How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2021?

How To Translate Your Wordpress Website In 2020?

How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2021?


WordPress is not multilingual; if you want to translate your WP site, you have to do it manually, or you have to rely on a free or paid WordPress plugin. If you want to create a multilingual site manually, consider the following factors before you start translating your WordPress site.

Let me show you How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2021?

Single or multiple installations of WordPress

Use of domains or subdomains

Choosing the most suitable permalink structure

Difference between multilingual and multi-regional site

These factors must be taken into consideration if you have decided to create a WordPress Multisite installation and to carry out the translation of the WordPress site manually.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to translate manually, you can rely on free and paid plugins that will allow you to translate automatically without the need to create multiple WordPress installations or having to enter the translation based on the language on multiple domains or subdomains. (eg: – –

Different translation mode used

How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2020?

There are many plugins to create a multilingual site on WordPress. In this article, we will list the best plugins to translate WordPress into other languages.

WP’s multilingual plugins will be divided according to the WordPress translation modes:

WordPress manual translation:  through this method, it will be possible to manually translate the content of the website, in this way you will have the possibility to carry out a precise translation in a simple way which, however, will take you much time because you will have to translate the current state but also for Future posts and pages.

WordPress automatic translation:  if you have a professional blog or website, we do not recommend you to rely on a WP automatic translation plugin because it is simple to use. It is fast to translate the content, but unfortunately, the translation is not accurate. Therefore we recommend you use this plugin to automatically translate your site only if you have an unprofessional blog and don’t care that the site is translated correctly.

WordPress site translated automatically with the possibility of modifying the content. In our opinion, it is the best solution only if you choose a plugin that automatically translates the content of your website in the best way because once translated; you will make the changes manually without having to redo the whole translation all over again.

In this article we will rank the plugins based on popularity and importance, not taking into account whether they are free or paid, in any case, we will write it explaining in detail the features, the price and we will provide you with other features that will allow you to choose the best multilingual plugin for translating your WordPress site into multiple languages.

Best WordPress multilingual plugin

How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2020?


WPML is the best multilingual WordPress plugin to translate your website. It is paid, but automatic translations are done very well. You also can edit the text manually by correcting those phrases that are not completely correct or to modify those technical words which have not been translated well.

translate a website-wpml plugin

The WP WPML plugin supports over 40 languages ​​. It allows you to publish translations on the same domain or a subdomain.

Through this multilingual plugin, you will have the possibility to translate all parts of your website: posts, pages, menus, widgets, footers, image descriptions, etc.

You can translate the website into multiple languages; the translations will be inserted into the same database in different positions than the original language document to organize the web space in the best possible way.

WPML is the best plugin to create a multilingual site on WordPress, but it is not free. The annual cost starts from $ 29 up to $ 159.

The best solution is the Multilingual CMS plan, which costs $ 79 for the first year and then goes up to $ 59 in subsequent years.

Multilingual CMS is the most popular plan because it translates every single part of the website, including the widgets; it allows you to manage all the features from the WordPress backend. With this plan, you can choose the URL for each language used.

This subscription is valid for three websites. If you own an e-commerce site created with the WooCommerce plugin, you must necessarily subscribe to this plan because, in the previous one, it is not possible to translate e-commerce sites.

You can view the features and costs of each plan from this page: WPML multilingual plans.

Manual WordPress site translation

How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2020?


Polylang is a free plugin that allows you to do translations manually by making your WordPress site multilingual.

translate a website using ploylang plugin

It is one of the most popular plugins used by WordPress users because it is completely free but also because it allows you to create multilingual content in all the languages ​​you want.

It allows visitors to choose the language they want through the navigation menu or from a widget, supports RTL languages ​​, and is compatible with virtually all WordPress themes.

Each user can view the board in their language. This tool can be integrated with this paid plugin that allows you to integrate a management interface that includes partially automated translations and translation memories; we are talking about the WordPress Lingotek Translation plugin.


QTranslate-X (formerly QTranslate) is one of the most popular manual translation WordPress plugins. It is free and is simple to use; for example, you can change the language using simple tables from the WordPress backend.

qTranslate-X plugin-translate a website

This plugin works similarly to Polylang; after installation, you have to select the default language of the website and the languages ​​you want to translate by creating a unique two-letter code for each supported language.

