you better features and better results than the free plugins. You can add your details and edit them with your requirements. There are many pre-installed settings so that you can use them as default.

3 ). WP Review Pro


As the name shows, this plugin is about WordPress Preview Pro to do the schema of a WordPress website. It allows you to edit every post with schema and add more detail about your content to appear on search engine top results. So it will be beneficial to drive more traffic from the search engines and get schema traffic.

4 ). KK Star Ratings

KK Star Ratings is one of the best plugins that will make your website more attractive in search results. It shows five stars below your posts results to drive more traffic on your website.


It also allows you to show your top rated pots on the slideshow of your website. So it will be the best option for your WordPress website.

5 ). WP Product Review

wp product review

WP Product Review is a premium themes that allows you to give product reviews and also do a rich snippet of your posts. You can edit any posts with this plugin and add more information about the products to show in the top results.

The good thing in this plugin is that it provides you both features Product Reviews & Rich Snippets. So you can use it to high your ranking and get more traffic and sales on your WordPress website.

6 ). Testimonials Showcase


If you are running an e-commerce WordPress website, then Testimonials Showcase Plugin is for you. It is about to submit testimonials to the admin for other details.

Its the best rich snippets wordpress plugins that makes easier for your website to show the testimonials from your users very easier.

So through these plugins, the users of your products or traffic on your WordPress website will easily submit their testimonials that will be beneficial for you. So use to get more sales and get high ranks on google.

7 ). Yaqyeem WordPress Review Plugin


Yaqyeem WordPress Review Plugin is a modern and attractive WordPress plugin that allows you to add more changes and edit your post easily and probabley one of the best rich snippets wordpress plugins.

You can have more information about products like pros and cons, and you can also edit other details. It is a high-level plugin that allows you to add more images and edit, fonts, images & styles of their pots.

It will attract users to buy products and leave their ratings and reviews. So you can use to get more sales and traffic on your WordPress product review website.

8 ). Recipe Box


If you are running a recipe or food WordPress website, then Recipe Box plugin is for you. It allows the users to add more details about recipes and food on the blog or website.

Your post can easily rank on rich snippets to get millions of traffic in bulk. Additionally, this plugin will add meta boxes to your blog that will be very beneficial.

These meta boxed are about instructions, images, ingredients, and more. So it would be an excellent choice for your food blog to get rich snippet results and drive more traffic.


After sharing the above details about How to Add WordPress Rich Snippets- 5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins for 2021. I hope you will like and share it with your friends who are facing this problem. You can ask any questions or share your ideas about this post through the comment box section. So never forget to follow us for new amazing posts about WordPress issues and their solutions.

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