How to customize Web Log theme with Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Customize Web Log theme with Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Web Log WordPress theme is a great choice for starting a blog or personal website. Clean design, minimal layouts, and yet simple but attractive styles create a holistic look at a site. 

Each element can be adjusted either via the Customizer or WordPress admin panel. There is no need in installing huge page builders that will eventually overload and slow down a website.

Furthermore, Web Log is Gutenberg compatible and you can dive fully into the WordPress native editing space forgetting about massive page builders. Gutenberg – a default content editor in WordPress – provides a new, structured way of website editing namely block-based and streamlined managing.

If you are on Gutenberg and look for some cool features to add to your Web Log theme, in this tutorial we will show you in all the details how to diversify your routine editing experience with a cool solution for Gutenberg, just continue reading.

The default Gutenberg blocks are sufficient to create and implement some basic features which, however, don’t have deep customization options. To enable unlimited content editing ability, we recommend using Getwid Gutenberg blocks plugin.

Getwid - Gutenberg blocks plugin. 

Getwid is a free extensive collection of 40+ blocks filled with premium features and pre-built layout elements. These blocks blend perfectly with Web Log styles and we recommend installing Getwid after you activate the theme.   

In this tutorial, you will find out how to diversify some basic sections and add attention-grabbing elements to your Gutenberg-based website. 

As a basic starter in this guide, we are using a free version of the Web Log theme.  However, if you look for more options like Footer Widgets editing, Extended Typography editing, Advanced Sliders, etc., you might think of going to the Pro Web Log theme.  


Block-based elements for a Web Log theme by Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Section Block

The section is a must-have block if you are building complex layouts with advanced backgrounds and multiple elements. The section is basically a container, a basis, a plain canvas for you to fill it with the different blocks, columns or whatever object you need. 

The distinguishing feature of the block is the ability to add any type of content as a background: image, video, gradient, gradient type, plain color, slider, etc.

Here is an example of how to present the Contact Us area using the Section block.




To create such a layout, we’ve placed an image as a background, added a Heading block, Paragraph block, Social Icons, and Button block. 

The Section block opens wide opportunities of editing and creating extravagant and fancy layouts. Here is another example.




You may also create a Testimonials Section either manually by grouping various blocks or by choosing one of the pre-built layouts from the Template Library block. There are over 30 templates structured into different categories so the search will be easy and intuitive for you.  

How to customize Web Log theme with Getwid Gutenberg Blocks


Banner Block

Banner by Getwid is another powerful block you can use to advertise products, suggest content, and create vivid call-to-actions. There are plenty of interactive animation effects that can be applied to the banner as a hover effect or as a text appearance animation. Also, it is easy to play with image size, alignments, styles, and more advanced settings. 


How to customize Web Log theme with Getwid Gutenberg Blocks


Image Hotspot Block

This Gutenberg block lets you place animated pointers over images to specify their certain parts. They are fully customizable and contribute to a better comprehension of the content, especially if you present panorama images, culinary recipes, building/product parts, etc. With the advanced settings of the block you can edit size, styles, animation, icon design, and more. 

How to customize Web Log theme with Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Media and Text slider Block

With the help of Media & Text slider, you can create fascinating image sliders with unique text content over each slide. There are heading and paragraph containers that are built-in into each slide by default and are super easy in usage. Once you work with this block, you can customize the layout (full or wide-width), image size, text alignment & styles, slide & text animation, etc. 

Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Toggle Block

Toggles are handy elements on the website if you need more interaction with the guests and want them to be involved by presenting pieces of information in an engaging way. This is a top solution for FAQ sections, and Getwid block upgrades the basic toolset by allowing to add any type of content into the toggle block. 

You can add slider, banner, image galleries, buttons, etc. to provide the best UX and make some complex information more comprehensible. 

How to customize Web Log theme with Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Among settings you will find the ability to add any type of content (images, videos, etc.), customize icons, change the layout, heading, and more.


Web Log theme is a blogger-oriented and user-friendly template that is easy to customize and work with. However, if you need deeper customization options, you can combine it with free Getwid Gutenberg blocks plugin. 

This plugin breaks the editing limits of the default Gutenberg editor and empowers you to express your inner blogger and designer. 

Paired together, Web Log theme and Getwid Gutenberg Blocks plugin form a powerful basis for starting using Gutenberg, visualizing the editing process, and creating your first ever blog website in an easy and intuitive way.

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