How To Duplicate Page or Post In WordPress Website?

How To Duplicate Posts And Pages In Wordpress Website?

How To Duplicate Page Or Post In WordPress Website


In this article, I will guide you through some solutions on how to duplicate page or post in WordPress easily but above all quickly, thanks to the free plugins made available by the community.

How To Duplicate Posts And Pages In WordPress Website?

Why duplicate page or post in wordpress?

There are many reasons why duplicating posts and pages in WordPress is useful. One is that it allows you to make changes to the content you are working on, without having to change the original version Another reason why duplicating posts and pages is useful in WordPress is to provide customers with an easy way to show content and make changes before the post or page is published.

Consistency in design

Consistency is crucial in web design, so if you have a tool to help you duplicate a page’s layout or settings, it will probably be easier for you to maintain some consistency across the site, saving you a huge amount of time.

Apply changes live

Anyone using WordPress knows that there are several ways to edit WordPress content live. In particular:

  • Use a Git repository to make and save essential changes, then sync them back to WordPress when they’re done.
  • Wait until users are sleeping and therefore are not visiting your site (without ever being sure) and apply the changes to the page live.
  • Or you can duplicate the page or article, make any changes you want directly within WordPress, and then make those changes take effect (replacing the old content) when everything is ready to be published.

Reduce development times

If you are a Web Designer or a Web Developer specializing in the development of sites in WordPress, you will surely know that the pages of a site almost always contain many elements in stock in the layout.

So rather than developing a page from scratch every time, you can create a basic page template that you can duplicate and modify as many times as you like, significantly reducing development time. Since WordPress, by default, does not allow you to duplicate pages or articles, let’s see which are the best plugins for duplicating content.

The best three plugins to duplicate page or post in WordPress

Here is a selection of the best four plugins you can use to clone an entire page or post and their settings in WordPress. After that, through an example, I’ll show you how to duplicate a page or post on your WordPress site.

Duplicate Page Plugin

Although the name may be misleading this plugin allows you to duplicate pages and posts in WordPress. All you have to do is install the plugin, and you will automatically find a new option under every WordPress page and post called “Duplicate.” Once you click on the option, you will have a complete copy of the desired page or post.

Duplicate Post Plugin

How To Duplicate Posts And Pages In WordPress Website?

Again the name of the plugin tends to be confusing as it is possible to duplicate articles and pages. The difference is with this plugin you not only can “clone” an article, but you can clone multiple articles at the same time.

Also, within each article, you can select the option “Copy to a new draft” in the publication settings.

My choice fell on this plugin for the last function I described to you.

Page and Post-Clone Plugin

This plugin works similar to the other two. Once installed, what you will need to do is to go to the list of articles or pages and find the one you want to duplicate.

After that, in the options of the chosen element, you will have to click on “clone” to create a copy.

The newly duplicated item will automatically be created as a new draft.

How to duplicate posts and pages in WordPress

In this example, I will show you how to duplicate an article via the Duplicate Post Plugin which you can find here.

  1. Open the plugin settings.

Once the plugin has been downloaded and installed, click on the plugin settings page which you can find under the plugin options, as in the image below.

How To Duplicate Posts And Pages In WordPress Website?

  1. Configure the plugin

Within the settings, you will find three pages relating to different options:

  1. What to copy, on this page you can select which elements of the page or article should be copied at the time of duplication.
  2. Permissions, this page will allow you to select which type of user can duplicate articles and pages in WordPress as well as being able to select which types of content will be possible to duplicate.
  3. Viewing, the options on this page will allow you to choose where to view the content duplication option. My suggestion is to select them all so that you always have the option of duplicating content.
  4. Duplicate an article or page

Once you have finished configuring the plugin and are ready to duplicate content, go to the list of articles or pages to proceed with the duplication.

To clone a single item, hover over it with the mouse and click on:

  • Clone if you want to create an exact copy of the page or article. By doing so, if the item to be duplicated has already been published, then the copy will also be published automatically.
  • New draft if you want to duplicate the desired item without automatically publishing the copy, so you can edit it at your leisure. (recommended option)

Final Words

The process of how to duplicate page or post in wordpress website is explained in detailed. And I hope you are now able to duplicate or clone your post or page without any problem. The plugins that are discussed are free of cost and very efficient on what they do to make your task easier and convenient. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to comment below.

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