FluentCRM – Best Email Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress 2021

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FluentCRM – Best Email Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress.

Email marketing has come a long way. Even after the rise of social media marketing and PPC (Pay-per-click) advertisement, it remains the channel with the highest ROI.

However, today’s email marketing requires a broader approach to turn a potential customer into a customer. Cold emails don’t cut it anymore, and that’s exactly where email marketing automation comes in.

Now, before we go any further, let’s clear up what exactly is email marketing automation.

What is email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation is a system that helps you string together a bunch of if/then or if/else statements and automate email sending based on the recipient’s behavior. This is important because manually doing these will take up a lot of time. And saving this time will help you do more when you’re managing a business.

With an email marketing automation tool, you can generate leads, segment leads, nurture them with personalized messages, and turn them into customers by designing well-rounded marketing automation funnels. And if you intend to go even higher, you can set up upselling and cross-selling emails to sell more.

Moreover, communications play a vital role in customer retention. And by producing an excellent, personalized communication experience, you can turn your existing customers into raving fans that will not hesitate to mention your product to others!

But the problem with email marketing automation tools is that they are still pretty expensive. Especially, small businesses still can’t afford them, and that’s where FluentCRM comes in.

What is FluentCRM?

FluentCRM is an affordable email marketing automation plugin for WordPress. It lives inside your WordPress dashboard and does the same what any external email marketing automation tool can do for you.

The plugin comes with a wide range of features such as:

  • 360° contact overview
  • Contact segmentation
  • Email campaign management
  • Email sequence
  • Marketing automation
  • Granular reporting

Essential features of fluentcrm

Now, if you’re wondering how these features actually benefit WordPress users, considering most small business websites depend on WordPress plugins to sell products, FluentCRM comes with lots of integrations.

fluentcrm integrations

And no, you don’t have to pay for these integrations. Most of the integrations are automatic and will show up if you have them activated on your website.

What do these integrations do?

If you look at the integrations FluentCRM comes with; there are mostly form plugins, eCommerce plugins, membership plugins, learning management system plugins, affiliate plugins, and Automator plugins. Form plugins help you capture leads, whereas Automator plugins will let you automate some tasks.

FluentCRM integrates with WordPress plugins in various ways, such as showing your WooCommerce customer’s purchase history and recording revenue. But the biggest potential of FluentCRM lies within its ability to start email marketing automation based on triggers. What are triggers? Triggers are the starting point of a workflow you want to run. Let’s say you want to send a series of emails to your new subscribers. In that case, the trigger will be a form submission by your subscriber. These triggers will make your life a lot easier by helping you set up email marketing automation based on your audience’s behavior. 

Let’s check out how it works!

Email marketing automation using FluentCRM

FluentCRM is like any other marketing automation application. The UI is well-thought-out, and setting up email marketing automation is pretty straightforward. The free version of FluentCRM comes with WordPress user registration integration and WP Fluent Forms integration (another excellent WPManageNinja product!). So we’ll go with WP Fluent Forms integration for demonstration. 

So here’s what we want to do:

  1. When users sign up for our newsletter, we want to trigger the email marketing automation.
  2. Then we want to give them two tags and send a welcome email after a while.
  3. Then we want to wait two days and send them another custom email.
  4. Finally, we want to remove one of the initial tags and apply a new one.

Let’s get started by telling you why we decided to run this automation. When someone subscribes to our mailing list, we want to trigger an email marketing automation that onboards our subscribers and finally takes them to our regular mailing list.

First, we have created automation by selecting the form trigger. This will run when a new form is submitted. So the trigger is a CRM>New Form Submission (Fluent Forms).

Best Email Marketing Automation

This takes us to the funnel window, where we’ll design our funnel. Before we can do so, we need to connect our contact form to the automation and map the details. We have a straightforward form that only collects the user’s email address. 

So we have selected our form and mapped the data. We also don’t want to run this multiple times if someone submits the form twice. So allowing to run automation only once per contact is another nice touch in FluentCRM.

