Best SEO Web Hosting and things to do after installing WordPress

Best SEO Web Hosting

Best SEO Web Hosting and things to do after installing WordPress

Alright so, it’s 2021. The virus came a year ago. The economy went down. Elections happened. We have a new president. We’re still locked in our homes BUT… now the economy is climbing again.

People are spending again which means the banks running now which means someone is getting paid again which means banks are receiving it which means there is more investing and it goes on.

How great is that?

Good opportunities are coming your way. What are you gonna do about it?

Don’t know? Well, how about buying some hosting space and put a few ideas in motion? But you don’t need any hosting space. You preferably need the one that is optimized for most traffic.

We’re talking about SEO Web Hosting services.

The second step is obviously installing WordPress because it’s the best CMS there is, with amazing plugin support, millions of themes, and customization that just wouldn’t let you go.

Not only that, we have an entire section at the end of the article about what to do after you’ve installed WordPress. A few tips that could boost your SEO traffic for maximum rankings.

First, let’s dive into our recommended SEO Web Hosting Services…


Best SEO Web Hosting

BlueHost stays to be our repetitive top pick. Why? It offers quality under a reasonable cost, the client service is incredible, the go-to decision for a ton of WordPress clients, easy to utilize, WP Pro for managed services, and the rundown goes on.

In our consistently refreshed BlueHost Review, we keep adding new things to talk about. They have grown exponentially even though being very young. BlueHost likewise packs the absolute best WordPress specialists in the business for added assistance.

Yet, in the event that WordPress isn’t your thing, they offer 3 alternatives for facilitating: Shared, Dedicated, and VPS. For SEO, once more, Shared here will turn out great.


  • The Launch Plan offers 60 GB SSD storage, 2 GB RAM, a single-core CPU, limitless traffic and sites, and SSL security. You can get a lot of niche projects rolling.
  • The Enhanced Plan offers 90 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, and a double-core CPU (so twice as past), and all the other things remain something similar. Appropriate for eCommerce settings.
  • At that point, the Grown Plan comes with 120 GB storage, 6 GB RAM, and a triple-core CPU, and all the other things as in the past. Preferred for high-traffic Magento sites.
  • The last one here, Expand plan accompanies 150 GB storage, 8 GB RAM, and a quad-core CPU. Reasonable for more resource-hungry sites.


Best SEO Web Hosting

HostGator comes from India and maybe that clarifies the reasonable costing tiers. HostGator’s hidden strength is probably its devs populating the platform with special features that could better your site’s presentation.

Day in/day out client service, 99.9% uptime ensured, and a 45-day cashback is guaranteed. However, what’s more, is that you get their custom security highlights like CodeGuard and SiteLock alongside SSL authentications.

With such countless alternatives to browse, we’d prescribe HostGator’s WordPress hosting plans because of its simple environment and ideal resources.


  • The Starter Plan offers 1 site domain, 100,000 visitor limit, SSL security, free domain area (the two of which accompany each plan), and 1 GB backup storage for a basic website under
  • With the Standard Plan, you get 2 websites, a 200,000 visitor limit, and 2 GB backup space. It may not sound much, yet any mid-level venture would be no problem at all.
  • And after that point, the Business Plan comes offers 3 sites, 500,000 visitor limit, and 3 GB backup space. For a business plan, it might seem very mellow on the surface but its efficiency is pretty much unmatched.


Best SEO Web Hosting

SiteGround is another niche hosting service that serves a very limited set of needs but what it does is no less short of premium. Primarily you get Shared, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Cloud hosting services.

SiteGround isn’t as cheap as some other names here but its main forte is WordPress so most plans come with a managed service or easy WP installation, out-of-box caching, and unlimited databases. Plus, they run everything on renewable energy!

What’s more is that if you shell out some more cash, their advanced plans offer features like ultrafast PHP, staging environment, white-label clients, and even high-priority customer support.


  • The StartUp plan starts you with 1 website, 10 GB storage, 10,000 visitor limit, unmetered traffic, daily backups, and free SSL security, CDN, and Email accounts.
  • The GrowBig basically offers everything from StartUp but in an elevated quantity and advanced features like on-demand backup copies, ultrafast PHP, staging environments, and collaboration features.
  • The GoGeek plans are for the higher-echelon of developers that require 10 websites, 40 GB Web Space, around 100,000 visitor limit, and advanced features like white-label clients, higher resources, maximum priority support.

A2 Hosting

Best SEO Web Hosting

A2Hosting stands firm in eighth place on our best web hosting for uptime and response time with a 99.953% uptime status. A2Hosting is from various perspectives indistinguishable from GreenGeeks.

Albeit, the lone distinction between the 2 could be brought down to cost and their web designing features. A2Hosting additionally boasts its 20X fast turbo servers that blow past the competition, not to mention the SEO boost.

If a range is what you’re looking for then you get a lot of those here like WordPress, Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated yet the Shared facilitating plans are what turns out best for SEO-hefty sites.


