How to Grow Your Blog Audience – 8 Actionable Expert Tips

How to Understand and Grow Your Blog Audience

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

Growing your blog’s audience is a vital step in positioning your brand as an expert in your industry, reaching more people, and building your brand. There are lots of ways you can grab a few more readers here and there, but what does consistently growing your audience look like?

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

 Here, we’ve put together a selection of highly actionable tips you can put into play right away on how to grow your blog audience and serve them better. As a result, you’ll get more eyeballs on your posts and grow your blog’s readership.  

  1. Create Reader Personas

 Understanding who you’re blogging for is crucial for creating content your audience actually wants to read. In short, a reader persona is a profile of a typical reader on your site, including their pain points, struggles, dreams, and goals. 

 Personas like this go much deeper than simple demographic information, like age and location. Instead, they dig into the psycho-graphic tendencies of your readers. This includes things like:  

  • Their biggest struggle right now
  • What problem they need a solution for 
  • How they like to consume content 
  • What their goals are and how your brand can help them get there
  • What expectations they have from your blog and the information they want to get from it
  1. Network 

Networking increases your blog’s readership and helps you better understand your audience. The more active you are in your community, the more visibility your brand is going to have and the more conversations you’ll get to see unfold. These will give you unique insights into what your audience wants and needs from you. 

Start by joining relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups or dedicated communities in your niche. Listen to what members are talking about, look out for the key questions they raise, and notice any patterns in topics. 

How to Grow Your Blog Audience – 8 Actionable Expert Tips

Get involved in the conversation, too. The more you share your expertise and knowledge, the more people are going to want to check out your blog – and voila! – more readers. 

The best way to get to your audience is without a doubt social network sites like, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. So create a professional looking network around social media with the same name as your brand and share and post relevant content and ideas. Get to know the audience by interacting with them.

Also you can occasionally announce a giveaway and ask them to share your content and visit your site giving them some reward afterward. This is a great way to grow your blog audience as well as your brand name.

  1. Make You Site Loading Speed Faster

If you want your readers to return to your website then your website must be faster and mobile friendly also. The site speed less that 3 second is considered great. But if the site is loading slower then the chances are the reader will close your site.

Not only great content but also site speed determines the audience flow to your site. So make sure you site speed is pretty decent.

You can check your website from gtmetrix and analyses your site speed and other errors also.

  1. Lead Magnets

Growing an email list is an important part of growing your blog’s audience. Having a list of people who actively want you to reach out to them in their inboxes is invaluable, and it provides you with a way to connect with them outside of your blog. 

newsletter- grow your audience

Lead magnets are downloadable pieces of content that you share with readers in exchange for their email addresses. Not only do they build your list (because who doesn’t want a juicy piece of content delivered directly to their inbox?), but they also give you a chance to understand your audience better.

 For example, if you have a lead magnet about email marketing and one about SEO but more people download the email marketing one, you know that your audience is probably more interested in that topic. 

 You can use this information to fuel your content strategy going forward and ensure you’re creating content that your audience wants. 

  1. Ask Your Audience

It sounds so simple, but asking your audience what they want is a really powerful way to get information “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Understanding your readers on a deeper level like this will help you focus your future efforts and attract more readers.

readers- How to Grow Your Blog Audience

There are plenty of ways you can reach out to your audience and ask them what they want. Start by: 

  • Creating a survey or poll
  • Asking questions on social media 
  • Sending an email to your list encouraging readers to respond  
  1. Keyword Research and SEO 

Understanding what your audience search for is vital for planning the kind of blog content you’re going to publish. 

How to Grow Your Blog Audience – 8 Actionable Expert Tips

Use a keyword research tool to find relevant keywords and phrases that are well-searched in your industry and use these as a guide for content creation. For example, if you offer a time management tool, you might discover that “time management tips” and “how to save time” are well-searched terms in that area.

From there, you can build out pieces of content around these topics that you know are relevant and needed by your audience. 

Implementing the keywords in choice places within the post (like the meta description and headers) will push your post up the search engines and attract more visitors via that avenue. 

Here are some tips related to seo:

Title and meta description: Make sure your keyword is included in your title and meta description. Make your meta description short and catchy.

Use H1, H2, H3… headers: You must use the headers in such a way it will be easier for the reader to get the clear idea of structure of the content. The content hierarchy should always be maintained properly.

Use alt text to your images: Use relevant alternative text to the images you use in your content. As some social sites uses this alt text as title when sharing you should include relevant text and also keyword if possible.

Use interlinking: You should include links that are relevant to your content whenever you get the chance. Not links from other website you should include your own links also as it will help you increase link juice. This will increase your chances of ranking higher.

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  1. Check Out Your Competitors

Who are your biggest competitors? What are they doing for their audience? If you don’t have a big audience already and are struggling to find out what your readers want because of that, check out what your competitors are doing.

 These brands will already have established audiences and have published ample amounts of content. Start by identifying any patterns in the topics they share and look for popular blog posts that have a high social share count.

 Don’t base your entire blog strategy around your competitors, though. Instead, use it as inspiration and a springboard for your own ideas. 

How to keep track of your competitors move?

You can use google alerts to keep track of your competitors easily. All you need to do is add an alert like this:

How to Grow Your Blog Audience – 8 Actionable Expert Tips
  1. Measure and Tweak

Regularly check-in and see how your posts are doing. Dig into your website analytics to determine which posts are the most popular and consider creating more content around those topics. 

google anaylaics

You might find that you have one post that performs particularly well on social media, but another post ranks high in search engines and therefore brings lots of traffic in that way. Don’t just look at visitor numbers either; check out the bounce rate of each blog post and the conversion rates too.

You should keep track of your old content alongside with the new content. Old content but relevant one have greater chances  of ranking if properly optimized. So always make sure to keep track of all the posts either they are old or new.


How to keep track of your competitors move?

How to Grow Your Blog Audience – 8 Actionable Expert Tips

You can use google alerts to keep track of your competitors easily. All you need to do is add an alert like this:

How long before blog gets traffic?

The average time it takes for a new content get traffic and traction from search engines is from 3 to 6 months of time period, If only you are creating quality content consistently and also building backlinks of course.


Growing your blog’s audience doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, using these techniques also helps you get to know your readers which can be really fun and useful. Once you know exactly what your readers want from you, you’re much better positioned to create content they love over and over again. Which one of these techniques on how to grow your blog audience is you favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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