Ideas To Choose Best Themes For Your Personal Blog

Best Themes

Choosing the best themes for your blog is the most crucial yet challenging part of your blogging career. With more than five thousand themes stored in the warehouse, it is likely impossible to go through them all and find the one that fits your requirements best.

To make this selection part easier, here is a guide to ideas that will help you narrow down your list, so you can find the perfect one with less hassle and stress.

Before you proceed with choosing, buying, or selecting your theme, you need to go through all these tips. Remembering these commands will save you from unresponsive sites, and you can create the best piece that just loads in the blink of an eye.

1.     Pick the objective of your blog first

The main thing that many bloggers, while deciding their theme overlook, is picking an objective. The objective is the building block on which your whole site is dependent. Therefore, before you begin to choose your site’s theme, decide on your objective.

Picking an objective plays an imperative role while choosing the blog theme. For instance, if you are opting for a lifestyle blog, your theme must be lively and offer all relevant services that can add value to your content and bring significant leads.

2.     Jot down the features you want

The second most essential thing to not ignore is listing down the leading features that you anticipate in your blog. Determine what features are helpful for your site and what adds worth to your blog.

With the understanding of features, you can also look around for themes that enable your mandatory features and allows you to have everything you need in your blog.

Suggested by experts, it is good to add minimal features to your blog to keep it non-glitchy and uncomplicated. This less featured theme also helps faster in accomplishing goals and avoiding extra clutter on your site.

3.     Prefer simple over-bloated themes

With reference to the last paragraph, I must say that in a blogging career, less is always more.

No matter how many colors, features, designs, and animation your theme comes with, always go for simplicity and avoid bloated themes because in reality, you don’t need schemes. Neither it is effective in the longer run. To actually work on your site’s performance, make sure to design it clutter-free and avoid unnecessary articles.

If your theme has a lot on its plate, it won’t offer value to your users, and they will quit without checking what you have in store for them.

4.     Premium themes are best to go with

Though free themes have a lot to offer too, professionals recommend avoiding them and go for the premium ones. Why? It is a debate we will leave for some other day, but consider going for premium themes over free themes any time, any day.

best themes


With premium themes, you can go with an issueless blog with regular updates. These themes are vibrant and offer dynamic features that free ones don’t, which can help you stand out from your competitors. Though they might cost you heavily, this one-time investment is recovered within months.

5.     Responsiveness is necessary

Responsiveness today is nothing extra rather. It’s a necessity to bring significant leads to your page. In this digital era, when more than 70% of the population possess a smartphone, it is crucial for you to choose a responsive theme that can improve the overall function of your blog and audience’s experience.

For instance, if I take my example, most of the time, when I’m surfing around the internet to find information to write my essay for me, I leave the site as soon as it glitches or starts hiccups. This mainly happens due to the theme chosen, which was not responsive and had bugs with shifting.

Therefore, the more responsive your site is, the better it will perceive the browser’s window and the better is the perceiving, the greater will be layout shift.

6.     Speed check-ups should not be neglected

When moving towards creating your personal blog, it is essential for you to choose a theme that doesn’t hold up your blog because of the way it was coded.

This problem is faced by many, due to which most of the audience leaves the site abandoned. When selecting a theme, go for a speed check-up. The ones that are smooth, efficient, and flowing will always offer an excellent experience with no to minimum requests and delays.

7.     Look for customer support and SEO if you opt for a free theme

The premium themes come with efficient support but if you are going with a free one, make sure you look for customer support because only a few of them offer good support. The rest don’t. And, if you miss good customer support, you’ll be on your own. If clashed with any major issue, which ultimately can negatively impact or mess up with your blog.

If your free theme doesn’t offer you good customer support, you can also consider hiring a third party who can help you get through those bugs.

best themes

Additionally, keeping in mind SEO is also crucial. Some experts from whom you buy essays online recommend getting a premium theme, which is SEO optimized from the beginning.

8.     Ensure your theme support popular plugins

Ensure you choose a theme that supports popular plugins to streamline your process and allow you to do all you want on your blog. If your theme is compatible with most of the plugins, your blog runs successfully without any function problem and improves its overall performance.

Again, a premium theme will cover this area. However, you can still browse the free ones and check descriptions for a better option.

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