Top 5 Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress in 2021

Best Free Wordpress Live Chat Plugins

Top 5 Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress in 2021


Nowadays, most websites are based on Cms or content management systems. These are software that facilitates the management of content hosted on the sites themselves. The real advantages of using CMS are represented by the extreme flexibility and ease of use. In this article, I will share Best Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress. So keep reading the post till the end.

One of the most versatile of these systems is WordPress. Supported by a very large community and distributed in an open-source version, WordPress is proving to be an excellent ally for companies, organizations, and associations.

These subjects can set up a site quickly and without particular programming knowledge and implementing advanced features, such as the possibility to communicate with users through chat in real-time or almost. Chat Plugins for WordPress help with this.

Top Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress, One Of The Reasons For CMS Success

Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins 2020

The ability to expand functionality through plugins is one reason that has given a strong boost to its spread. These are third party software that can be easily installed and ready for use. Among those that are looked at with greater interest are the chat plugin for WordPress. 

It can be said that they are depopulated. The reason is that attention to the customer or, more generally, to the end-user is of absolute importance online. Whether it is an e-commerce site or an informative consultation site, online users are accustomed to receiving immediate attention and response.

The chats installed on the sites allow you to manage the relationship with the user in a professional, careful, and fast way. These favor the creation of leads, therefore of contacts to be made commercially profitable, or they can stimulate the communication aimed at resolving any problems. In this case, the chat plugins for WordPress offer essential support for the customer care function. But they are also excellent support for lead generation (which could turn into sales!).

Let’s move on to the concrete. Let’s see the best plugins of this type to be implemented on the website to make it suitable for new customers’ requests.

What are the top six free live chat plugin for WordPress?

Before illustrating which are, in our opinion, the best wordpress chatting plugin, let’s make a small premise (the last one). The technological evolution has favored the development of solutions that allow not only to use live chat interfaces between humans (the user interacts in real-time with another human being) and make human-machine interaction possible. Artificial intelligence causes some of this software to interact automatically with the person, answering questions, and performing actions.

Machine learning (the machine can learn with experience) completes the background, which translates into a continuous evolution for the benefit and support of customer care and customer experience. Among the solutions, we have emphasized the wordpress chatting plugin, which also act as chatbots, thus favoring the automatisms and paying attention to those plugins that offer integration with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (yes, there is also this possibility).

 WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress

WP-CRM - Customer Relations Management for WordPress

It is a plugin that is a few years old, and that is flexible, easy to use and that meets the needs of those who want to easily integrate a chat on the site to encourage dialogue with their online users and keep track of who contacts us.

CRM, or customer relationship management, means that the plugin helps to maintain the relationship even in the future, promoting communications. The developers confirm that “WP-CRM expands WordPress functionality by allowing users to be organized using customizable attributes, finding them through filters and keeping track of correspondence.”

Strengths include:

  • excellent user organization, filtering and editing them;
  • ability to add attributes to new users;
  • dynamic charts that allow you to monitor the progress of contacts;
  • contact form to be implemented on the front-end;
  • management of notifications;
  • possibility to export users to CSV;
  • monitoring user activities.

The available forms provide the possibility of inserting numerous fields such as the user registry, the email address, the city, etc. If it is not used to chat live, the plugin will start operating when specific actions are carried out, such as requesting information or registering on the site.

The plugin will keep track of user action, tracking it, and inserting it into the CRM system. It will be easy to contact him and measure his level of satisfaction or manage his present and future requests, considering his past.

Detail of how users look on the backend

Installation and activation are intuitive and straightforward. Once installed from the WordPress plugin area and activated, a new section will be created on the “C” menu. On “settings,” it will be possible to modify the initial data loaded at the first installation. The support page is updated, and the community helps with any difficulties or bugs. It is one of the best wordpress chatting plugin.

Download the plugin

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Why should you choose this plugin? In addition to reliability, simple features, and excellent community support, the plugin is completely free. A valid reason to consider it in an implementation plan on your website, especially if it is a small personal site or a small reality with no particular customization needs.

