Best Ways to build Backlinks on Your Website 2021


Best Ways to Build Backlinks on Your Website 2021


Backlinks play an essential role in Google ranking and improve SEO. It is about to share your website with the relevant sites & platform that tells Google about your work quality. It is also used to get more traffic and increase conversions.

So if you are targeting a high competitive keyword and want to rank your website, then you must use link building strategies for quick results. All the newbie wants to learn for Best Ways to Build Backlinks on your Website, so if you are also looking for, then you are on the right page because today I am here to give your better information about it. So please keep reading and follow us for more useful posts.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Best Ways to Build Backlinks on Your Website 2020

Every business owner & website owner wants to increase their conversions & traffic on the website, so they target a specific keyword within a particular audience. These keywords can be more competitive than general keywords.

So to improve SEO and get more accurate results, we have to create backlinks from the different sources. It helps Google to improve our website and show at the top results. All the backlinks must be built on the relevant webpage & platform. So it will be beneficial for your website ranking.

Best Ways to Build Backlinks on your Website

Quality Content


In the SEO world, content is the king that helps the website to rank in Google. You must use better quality in the webpages and provide quality information than the competitors. So it will automatically boost your website traffic and ranking.

You must provide relevant information that users want to form your site. Never try to spin or copy content from the other website and always use your content. You can write a blog post on the trending keywords that are very easy to rank in a quick time. Always try to use more related keywords in the article that can be index in search engines.

Guest Post for Websites With High Domain Authority

Submit Guest Post

Guest Posting is also another best way to increase traffic and improve website SEO. For this type of backlinks, you have to write a quality post and post it on the relevant website with authority in Search Engine. In the article, you have to add links of your website that will refer ort redirect the traffic from the other site.

Use google search queries to find the website that are accepting the guest posts:

  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + guest post by

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It includes both methods free & paid, so it depends on your budget. You can reach the more website to post your content with your links. But mostly, it is beneficial to use the paid guest post that works for the long term.

Also make sure to give out your social accounts cause the reader can find your article interesting and will follow you for more articles in the future.

Share your Content on the Social Media


Social Media sharing plays an essential role in SEO. When a person searches a query on the internet, the search engine crawls social platforms first, so we have to share our content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram.

It will be helpful for fast indexing in Google and also get more traffic. You can create a Facebook page and drive a handsome amount of traffic only form Facebook because it has billion of users per month.

Blog Commenting


Blog Commenting is the free method to create quality backlinks for your website. In this method, you have to search relevant blogs & sites and comment on their posts with your link. Mostly, when you have to comment, it asks your username, email & comment. So it is an easy and quick way to create quality backlinks for free.

All you need to do is find the website with same niche as yours and check if they are accepting the comments. If they do then you can swoop in and write a comment that is authentic and relevant to the respective article. Otherwise, your comment will never be accepted and marked as spam.

Make sure the website you are commenting has high DA(Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) along with good spam score otherwise this process may backfire on you. The backlinks from websites with high spam score will decrease your page authenticity. So always check the website DA, PA and Spam score before commenting on their blogs post.

Interlinking Between Pages


It is also another fantastic method to create backlink s for free. We can call it on page seo because, in this method, we have to work on our page only. When publishing a new post, we add the related post link in the new post that will redirect the visitors to other pages.

It will also increase the user experience on your website and improves SEO. But keep in mind you have to use related post links in the new post. It also helps the new post to index fast because of the old reference that is already indexed. So to improve SEO, you have to add interlinking in the posts.

Create a Youtube Channel

create a youtube channel

To improve SEO and get more traffic, you must create a youtube channel with the name of your website & business. You will provide all the website information in the form of video on youtube.

In this method, we have to create a video and add our website link in the description at the time of publishing the video on the channel. You can also embed a video on your site. SO it is two-way traffic that is derived from one source to another. This way you can easily create backlinks for your website.

Keep Track of your competitors

Staying up to date with your competitors is a very important marketing strategy that should not be ignored. You can track every steps of your competitors website and improve your website as you see fit so that you have a higher chance of beating their ranking.

This technique can get you some serious traffic as well as backlinks as well. Moreover you can save yourself lot of time that you spent on searching high authority website for backlinks creation.

Here are some tips to help you keep track of your competitors:

Create google alerts for competitors site

Subscribe to their newsletter, following them on social media or frequently checking their site can be you method to track your competitors website. Yet another effective method you can use is to setup google alerts for your competitors site.

You can easily do this by going to google alerts and typing and create alert.

Best Ways to build Backlinks on Your Website 2021
Create backlinks by spying the competitors using SEO tools

You can use ahrefs, moz, longtailpro etc. SEO tools to track the backlinks used by the competitors. It is one of the best ways to build backlinks within less period of time. All yo need is to spectate your competitors backlinks and create one for you too.

Using Ahrefs, you can submit the link of the competitors blog post and click on the backlink tab. This will show all the backlinks associated for that post.

Best Ways to build Backlinks on Your Website 2021

Write testimonials for other websites

Writing reviews or testimonials for websites with similar niche can help you create backlinks. When you write reviews for them then theirs credibility also increases. And they will let you put your backlink or mention your website.

Best Ways to build Backlinks on Your Website 2021

Although this method works only if you are a expert in respective niche area. While you are getting a backlink from the website they will also generate some leads with your testimonials. So, it’s beneficial for both websites.

It is one of the best ways to build backlinks and also increase your traffic directly as people tenf to follow those thay give out testimonials and reviews.

Submit directories, infographics, images, ppt etc..

Another method of creating backlinks is to submit directories, infographics, images, pdf, ppt etc. to  hose websites that accept these. This is simple but effective way to create backlinks.

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You can search for websites that accept these different forms of articles like infographics, images, ppt, pdf and get backlinks easily.

Some popular websites are:

  • PPT submission:
  • Directory submission: BOTW(Best Of The Web), Entireweb etc.
  • Infographics submission:, etc.


How do I increase backlinks to my website?

There are many legit ways to increase website backlinks like blog commenting, infographics, guest posts, social signals, & promote your content.

How do I get quality backlinks 2021?

You can get high authority backlink from guest posts, blog commenting, quality content, and bonus strategies.

What are some top DO Follow backlinks sites?

High quality Do follow backlink can help you to improve SEO. You can use wordpress, Blogspot, Kinja, minds, tumble & Medium.

What are Do Follow and No Follow backlinks?

Do Follow backlinks are very important and suggests the search engine to crawl through that backlink too. Whereas No Follow backlinks are of less important and suggests to not crawl through the content of that provided link.


After showing the above details about Best Ways to Build Backlinks on your website, I hope you will like and share it on social media. You can ask any questions relate to this post and also share your ideas through the comment box that will be appreciated. You can follow us for more relevant amazing posts about wordpress reviews, themes, plugin & SEO.

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