How To Add Audio Files In WordPress Website In 2021

How To Add Audio Files In Wordpress Website In 2020

How To Add Audio Files In WordPress Website In 2021


The days of publishing sites with background music are gone. But it can still be useful to have specific information on how to add audio files in WordPress Website. Indeed, this is a central need for those who want to work closely with the best content marketing strategies. Let me show you How To Add Audio Files To WordPress Website In 2021.

The reason behind this statement? To meet the needs of your audience, you need to be willing to publish content that responds differently to your audience’s questions. This means that text remains one of the deciding factors for publishers of online content. Because Google mainly (but not only) looks at the content you write with your text editor.

But the happiness of the public is also obtained by uploading videos, PDFs, images, graphics, interactive elements.

Now before we jump on  the process how to insert audio files in wordpress, let’s first discuss the reasons to do so and what are the targeted audience for such content with audio file.

Some common reasons to upload audio on your website include:

  • Music production websites: If you own a music production company then it is only fair if you are sharing your favorite tracks to your audience. And the best way to do so is to have a audio embedded in your website.
  •   Podcasts: Podcasts means the digital audio found on the internet containing various stories and experiences of a person. So you must add the recorded session of your podcasts to the website so that your audience can access it easily.
  • Online gaming websites: Recently the online gaming platform is gaining its momentum and with that there are various website that discuss gaming matter also. And while doing so they are making sure the readers get the gaming vibe by embedding the audio of that particular game.
  • Online musical instrument retail stores: Whats a better way to sell the instrument to the customers than by providing them the sound quality of the instrument before hand.
  • Musical band and artists: Almost all of the musical bands and artists have their website where they put on their favorite tracks and even release their new songs.

Now, how to insert audio files in WordPress? Here are some interpretations.

Best audio plugin for WordPress

How to upload audio files to WordPress? You can well imagine there are several plugins to get this job done and add such solutions. But let’s start with a simple assumption: you can do this with essential WordPress functions. In this case, if you want to upload audio online, all you have to do is click on the Add Media button and upload the file in question.

upload audio in WordPress

A simple, lean, but functional player will appear to you with only two buttons: play and stop. Do you know what the most exciting thing is? You can create playlists with audio files, just like you would with images. But if this seems spartan to you, you can always use specific extensions.

That’s right; there are plugins to manage audio files in WordPress. What are the most important names? What should be taken into consideration to improve the blog and make it a starting point for those who work every day by uploading audio online? I’m sure you’ll find the right combination here:

These three are the best plugins that are best when considering the audio plugins for wordpress. These plugins will let you easily add and manage the audio files in your website.

Player customization, compatibility with mobile devices, and various browsers amplified and optimized user experience ensure that the audio file is not just a small addition but the center of attention. For the rest, you can read the next paragraph dedicated to the user experience.

Embed the audio file in worpdress

How To Add Audio Files In WordPress Website In 2020

One of the best ideas for adding audio files to your WordPress blog is to combine the editorial activities of the website with podcast production. That is periodic audio publications that are distributed through specific applications, and that allow you to download the content.

Then listen to it offline. The podcast is a technology already known, for several years, we have been working on publishing audio content. But modern productions improve and develop the work of those who do content marketing with audio. For example, you can use Spreaker or Soundcloud to create an address book.

Users can follow your voice, and the benefits are attractive to bloggers. You can improve what you have put online with insights and clarifications, keeping the attention on your pages.

All without burdening the blog with unnecessary uploads, with a simple embedded. Do you want to put audio files on WordPress? This is the best, fast, and straightforward way.

Let’s consider some methods to embed audio in wordpress

  • Worpdress native media uploader
  • Use a music service such as soundCloud
  • Use a audio player plugin

Usability rules for adding audio

Of course, inserting audio files on the blog means respecting the rules of usability. You cannot move without a useful reference to that effect . Having acquired the general rule that provides for the total absence of music or sounds when opening the page (a feature that would make the user escape and lower the time spent on the site), what are the steps to be respected to make people feel at home?

  • Only use copy-right free audios unless its your own creation
  • Always let the users to turn on or off the audio
  • Use readers with good-sized keys.
  • Make sure the embedded are responsive.
  • How do browsers react to audio players?
  • Evaluate any slowdowns in page loading.
  • Insert only the audio files you need.
  • If possible, evaluate the traffic activity on the file.
  • Does nobody listen to the file? Maybe it’s not needed.

Is it ‘okay’ to add audio file in my website?

Adding audio on your website does not have any bad seo impact and user experience effect. So depending on what niche your website belongs to it is ‘ok’ to add audio on your website.

How to embed audio file in wordpress?

some methods to embed audio in wordpress:
1. Worpdress native media uploader
2. Use a music service such as soundCloud
3. Use a audio player plugin

What common niche should embed audio on their website?

1. Music production websites
2. Online gaming websites
3. Podcasts
4. Online musical instrument retail stores
5. Musical band and artists

Final words

Many music creators, podcaster, online gaming geek are using the audio files in their wordpress website. You can even create a whole playlist so that their audience can navigate to the targeted audio easily. To cap it all I hope you are now familiar with the process on how to upload audio to wordpress website.

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