WP-Chatbot Builder

WP-Chatbot Builder for Messenger

WP-Chatbot Builder plugin helps in integrating Facebook Messenger Chatbot into your WordPress website. It provides both Automated & live chat features. With the Handover Protocol feature you can transfer ongoing chat to a live human-agent. It is easy to install, setup & customize within your website backend.  

Integrating a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to your website provides many benefits other than Customer Support & live chat. Some of these benefits involve Lead Generation, Engaging website visitors leading to more conversions. It also helps webmasters in Re- targeting customers & reducing Cart Abandonment. You can explore the benefits of Facebook Messenger Marketing & chatbot together with BotMyWork’s WP-Chabot Builder.


  • Basic: FREE
  • Pro: $9/month

Following are the feature included in the plugin:

  • Using Q&As you can teach your messenger bots.
  • User data is collected for remarketing purposes.
  • customer segmentation.
  • Send personalised messages based on client feedback.
  • Send the live chat to a human agent.
  • can use Facebook Messenger Ads to target new customers.
  • With Zapier integration to use multiple other apps.
  • Create an unlimited number of chatbots and chats.
  • Data analytics to keep track of leads.


Intercom Live Chat Plugin

It is a powerful live chat plugin that implements not only chat but also the functionality of leads, chatbots, and numerous automation. The ability to manage push notifications and perform A / B tests amplifies the opportunities for those who intend to use the plugin to have very in-depth customer management or possible management.

Intercom winks more than other marketing plugins. Not only the possibility of requesting information but the possibility of quickly obtaining user consents to inform them of new releases, new products, etc. periodically with the ability to see with the user reacts to these communications.

Among the most appreciated features of Intercom are:

  • an easy and intuitive user experience;
  • automatic messages based on visitor actions;
  • chat management directly desktop control panel but also from the mobile app;
  • ability to program audience segmentation messages and notifications;
  • ability to create and manage profiles of leads and customers;
  • opportunity to create A / B tests to evaluate which words convert the most;
  • ease of integration Hundreds of additions with add-ons.

Here’s what the Intercom chat looks like on a site

Intercom is not free. The solution has a cost of $ 49 a month, indicative. The amount actually to be paid depends on the number of add-ons, that is, the additional modules required and the number of stations to be enabled. 

The wordpress chatting plugin is therefore addressed to companies and start-ups that have an interest in expanding the opportunities offered by the web by having a little budget available to devote to the theme of the relationship with online customers.

We liked the opportunity to take advantage of A / B testing and the perfect integration that the plugin has with mobile systems, both for the customer and those who manage customer care. This allows you to have full control of the system even on the move on both Android and iPhone.



In the panorama of chats to be implemented on the site, a plugin not underestimated is the well-known Smartsupp. It is no coincidence that it is installed on over 280 thousand sites in Europe. The dashboard is compelling and can also be managed through a mobile app.

Measurement is made easy by a series of metrics that can be easily monitored and which also intercept user behavior. As for the plugins seen above, automatisms are available that allow the automatic sending of messages.

Among the peculiar characteristics are:

  • customizable chat boxes;
  • ability to measure user satisfaction;
  • automatic messages;
  • management through the app;
  • ability to use shortcuts to answer the user;
  • detailed statistics;
  • easy integration with the site;
  • ability to record what the user does on the monitor;
  • online support;
  • possibility of integration with WooCommerce (e-commerce).

The price for using up to three seats is free with some limitations. In the case of the premium package, the price starts from 10 euros per month per single workstation.

Smartsupp offers integration with a chatbot, here a detail of what the control screen looks like

The real peculiarity of the plugin, unique in its kind, is the ability to record the video of what the user does on the monitor. This translates into the possibility of seeing concretely what the person is doing on his device and consequently offering more personalized and precise support.

Have you ever failed to understand exactly what the steps are that the user does on the PC or smartphone? Here, this is past water. Smartsupp is downloadable from here.