  • The Startup Plan is pretty much a startup. You get 1 Website, 100 GB SSD Storage, huge loads of clear addons like SSL certificates, Unlimited Email Accounts, Website Builder and so on You can look at the full rundown here.
  • The Drive Plan accompanies Unlimited Websites, Unlimited SSD Storage, Automatic Backups, including every one of the Key Features from underneath, and Growth Features like 2X Resources, Unlimited Databases, and considerably more.
  • However, our suggestion is surely the Turbo Boost Plan. It offers Unlimited Websites, Unlimited NVMe Storage, Automatic Backups, Key highlights, Growth Features, and Turbo Features like Improved Conversion Rates, Lower Bounce Rates, and so on.
  • The Turbo Max Plan is equivalent to the Turbo Boost Plan yet has 5X more assets that could be used after you’re finished with Turbo Boost. Other than that this would be a needless excess by and large yet assuming you can bear the cost of it, that is extraordinary as well.


Best SEO Web Hosting

Kinsta does managed-WordPress hosting and does it well. Kinsta is well-known among WP enthusiasts for its custom dashboard UI for easy website management. We’ve additionally talked about this in detail in our Kinsta Review.

Since this is managed web hosting, the specifications are planned by predefined client needs. The biggest thing is that their server platform is part of Google’s cloud structure which means there is barely any compromise on quality.

For better execution, Kinsta utilizes LXD compartments dependent on Linux which gives your site a secluded stage, so there can’t be any resource constraints.


  • It is a cloud-based service build on top of the Google Cloud Platform, which means their servers are fast, and scalability is built in. The platform also ensures a seamless backup service.
  • There’s an in-house support team that is, according to the marketing claims at least, provide expertise in WordPress, in case you need some help or assistance setting up your website.
  • All Kinsta plans come with website uptime checks for every 2 minutes, a guarantee that your website will be fixed if it gets attacked, and automatic server scaling.
  • Kinsta uses custom CDN for data delivery along with LXD components for resource allocation and effective management.


Now that you know which are the best SEO web hosting services, it’s time for you to take a shot at any of the above that interest you, or remember that you do have a money-back guarantee as well.

Let’s look into what to do after installing WordPress on these servers or probably you got it installed already and need to set up a great boilerplate for smooth running.


Best SEO Web Hosting

Optimized themes could really boost SEO. The lessor or a minimalist design simplifies a lot of web engine crawling. Another benefit of that is better page speeds.

You can go shop around websites like ThemeMiles ThemeForest, Themefy, and even WordPress for your specific niche. A popular alternative to buying themes is simply getting a website builder that’ll build a custom theme for you.

Elementor is a popular WP website builder popular among developers and the average user alike because it offers the correct balance between technicality and customization.


Best SEO Web Hosting

Plugins are programs that do something specific for your site. They could make your site faster, secure it against viruses, screen traffic, minimize code, and as expressed above, screen web traffic.

All in One SEO, YoastSEO, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMRush are a few popular choices that a lot of SEO specialists recommend and use themselves. But there are some basic differences between each.

Like for example, All in One SEO is like a swiss knife, does a little bit of everything, and Ahrefs is specifically used for keyword research and management.

Our recommended plugin here would YoastSEO by Neil Patel that offers some really great functionality like keyword optimization, page indexing, social media previews, localization, etc.

Optimize Images

Best SEO Web Hosting

Pictures could be cumbersome, particularly in the event that they have a great deal of detail and goal. This influences page loading, response time, and even SEO because the crawler going through a lot of information quickly.

A great way to optimize images is to shrink their inherent data volume without or somewhat influencing their general quality. The best way is to utilize an online compressor like TinyJPG, iloveimg, or maybe our custom compressor.

What’s more, obviously, there are modules: Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, reSmush are a portion of the well-known ones which could even improve your pictures simultaneously while or after you transfer.

Permalink Structure

Best SEO Web Hosting

The Permalink is that large awkward URL address that tires the web-crawler. A permalink comprises your domain name and the location data after that is known as a slug.

The fundamental motivation to change the permalink interface structure is to prolong hyperlinking life which will in general lapse with the default URL format.

CTR is another motivation to change your URL structure as more seasoned connections actually have a significant positioning rate.

The best approach to just change your permalink is to go to Settings => Permalinks => Select Post name. This is a fairly basic approach to do it.

Plugins like Permalink Manager Lite, Premmerce for WooCommerce, Redirection, and Custom Permalinks are some popular choices to consider if you want it taken care of neatly.

Google Search Console

Best SEO Web Hosting

Google Search Console, otherwise called Webmaster Tools, is a bunch of instruments offered by Google to give site proprietors a glance at how their content is seen by the engine.

It gives reports and information to assist you with seeing how your pages show up in indexed lists. You additionally will see the real inquiry terms individuals are utilizing to discover your site, how each page shows up in the query items, and how frequently your pages are clicked.

This data assists you with understanding what’s chipping away at your site and so forth. You would then be able to design your substance strategy/planning appropriately.


SEO web hosting services work best with WordPress which is why we emphasize getting it first. Its codebase is dynamic and works fluently with beginners who are usually the target market.

Our main advice would be to take your time with the process and learn as much as possible. Besides, SEO is a long-term process. You need all the right tools at the right place, along with a good amount of patience.

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