How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Website 2021 – 8 Proven Ways

how to get traffic to your blog


Hello!!! We welcome you to ThemeMiles. Today we are going to let you know the tips and tricks on how to get traffic to your blog. Before we Talk about the tips and trick. Let me explain to you what is a blog and what is traffic.

I think we all have an idea about the blog. But let me define what is a blog ” An updated website or page, run by the group or individual which contains certain information”.

And the word traffic is very well-known to all I don’t think I need to explain it. But let me tell you ” the word traffic is very important to any website or webpage”. Traffic is the one thing that decide the future of your website. No traffic, no value of your effort.

So in this content, I am going to explain how to get traffic to your blog site.

Let’ get started:

Methods on how to get traffic to your blog

Content is King

Get traffic to our blog - content

The very first thing that we need to focus to increase traffic is ” The content” that we publish on website. I think we all must have an idea about the word content. And If I need to explain about the Word Content, then I will simply say description to any topic.

As I told, to get more traffic we need to focus on our content. I mean to say, when we select a topic we need to good knowledge about the topic. Actually only good knowledge will not be enough you also need to have a good experience with the topic.

When we explain any topic with knowledge and experience, we can easily elaborate on the topic in our own way. And we all know writing a blog means sharing our thoughts to the world. Also, the best way to share our idea to the world is to explain our knowledge along with experience. So when you share a good in fact best content in our blog you will definitely get the best traffic.

2. Interacting with the Audience

how to get traffic to your blog - interaction

Today in this 21st century we all are familiar with the computers and also the social sites. Not only social site but there are 100s of the site where you can involve yourself and can get knowledge about the public need.

I think you are still not that clear with the ” Interacting With the Audience”. Simply I mean to say that having good knowledge about content and the content topic is not enough to get traffic to your blog. You must have an idea of what the crowd needed.

You can use the SEO tools for this purpose as well. Some websites like Answerthepublic, Ahrefs etc. These tools will make your task very easier as they will show you the most searched content and their density as well.

As I said there are 100 of place where you can find what crowd demand most. The best example is Quora. This is going to be the best platform to understand the crowd’s needs. You can log in and can have an idea about the topic you need to explain in the coming future.

Search Engine Optimization

how to get traffic to your blog - seo

One of the very important thing that we need to understand to Get Traffic to your blog is about SEO. Let me tell you SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I am pretty sure that must of you got what I am going to tell you in this section. But those who are still confused.

When We write a blog with all the necessary requirements that we feel. you also need to think about SEO without good SEO results you are not going to get traffic to your blog.

There are 100 of plugins that you can use in your website for SEO one of the best plugin for WordPress powered website is RankMath and Yoast SEO. This plugin is going to help you to get a good SEO rank. In this way, you took a step forward to increase traffic in your blog.

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Social Media

The best Weapon for every blogger is social media. Social media is going to Work like an oil on the fire. Wait! Wait!! Wait !!! Let me explain fire mean the content you have written and oil is social media. I mean you can easily boost yourself and can get traffic to our blog.

how to get traffic to your blog - social media

The very well known Social Media platform is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and soon. You can use them and boost your blog to increase traffic not only this you are free to use Quora. You must have question Quora how???? Let me explain to you.

You can log in to it and search for related content. you will get some posts and comments related to the topic. you can join that comment and answer the question and if important can also post your blog list sometime. This will surely increase the traffic in your post.

And yes, you can also make a page on Facebook, Instagram and post the blog in a regular manner and can collect traffic to your post.

Add Media Rich content

Now in this section, I am going to talk about Media Rich Content like Photos, Videos, Graphics, and many more. Along with Media, I am also going to explain the back-links.

As we know the human brain reacts more when they see something visually. So, when we write a blog we must include an image, video to the blog. This will make your blog attractive and more meaningful. The public will get more attach to your post which means you will get more traffic to your blog.

Now, As I told I will also explain backlinks. Let, I tell you what is backlinks. Backlinks is a way to advertise your self with the help of others post. You just need to include the links of some new blog other than yours and sometimes the post which you have written in the past.

One more thing that I will like to share with you is, ” If possible please use an info-graphic images”. I mean to say some pie-chart, Graph and more. Trust me this is going to make your content more effective and you can easily get traffic to your blog.

Keyword Research

Another factor that will help you to get traffic to your blog is “Keyword Research”. Now you can ask me why we need to research a keyword???? I can pick a topic and write a post.

how to get traffic to your blog - keyword research

Then let me tell you one thing or simply ask a question. What is the value of your effort on a thing that no one needs???? The answer is “No value”. Similarly, in the case of content why to write a post on such keyword which has no traffic. We must understand the need to people and work according to that need.

Use attractive Title.

It is said that a book is a judge with its cover. Similarly, In the case of content, ” The content is a judge with its title first and second Meta Description”. The Title and Meta Description is the first that is going to attract a new public for your post. It also can be considered as a primary factor to get traffic to our blog.

We need to write a good and eye-catching Title that will make your reader bound to read the post. The title is the thing that attracts the reader to you. I Mean no one knows what your content is about and what quality content you have written until the reader reads.

The only thing that makes the reader read your post is the blog title. Trust me your title is going to explain your whole content.


You might get confused with the heading Regularity. Regularity here means that we need to be regular while publishing our blog post. Actually people will like you and stick to your post for long if you are regular.

Your Regularity is also going to decide what traffic you are going to have. It is also an important factor that is going to get traffic to your blog. So be regular and make your visitor feel like you are always with them.


I have listed 8 factors that are definitely going to increase traffic. As our topic is how to get traffic to your blog?

This Content will help you in two Ways

1. How to get traffic to your blog?

2. How to increase traffic? I hope you like the post.

You are free to send questions if any regarding the topic and can also let us know the topic you want in our next post.

Thank you for visiting us.

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