Wp Social Chat

Wp Social Chat

With this plugin, you enter the territory of WordPress chat plugins that offer integrations with WhatsApp. The presentation website reads: “the plugin allows users to open a conversation directly from the website on your WhatsApp number. It includes a button that allows you to create a precompiled message that will be automatically included in the conversation. “

It should be noted that the plugin was created specifically to allow integration with WhatsApp, it is no coincidence that previously it was called WhatsApp Chat and that then it was forced to change the name for legal reasons.

The premium version, for a fee, offers the possibility of allowing more team members to act with their names and labels inside the contact box, as well as providing direct and differentiated contacts according to the various access points to the support inside the website. The plugin also provides the useful ability to show chatboxes for each enabled agent.

Among the features to note are:

  • specific button for WhatsApp button
  • contact box of WhatsApp
  • ability to add custom icons;
  • possibility to hide the contact buttons on different types of posts or based on the taxonomy used;
  • custom buttons
  • personalized messages

The plugin is offered free of charge in its simplest version. If you are interested in extending its use and functionality, you must switch to the Premium version.

This starts at a small cost of $ 15 one-off that offers activation on a website, six months of personalized support, multiple agents, customizable colors and icons, customized messages. The purchase of more expensive packages (30 or 60 dollars) allows installation on five or an unlimited number of websites. The plugin can be downloaded from here.

The intuitive WhatsApp-related chat offered by the plugin

Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

Do you look for a simple, flexible, and capable plugin to integrate with Facebook Messenger? There he is! Renamed Zotabox from the name of the team that developed it, it is a premium wordpress chatting plugin capable of expanding the Messenger features, expanding it to customer care, but not only. Its use also offers the possibility of conveying personalized images such as promotional coupons, even with a countdown timer.

On a graphic level, the impact is decidedly original and is appreciated even by the most demanding. The header bar is well suited to promoting commercial activities and offers by attracting users. But not only. The plugin turns into a marketing ally in all respects.

The demonstration is the landing page builder, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly create the landing pages of advertising messages distributed through Facebook Messenger and beyond. These commercial messages can also be sent through push notifications or shown on slider shows.

As seen, therefore, the plugin, without losing sight of the main functionality, namely that of providing support to users through the live chat of the Facebook tool, also opens the door to numerous other services and tools. Listing others of all prominence we find:

  • Store Locator;
  • social Review, or the ability to automatically show reviews of your business on Facebook or Google;
  • promo boxes, advertising boxes with which to show the products on offer;
  • possibility to be also contacted from mobile with specific tools for mobile devices;
  • EU Cookie notifications.

The plugin can be downloaded from this page. Its cost starts at $ 9.99 a month and reaches $ 49.99 depending on the number of visitors to the site and how many domains you intend to use. With the annual subscription, you can save up to 30%.

The chat integrated with Facebook Messenger appears clean and intuitive.

A plugin to improve your SEO

A plugin to improve SEO

Implementing Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress has beneficial effects not only to improve the relationship with users but also to improve SEO. Optimization enhances the appeal of the site. This leads to a probably lower abandonment rate and an attraction for a higher number of users. But chat also offers an additional advantage: content.

All questions and answers managed through chat can be collected and exploited as indexable content within site. For example, they could be collected as a FAQ (frequently asked question) and come in handy for the user looking for information, perhaps leading him to stay on the site for longer. The latter factor is always significant to count on a better Seo ranking. So summing up the use of chat plugins can bring benefits in Seo terms because:

  • more traffic;
  • lower dropout rate;
  • more time spent on the site.

A tip that should be considered: pay attention to the loading speed of the plugins. Those shown are fast and do not overly burden the site. But it is not said that this is the case for everyone or that in front of certain types of configuration, they maintain their “lightness.” The advice is, therefore, to test using the tools offered by Google and, in the case of slowdowns, opt for a different solution.

Chat Plugin for WordPress, a “simple” choice


Choosing the best tool to offer a chat on your site is not always easy. The offers on the market are many, and each of them provides peculiarities with pros and cons.

In our opinion, the ones we have seen previously are excellent choices that touch on some salient points: the gift in at least one case, the integration with Messenger of Facebook and WhatsApp, the focus on customer relationship management. However, numerous other opportunities share the simplicity of use.

