Instagram Stories: How To Use It For Business Promotion

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories: How To Use It For Business Promotion

Social media platforms brought along with them immense opportunities for brands and businesses to promote their products and services. The inception of social media marketing strategies allowed brands to interact with their potential customers on a personal level.

Out of all the platforms, Instagram emerged as the platform that went on to become a big hit amongst brands as well as the users due to its engaging and vibrant content and presence.

With a user base of 500 million daily active users, this platform has immense potential to drive conversions, increase engagement and build social proof.

Just like other platforms, Instagram too has welcomed additional features to make the user’s experience more engaging and fun. The inception of Instagram stories opened more doors for businesses to increase their interaction with their customers.

These vanishing visuals have the ability to keep your users hooked to your brand for a much longer duration.

Keep reading as we have mentioned a few ways in which you can utilize Instagram stories for your business promotions.

Best Ways To Use Instagram Stories As A Part Of Your Marketing Strategies

Give Behind The Scenes Glimpse To Your Followers

You may not be aware but loyal fans and ambassadors of your brand take a keen interest in knowing what is happening at your end.

Giving your followers a sneak peek into the preparations of the product launch, packaging and sending out products for delivery, a look into the office, your office staff, or the rehearsals of an upcoming event can fill them with excitement. Such stories would keep your followers engaged and they would look forward to your next stories.

Display Sales & Limited Offers

A great way to promote your limited offer deals or 24-hour sale would be to display it as an Instagram story. Promoting such offers on your Instagram stories would compel your customers to watch out and not to miss any story from your brand.

After all, your regular and existing customers would never miss out on your deals and make the most of the offer leading to an increase in purchases.

Utilize Stories For Product Tutorials

Another great way to promote your business is by displaying product tutorials in your stories. This way you are not only promoting but also educating your customers about the use case of your product.

You can create tutorials according to the product. If you cater to the fashion industry, you can show various ways to style the jeans with various kinds of tops and create content that caters to your brand’s industry.

Such content is not only engaging but also instills curiosity in your customers to try the product as soon as possible.

For increasing impact, you can add a link using the Swipe Up option (if you are a brand with a minimum of 10k followers) to make your potential customers shop the product immediately.

Embed Instagram Stories On Your Business Website

An efficient way to use Instagram stories for promoting businesses is by embedding them on your website. Being the first marketing touchpoint, your website needs to be engaging enough for your customers.

Using a responsive social media aggregation tool, you can easily collect, curate, and embed Instagram stories in which your customers have tagged you.

Apart from making the website look attractive, this strategy works brilliantly to increase your visitor’s engagement, their dwell time and also helps in building a solid social proof of your brand.

 Conduct Q/A Sessions

When it comes to Instagram stories, a common strategy adopted by brands to increase views is to conduct surprise Q/A sessions.

This is an amazing strategy to give your customers more details about your products.

Moreover, it is a chance where your customers can get their queries answered and their issues resolved.

Many times it happens that many people have a similar query. Using Instagram stories, everyone can get their answers and the number of views and engagement of your stories will also increase.

You can add a touch of creativity by including a fun question sticker as a part of your story.

Display Teasers With Countdown

Ever since the countdown stickers became a part of Instagram stories, they made making announcements and displaying teasers even more interesting & exciting.

Giving the teaser of an upcoming product, or an event along with the countdown can excite your audience more and compel them to stay tuned for more updates.

The countdown will further push them to save the date and time for the event or the launch and they would look forward to more from your side.

Go Live

Going live on Instagram is an incredible strategy to increase the audience’s engagement. The number of views and the more engagement you get on your live video, the more you are likely to be featured in the explore section.

To take your live session to the next level, you can collaborate with a famous face and host a small chit-chat session asking the influencer to give tips or tricks according to your brand’s niche.

The presence of the influence will generate enough interest in your followers and they will not feel like missing out on the session.

Closing Note

Leveraging Instagram stories is an amazing way to generate interest in your audience and for increasing their engagement levels.

Even though the life span of these vanishing visuals is only 24 hours, still, they have emerged to become an important part of the platform due to their fun and engaging presence.

We have reached the end of the blog and we are sure you are compelled to utilize Instagram stories as an active part of your next marketing move!

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