How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder That You Really Need?

Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder

WordPress powers 41% of the web. The website builder allows you to build websites without any coding skills. However, it’s a bit of a cookie-cutter website builder; so many websites are built on WP, that making yours different is expensive and painful.

Your basic WordPress website looks painfully similar to a thousand other websites. The reason? People use the same theme and pre-existing templates to create a website. A WordPress drag and drop builder offers the solution to avoid the scenario.

In the next five minutes, learn how to choose the best WordPress drag and drop page builder.

The needs of your website

Find out who your target audience is. What issues do the audiences face? What product or service you sell? Check how your competitor’s website looks like.

Furthermore, think about the visuals. Do you want images and videos? How many drop-down menus should be there? Decide if the website will feature animations and pop-ups.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder

Mobile devices generate 54.8% of web traffic. Thus, your website pages should be mobile-responsive. You won’t want to lose visitors because they found it difficult to navigate your site, right?

Furthermore, check if the page builder offers contact forms and Call to Action (CTA) buttons. If yes, you won’t need to install another plugin.

The pricing strategy

The best drag and drop page builders for WordPress offer a freemium model. You can choose the free version or the premium version.

The free version offers the drag and drop interface and the basic features including headings, images, texts, and buttons. The premium version offers advanced features including the ability to create custom templates, import/export options, and pre-built templates.

Choose the free version if you want a basic website such as a portfolio website. If you want to monetize your website, choose the premium version.

Furthermore, you can use the free version of each page builder you want. If you like the page builder, upgrade to the premium version.

You’ll pay $49 to $399 to upgrade to the premium version.

Theme builder

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder

If you use a pre-existing theme, your website looks similar to someone else’s. A theme built from scratch is best-suited to portray your business. A theme builder allows you to build a theme from scratch.

A theme builder allows you to build:

  • Single post templates
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Author pages
  • 404 pages

Landing page builder

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder


Can’t afford to pay thousands to a web designer for landing pages? A landing page builder allows you to build a landing page within minutes. Write, edit, or reposition any content where you want it.

Choose a page builder that offers a landing page builder.

Compatibility and bug fixing

Check if the current WordPress version supports the page builder you chose. Furthermore, check if future WordPress updates will support the page builder. Visitors won’t like it if your website crashes down with each WordPress update.

Thankfully, the best drag and drop page builders for WordPress support WordPress updates.

Furthermore, make sure the page builder supports WordPress block editor as well.

Find out if the developer fixes bugs in the page builder as well.


Widgets allow you to add features including menus, social icons, and sign up forms to your website. The more widgets the page builder offers, the better control you have over your website.

Thus, choose a drag and drop page builder that offers you the highest number of widgets.

SEO tools

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder


Imagine this scenario. You have built a website with large images, lots of whitespaces, and insightful content. However, when people search for similar content, your website never shows up.

Never allow the aforementioned situation to arrive. Choose a WordPress website builder with optimized SEO.

Furthermore, check how fast your website loads. Why? Visitors leave websites that take over three seconds to load. Every visitor who leaves is money you never make.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content allows websites to adapt to individual visitors. The website detects which section the visitor spends the most time on and how they navigate the site. The website adjusts the content as per the data.

Here is an example. Visit an online store. Search for a specific book and leave. The next time you open the store, you’ll see the same book and other books related to the book.

Global elements

Global elements allow you to make one edit and apply it everywhere on the website. For example, you can change the font of one section and apply the font on all pages. Imagine the time you save.

The feature is best suited for large websites.

Third-party integration support

Prefer to integrate third-party tools on your website? If the page builder doesn’t support the tool, you’ll have to write a custom code. Writing custom codes is quite expensive.

Check which page builder supports the third-party tools you want to integrate.

Compatibility with other WordPress plugins

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder

If the page builder is incompatible with other plugins and themes, the website takes more time to load. Visitors leave any website that takes over three seconds to load. Thus, you’ll lose money.

Furthermore, the screen turns blank. You’ll also see misplaced texts and images and broken layouts.

Thus, check the compatibility before you install a new theme or plugin. Furthermore, check if the updated versions of the plugins are compatible with the page builder.

Security against hackers

Hackers steal your personal information including passwords and credit card details using malware. They can also completely take over your site. Furthermore, Google blacklists over 10,000 websites each day for malware.

Scan the page builders for WordPress for antivirus and malware before you install them. Furthermore, check if the developer updates the page builder for security.

WooCommerce support

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder

Want an online store? WooCommerce offers the solution.

3.8 million websites use WooComerce. The sheer number makes WooComerce one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. However, not all drag and drop builders support the platform.

Thus, check if the drag and drop builder you chose supports WooCommerce and all its features.

User reviews

User reviews allow you to know what others think of a drag and drop page builder. You won’t want to choose a page builder everyone hated, right?

Check the reviews listed on the page builder’s site. You can also check reviews on third-party blogs and websites.

Furthermore, post your questions on social media. You can create a poll and see what people think of the page builder you chose.

After-sales support

Imagine this scenario. The page builder crashed. Every minute your website doesn’t function, you lose money. Won’t it be great to have an expert team to solve the problem?

After-sales support offers the solution. Check user reviews and third-party reviews to know if the support team offers solutions in time.


Choose a page builder that suits your needs, Decide what you want from your website. The clearer your answer to the question, the better you’ll choose.

Do you have any other suggestions for choosing a page builder then
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