So if you are looking for easy but at the same time practical solutions, you might be interested in considering these other plugins, which we want to share with you for completeness.

WordPress Live Chat

It is paid ($ 75). It is well developed from a code point of view and offers a punctual and available support service. In addition to the ease of installation, its use on the backend side is also very intuitive.

The administration dashboard is customizable both in functions and in graphics. It allows you to record the logs of what has been written and received in chats, to forward an email in case the operator is not available to respond in live mode. Email notification is also covered by this plugin.

Here are its creators how they advertise the plugin about integrations: “from email marketing to social, the plugin integrates everything without problems. Third-party apps and services include the well-known Zendesk, Freshdesk, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and Facebook and Twitter software “.

ClickDesk Live Support

It is another excellent wordpress chatting plugin which is completely free. It is a handy tool that integrates ticketing and lives chat solutions. But that is not all. It also allows you to implement a social toolbar and even opens doors to voice: voice chat is one of the features that can be appreciated.

In addition to numerous customization opportunities, the plugin allows you to translate what you write to the user automatically. The latter, among other things, can also interact through Skype rather than Google Talk, also sending files. Those who use professional CRM solutions such as Zendesk or Salesforce just to give examples will not be disappointed by discovering that there is full integration between the systems.

The plugin offers an excellent video chat system. Here is how it is presented by the creators of the plugin itself: “What is that thing that big companies do to increase their business? The most successful companies include voice and video in customer care chat options. It’s very simple. In numerous surveys, only 10% of online shoppers remember the text, but 95% remember video chats.


It is the latest live chat platform we see in this article. As integration and support, it is similar to the previous one, integrating perfectly with Google Talk. Note that it lends itself very well to being used on the move on smartphones. Its cost is just under $ 20 a month, which can drop to $ 10 if you choose to purchase a package for an extended period.

The features available with the basic package include:

  • activation of a station and 1000 contacts;
  • unlimited chat and email;
  • user monitoring;
  • mobile app;
  • file sharing.

Tips for the correct use of Chat Plugins for WordPress

Tips for the correct use of Chat Plugins for WordPress

Once the plugin that best suits the needs of our customers and users has been identified, it is of fundamental importance that there is the enabling of the live chat functionality. So it is essential to use the tool (in this case, the plugin). However, it is equally vital that there are a flesh and blood operator available to converse with users.

If the plugin is used most of the time offline mode, it could trigger frustration in the eyes of the end-user. Online, someone is expected to be always available to solve the problem very quickly, immediately. The advice, therefore, if this availability of resources is not practicable, is to provide time slots.

By explicitly writing, when the operator is available to listen, they abandon the hypothesis of abandonment. It is sufficient to write clearly, next to the contact box, the time of presentation to encourage a more friendly and professional dialogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best live chat plugin for WordPress?

Here are top 5 live chat plugin for WordPress:
1.  WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress
2. Intercom
3. Smartsupp
4. Wp Social Chat
5. Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

How do I add free live chat to WordPress?

Add free live chat to wordpress in simple 3 steps:
1. Login to wordpress dashboard and go to plugins>>Add New
2. Search for “WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress” and install it.
3. Activate the plugin.

Is live chat safe?

Yes most of the website use end to end encryption using 256bit SSL protocol, which in other word is very safe and secure. If you still have doubt about the security then you should read their security policy and confirm from there.

Is it necessary to use live chat on my website?

It is not compulsory to add live chat to your website but it always helps when you can solve the doubts your customers/users have on real time and eventually increase your sales.


Another tip to keep in mind is that the user expects the problem to be solved by a person in flesh and blood (provided that the contact is to solve a mistake, but things do not change if the request is aimed at obtaining information on a service or a product. I have tried my best to provide details about Top Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress.

Having said that warmth and human empathy is fundamental, don’t go overboard with automatic bots. Some of the plugins illustrated so far also include some basic automation-based automatic response features. Better not to exceed, given that they are perfectible tools and that do not offer 100% valid guarantees.

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