How To Find a Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Website | Complete Guide

How To Find a Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Website

How To Find a Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Website

Not sure how to choose a WordPress theme from tons of choices? In so many ways, it can be like putting a needle in a haystack.

The design is subjective, so I can’t help you choose a theme that suits your aesthetic, but I can help you ensure that the theme you choose will make your WordPress site a success.

Not all WordPress themes are the same, and there should be some checkboxes for the theme so that you don’t have problems later.

You want your topic to complement the content of your website. Therefore, when running a blog, it’s essential to use a theme to improve readability and make your content easy to digest.

Multipurpose themes

Some so-called universal problems are predicted to be solved in one size for all. They claim to be the perfect choice for any website, but they often turn out to be the opposite – the worst option.

In general, you want to avoid common themes because they are full of configuration options, which you end up not using. All this excess garbage slows them down and expands with unnecessary code, which only reduces your site’s performance.

Many beautiful topics are poorly coded and full of unnecessary waste, which makes your website slow and unprofessional. Nobody likes a website loading slowly, and it can even make Google penalize you in search results.

Do some Research

When choosing a topic, do a little research and read the reviews on it. List five likes and then narrow down your choices.

Your website’s theme is the face of your web business and plays an essential role in how visitors and search engines perceive it.

Do yourself a favor and choose a clear, professional theme and plugin like WooCommerce product video to convey your business message effectively.

How To Find a Perfect WordPress Theme

Your theme is your WordPress website’s face and plays an essential role in how users and search engines perceive it.

You have probably heard the saying, “Anything that shines is not gold.” Let’s look at what you can do to find the best theme for your WordPress site.

Step#1: Responsive Design

One of the features is no longer optional. Many users switch devices from desktops to tablets and phones, so your site should be visible to everyone. You can easily filter topics and avoid those that don’t respond.

Google even offers a free mobile phone tester that lets you check if your idea fits your mobile phone.

Step#2: Mind the code quality and standards

A poorly written WordPress theme can affect the performance of your website. It can slow you down, cover your database in junk, and even expose it to hackers. So choose a topic that adopts the latest coding standards and safer practices.

Easier said than done, right? It is not possible to open all files in the theme package and read the code correctly.

Step#3: Compatibility with essential plugins

One of the main benefits of using WordPress is the number of great plugins you can use to add features to your site. From SEO to speed, security, e-commerce, and more, there is one plugin for almost everything your website needs.

Like for e-commerce sites, there is a WooCommerce product video, which is crucial for your online store.

You want to make sure that your theme matches all of the popular plugins. In most cases, popular projects must be compatible with all the necessary add-ons. However, if you’re not sure, ask the theme developers.

Step#4: Consider the Developer’s Support Policy

No matter what topic you choose, there are times when you need help.

If so, you want help. It is, therefore, worth checking the host’s support policy before making a decision.

Typically most high-quality themes offer 6-12 months of support and updates upon purchase. You can also renew it to continue receiving aid.

Free themes can hit or miss. Some theme developers offer support through the forums, while other customers do not provide free support.

In addition to whether and for how long the developer provides support, you should also consider the level of support you will receive.

Step#5: Loading Speed is essential

Website speed is one of the most important factors influencing your conversion rate today. Most people don’t waste their time on an always loading website.

The average user expects charging times to be just 3 seconds. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing a theme, as load performance issues can ruin the beauty of a well-written and beautiful website.

Step#6: SEO-Friendly Themes are Must-Have

WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly management systems, and grand themes make it even more user-friendly. To find a website, it is essential to choose an SEO optimized WordPress theme. For WordPress newbies, this can be a real problem if you dive into the theme code and analyze its SEO friendliness.

In that case, I would recommend trusting the theme developer to confirm that their theme is SEO optimized. Check out this blog post to learn more about what a WordPress theme combines with SEO-optimized pages.

Step#7: Price Says a lot About a Theme

There are two types of themes in the WordPress world: free and paid. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Typically, high-quality themes offer more customization options and thus more freedom. Also, paid theme developers usually provide constant updates and support services.

In most cases, free WordPress creators do not provide updates or support, nor do they make it easier to customize your website’s theme from other websites with the same theme.

The significant advantage of free WordPress themes is, of course, the low price, but it doesn’t show the quality. In general, I would recommend choosing a WordPress theme for the ThemeMiles sites.


Finding a WordPress theme is a reasonably straightforward process, but it should be handled with care. Using a disgusting piece can negatively affect your website, design, performance, brand, and usability. Refer to the WooCommerce product video for the eCommerce site.

Don’t ask Google for “good WordPress themes”. Or at least be careful when doing so. The thing is, you never know which source is trustworthy, and there is always a risk that you will receive malicious code with nulled themes.

It’s always safer to go to reputable theme stores or check out what’s available in the official WordPress directory.

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