7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Creating a WordPress Website


Humans are bound to make a Common mistake whether it is real life or building a WordPress website. It may seem easy but it can definitely create a nuisance as well. At first, you need to keep your basics right.

There are easily available themes and features to create an amazing website but there are few common mistakes anyone can easily commit. These common mistakes directly show the negative impact on your website’s performance and success and may leave you way behind among your competitors.

By learning about what you need to do and what you need to avoid, you can definitely relieve yourself from those unnecessary stress. With the help of this article, we try to inform you about the 7 common mistakes every WordPress user makes.

Wrong Platform

At the time you start building your WordPress site, there are two platforms that you can use for your work. One is free WordPress.com and another is self-hosted WordPress.org. It is extremely crucial to know about the difference between them and choose the appropriate one. Both platforms consist of both pros and cons.

In our opinion, WordPress.com is most appropriate for users such as bloggers, photographers, and artists – almost everyone. On the other hand, WordPress.org is very much appropriate for those who like to have total control over their websites.

So, whichever platform you choose, make sure to choose the right one as per your requirement.

Avoiding Website’s Backup

One of the biggest mistakes that normally any WordPress user would make is to create a backup of your site. What would you do when your website gets hacked or data gets lost? Where can you get those data again?

Imagine losing the years of hard work in a matter of second and not able to restore it to the previous state. It’s just heartbreaking and devastating to think about it. Therefore we highly recommend any website owner to create its website’s backup at the topmost priority.  

A proper and well-managed backup of your website will prevent you even from small crashes. You need to prepare yourself for every worst situation that may take place.

Ignoring Cache and Speed Optimization

Most of the new owners often forget about installing the caching plug-in their websites. They have no idea that caching plays a crucial role in the website’s loading speed and at the time of ranking on Google.

You never know what kind of traffic you will get on your website in a day. Huge traffic means your website can break down at any time. So, in cases like this caching plug-in and Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps your website to sustain huge traffic without any difficulty.

In simple words, caching enables you to optimize your website’s page and loading speed, prevent downtime and boost the performance.

Ignoring WordPress Updates

Let’s admit it, once you built your website it becomes a drag to update it regularly. You may want to skip and let your website as it is. But let me tell you, skipping updates for your WordPress site, only helps the serious potential attacks and security threats to breach through your website.

Most importantly, WordPress update isn’t that hectic, its a single click job which will enable the system to update automatically. So, it is very much crucial that you perform this task regularly.

Once you are done with it, you also need to go through all the plugins and themes as well because most of them may not be compatible with the latest one.

Installing Irrelevant and Multiple Plugins

There are hundreds of plugin available in the market to perform one single task. This does not mean that they are good for your website. There may be faulty plugins which instead of solving your problem may give birth to another one. Be sure to invest your time and read the reviews of the previous users before installing anything on your website.

Other than that, there may be plugins already installed on your WordPress site and may not work according to the updates you perform. Regardless of the ratings, they get in the market, you need to keep yourself aware whether they are compatible with your WordPress update or not.

Sometimes, you may unknowingly install the new plugin as per your interest and forget to delete the old one. This will directly affect the speed of your website. Make sure to delete or deactivate the old plugins at the time new installation.

Ignoring Mobile Traffic

n today’s world, most of the website is dependent upon the huge number of traffic coming from mobile devices. Ignoring your website not to be compatible with mobile devices is a huge loss in business and traffic itself.

According to the Statista, “In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year. Mobile currently accounts for half of all global web pages served.”

Adjust your website according to the devices your traffics are using. Times have changed and you need to adapt accordingly otherwise it will be hard to compete in an online market.  

Ignoring SEO and Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) plays a vital role while ranking your website top on Google among your competitors. SEO allows you to reach the targeted audience that your website needs. In simple words, it makes your WordPress site visible to the global audience.

Everything from planning the keywords, implementing them on your content, on what ratio and keyword density make a huge impact on how Google ranks your website. Don’t forget to install the WordPress theme that parallelly boosts the SEO of your WordPress site.

Another must do is to have a Google Analytics for your website. This allows you to keep an eye on your traffic such as geolocation, device, behavior and many more. It also allows you to see the pages where your traffics are mostly getting bounced.

Overall GA gives you a complete dashboard where you can analyze your traffic and website to prepare better strategies and perform better.


In this article, we have tried to explain about the common mistakes that even an experienced WordPress user could commit. Now you can easily avoid them while building your website.

Remember as you keep learning, you can find many other ways that will help to build your website in a more better way. Even if you do mistakes at the time, you will have a new experience and a new perspective to deal with it.

Your online website is the face of your business in the global world. Make sure, you do the right things.

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