How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress Website in 2021?

How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress Website 

How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress Website 


In this article, we will discuss How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress Website in 2020? For the Google search engine, broken links can lead to a downgrading of the positioning; according to some statistics, 80% of users who access a page with a 404 error never return to that site.

What are the most common causes of broken links?

  1.  If you delete old pages and unnecessary documents, but on other pages, in different sections, there are links to those pages. They become “broken.”
  2. If you link to another site or there are changes to that site. This can be a change of domain, site structure, or deletion of the page. The website can move to a .www domain and not set up a redirect – in this case, the link to the page without .www will become broken.
  3. Suppose the site performs an automatic update of the content or other data from an external resource, such as by directing to online shops, delivery services, or warehouses with data on the internet. Failure of these systems can cause broken connections.
  4. If the site is technically or visually processed (design change), the problem arises in transferring the content to the new structure. Since there are much data and unique algorithms that cannot take into account all the nuances of moving page content, broken links inevitably appear in these cases.

Finding and fixing broken links in WordPress

How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress Website 

There are several plugins available on the market, Broken Link Checker, for example, is our favorite.

It is open-source, well documented, and includes many features.

All you need to do is download and install it on your WordPress site.

broken link checker plugin


  • Go to Settings -> Link Checker to see the features and options.
  • After activation, start crawling your site to check for broken links.
  • Click Found X broken link to open a page with all broken links on your website.

In our example, we have two links that are not working with the state of Server Not Found and 404 Not Found.

To fix broken links, click Edit URL or enter the correct link.

You can also reject, double-check, or mark links as unbroken if you think you’re getting a false result.

Plugin configuration

How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress Website 

The plug-in checks for new links as soon as they are published.

In the General tab of the plugin, you can specify how often you want to check links and decide whether to receive an email with the list of damaged relationships.

Furthermore, by going under Look for links in, you can indicate to the plugin which category of links to check.

Which links to check offers the possibility to select which types of links to analyze.

For example, you could set to check the links you have entered for YouTube videos; if they are broken or no longer working, the plug-in will notify you with an email.

Find broken links in WordPress with plugins.

There are several ways to find, discover, and fix broken links. The most comfortable at least from my point of view: using Broken Link Checker, the WordPress plugin that alerts you every time there is a bad link on your web pages. Identify problems in every corner of the site, report images that you have deleted and videos that no longer exist.

The advantage of such a solution: you don’t have to do anything, every day an email arrives with the list of links to fix. Once you get the report, you can go to the WordPress backend and decide to repair the damage on your blog:

  • Disconnect.
  • Ignore.
  • To verify.

Sometimes there are cases of false positive, so it is always advisable to click on the URL to check the behavior of the site. Alternatively, you can use a tool that can scan the websites entered in the control panel. What are the names to remember?

A tool to discover and fix broken links

How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress Website 

Broken links are mostly about the quality of your site, but you can use programs to find broken links even if the domain is not owned by you. What are the tools?

  • Xenu
  • LinkChecker W3C
  • Screaming Frog

Surely the latter, namely Screaming Frog, gives you a sophisticated and articulated set of tools. In this toolbox, you can find the solution to define and discover the connections that don’t work. In the link I left above, there is a tutorial to get this result.

So you can run for cover and correct what is not aligned. The work is longer if you omit this operation for a long time. It is better to set up a 404 page to avoid at least that the broken internal links are lost. An excellent resource allows the public to move more freely once they have encountered a broken link.

Advantages of a program for finding broken links

You can do link building; several techniques allow you to work in this direction. You can find web pages with broken links.

And then find out the way to be you instead of the broken link. How? You can contact the webmaster and suggest a link change with a resource of your own. This way, you can appear as a solution to give quality to the web page. Here’s how I contact a person to work in this direction.


Once the plugin is configured, a dedicated widget will appear on the main dashboard of your WordPress; you will immediately see any broken links detected. Pr today is all! Try the broken link checker and improve your WordPress site’s SEO and user experience by solving this annoying problem.


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