Best Email Marketing Automation

Once we’re done mapping the trigger, we need to add actions that we want FluentCRM to automate. Upon clicking the plus button, we can see the available action blocks. These are the actions that you add to your workflow. 

Best Email Marketing Automation

In addition, there are also a few benchmarks that help you run your email marketing automation conditionally. The benchmarks are basically “if” functions. For example, only continue automation if a tag is already applied to a contact. 

Best Email Marketing Automation

These conditions can be used for developing a more sophisticated type of automation.

Let’s get back to the automation we were creating.

After mapping the trigger, we want to assign two tags immediately. One for content distribution to deliver our regular newsletters. The other is to specify them as a new contact. So we’ll go ahead and add an Apply Tag action.

Best Email Marketing Automation

Here, we can create and apply tags. Meaning we don’t have to create tags first if they don’t exist.

The next step is to send a welcome email. However, it is ideal to wait an hour before we’ll do that. So we’ll go ahead and add a Wait time.

Best Email Marketing Automation

The next step is to send an email. For this to happen, we can add a custom email from the actions. And we have to say that introducing the block editor is really an excellent move by the FluentCRM team. It’s an effortless way of composing emails.

Best Email Marketing Automation

Our next funnel step is to wait two days. So we’ll go ahead and add another wait action with 2-days. 

Best Email Marketing Automation

Then we can add another email to introduce our audience to some of our premium products before finally removing them from our onboarding automation. This is nothing different from the first email we’ve sent.

Email Marketing Automation

Finally, we’ll add a Remove Tag action and add a general tag to the lead to differentiate between new subscribers and our regular leads.

Email Marketing Automation

That’s it! Our automation is ready for on-boarding the new subscribers. Here’s what the final automation looks like:

Email Marketing Automation

Pretty easy, right? In just a few minutes, our automation is ready to capture and nurture our new leads.

What’s more?

Now, if you’re wondering if there’s more, yes, there is. FluentCRM has lots of integration-based triggers and some pretty unique features like smart links and dynamic segments. Some of the popular triggers are:

WooCommerce New Order Trigger: This allows you to start automation if someone purchases a WooCommerce product.

Easy Digital Downloads New Order Trigger: This allows you to start automation if someone purchases an Easy Digital Downloads product.

LifterLMS Triggers: It allows you to start an automation when a student enrolls on a course or membership and completes a lesson or course. 

Tutor LMS Triggers: It allows you to start an automation when a student enrolls on a course or membership and completes a lesson or course. 

Paid Memberships Pro Trigger: You can activate this trigger based on your user’s membership level.

MemberPress Trigger: You can activate this trigger based on your user’s membership level.

FluentCRM also has automation triggers for LearnDash, WishList, Restrict Content Pro, and the team is adding more integrations very fast. So if you don’t see integration with your favorite plugin yet, you can simply submit an integration request on their Facebook community.

How to get FluentCRM?

Even the free version of FluentCRM offers a tiny yet powerful package of marketing solutions. The plugin can handle basic email marketing facilities without cost. So if you only want to play around with the free version, you can install it from the WordPress repository:


But if you’re doing some serious business, you might need to get the pro. FluentCRM’s price starts from $129 per year, and you can grab it from their website: https://fluentcrm.com/

It includes all the features along with the integrations. With pro, you can send out email sequences, use A/B testing, dynamic segmentation, and most importantly, conditional automation! These features will make your life so much easier when you’re setting up your email marketing automation so don’t forget to give it a go when necessary. Since most similar solutions are way more expensive, you’ll save up a lot of money if you decide to purchase FluentCRM.

Final Words

Maintaining a good relationship with your customer is very important for a sustainable business. FluentCRM is the best email marketing automation wordpress plugin that will let you manage your business with less time and more proficiency. This plugin will be your closest friend when managing your business. I have seen many of those who manage to turn their business to a new level because of FluentCRM.

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