QTranslate adds the language code to the URL, which defines in which language the content was written.

By keeping every single translation on different URLs, search engines will be able to index your content in multiple languages ​​without seeing it as duplicates. Furthermore, the plugin automatically detects the visitor’s country of origin, making the site available with the user’s preferred language.

To translate the content, you need to access the WordPress Visual Editor. You will see the flags for which you have chosen to translate the website, after which you will have to click on each flag. You will have to enter the translation of that particular content manually.


How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2020?

Xili-Language is another plugin that allows you to do the translation manually. It is mainly suitable for users who have some programming knowledge of WordPress, such as a developer or a web designer, because it is necessary to interact with .po files—using tools like PoEdit.

This plugin was born in 2009 and therefore is a young plugin. However, to date, it has managed to establish itself as one of the best plugins to translate the WordPress site and create a multilingual site.


LocoTranslate is another free WP plugin that allows you to translate your website themes and plugins into the language of your choice.

Thanks to this plugin, it will be possible to translate the entire website into the selected language; like for the Xili-Language plugin, it is necessary to interact with the .po translation files.

Automatic WordPress site translation

In our opinion, you should not rely on an automatic translator because most of the time, the sentences do not correspond to the original meaning both in terms of literal translation but also of real meaning.

However, if you have a simple non-professional blog and you don’t care that your site is translated correctly, you can rely on the automatic translation of WordPress with the Google plugin:

Google Language Translator

To perform automatic website translation, you need to install the Google Language Translator plugin on your site and activate it; this plugin is simple to use. It’s free.

Automatic and manual WP site translation


Transposh is a free WordPress plugin that has 82 languages ​​and allows you to perform automatic translations with the advantage of being able to edit them manually.

translate your wordpress website using transposh

This plugin is accessible and complete, even if the translations are sometimes not accurate. However, this problem can be solved by manually editing the incorrectly translated content.


Weglot is very easy to use a plugin that allows you to perform an excellent automatic website translation and also allows you to go and edit the content manually via the text editor.

How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2021?

To use this plugin, it is necessary to create the account within the website and enter the API key provided in the plugin settings on WordPress.

Weglot would be the ideal plugin for anyone (like WPML) in order to translate a website but the main problem is related to the price; in practice, the plan is free if you do not exceed these limits:

2,000 words, one language and 5,000 monthly views of translated pages

After that, you switch to the Starter plan, which covers up to 10,000 words and costs € 9.90 per month, and then you get to the next increasingly expensive plans (up to € 199 per month).

And it is for this reason that compared Weglot and WPML; there are no comparisons; we are not referring to the features that are great in both cases, but we are merely referring to the cost, think that the most expensive plan of WPML is sold for $ 159 annually. It can be installed on thousands of websites without paying an extra dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does multilingual sites are allowed in WordPress? does not support multilingual blog. However there are plugins developed by wordpress community that will allow you to create multilingual blogs easily.

How do I add Google translate in my WordPress site?

1. Install Google Language Translator plugin.
2. Go to Appearance >> Widgets
3. Add Google Language Translator widget to your blog’s sidebar.
4. Save your widget and view the result on your blog post.

Is Google translate plugin free?

Yes, Google Translate Plugin is free and very easy to use. It will help you make your page/post multilingual within few minutes.

What is the best free translation plugin for WordPress?

2. Ploylang
3. QTranslateX
4. Transposh
5. Google translate plugin
6. weglot


How To Translate Your WordPress Website In 2020?

In this article, we have listed the best plugins to create a multilingual site on WordPress. We have divided them according to the translation method: manual, automatic, semi-automatic.

All the plugins listed are great and famous, some are paid, but most are free; in our opinion, if you own a company site or in any case a site that you use professionally, you need to pay for the best quality and the best solution is undoubtedly the WPML plugin that for less than 70 dollars a year allows you to perform an automatic translation in a precise and correct way in all the languages ​​you want but also allows you to make changes to the translations manually. I hope you get the full idea on how to translate your wordpress website.

Which plugin do you use on your multilingual WordPress site? Do you know any other Plugins that weren’t listed in this article?

Please share your experience with us; we will be happy to answer and assist you with any questions.

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