Is WordPress Good for Business Website? (Pros & Cons Explained)

Is WordPress Good for Business Websites

Wondering if WordPress is good for a business website? Don’t worry, you’ve found the best article to answer your query.

WordPress is a free and powerful platform to build websites. It’s the most popular content management system used by over 40% of all sites on the web. However, it doesn’t guarantee it being a perfect platform for every need/ situation. 

So, is WordPress perfect for creating a small business website or not? That’s what we’ll answer here in this article. 

We’ll explain both the benefits and limitations of making a business site in WordPress. Also, we’ll provide a brief overview of how to build a business site in WordPress. Let’s start!

Is WordPress Good for a Business Website?

As stated above, WordPress the #1 popular website creation platform on the market. All types of websites including business sites, blogs, etc. are already using this platform. For example, it powers websites of some of the world’s renowned brands like Microsoft, Vogue, and BBC America.

So, it’s generally considered a good option for a business website. But some say the opposite. So what’s the deal?

Let’s face it here by enlisting the major reasons why WordPress is good for business sites. 

Benefits of Using WordPress for Business Website

Here you’ll find why WordPress is the most popular website builder and why people are obsessed with it. 

1. WordPress is Easy-to-Use (No requirement of coding knowledge)

First and foremost and the main reason for being in the limelight for ages is its very easy-to-use. You can get your site up and running by installing WordPress with just a few clicks. 

This CMS platform removes the need for coding, as you can build and manage your website from a simple dashboard. The dashboard includes all the options to change themes, change styles, create pages, posts, and all. 

WordPress Dashboard

On top of everything, there are a bulk of tutorials and guides available that help you to get started.

2. Tons of WordPress Business Themes Available

You may have a small, medium, or even a large business still, WordPress satisfies all those requirements. There is a mass of free and premium business themes available on the WordPress directory. 

And from it, you can choose any that fits your business needs. If your business is a pretty complex deal, then go for the premium one. Otherwise, a free option is the best way to start with.

Check out Business Trade business theme as it has all you need to grow your business. You can get a free version of this theme on as well. 

Free WordPress ThemeAlso, you can try Blog Web Pro theme for your business blog,

3. Abundant Plugins & Integrations

With WordPress, you can add any function or feature you want. And that too with the help of the plugin. Plugins can be installed and activated on a site to fulfill a specific need. 

Not to mention, there are tons of WordPress plugins for business. For example, form builder plugins, SEO plugins etc. 

Additionally, you can add multiple payment methods to your business site following the integration with PayPal, Stripe, etc. For everything you want to add to grow your business is made possible with thousands of WordPress plugins. 

4. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Have you heard about the term SEO(Search Engine Optimization)? It’s a process of improving your site so that it becomes visible in the search engine results. The more visibility, the more the chances of grabbing the attention of visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

For a business to flourish, SEO plays a key role as more people lead to better conversions. And guess what, WordPress sites are easily crawlable by Google, which ultimately means a higher ranking.

5. Creating a Site in WordPress is Cost-Effective

When we’re looking for something, we desire a quality product without spending much, right? Yeah, it’s the same with creating a website as well. And you know what, WordPress ticks all those boxes. This platform is free and open-source.

So, your money is only going to be spent on domain and hosting plans. And apart from that, if you go for a premium theme for building your business site. But that may not be the need, because there are plenty of free themes for business, like Business Trade

That’s it! All these investments are worth it, as it’s going to be efficient for the long run.

6. Highly Flexible and Extensible Platform

You name any website that you want to build, and WordPress will make it possible for you. From any business site to blogs to photography or even the website of your dreams.

Being such a highly and extendible platform is one of the many reasons that make it people’s favorite. 

7. Easily Create an eCommerce Business Site with WooCommerce

Just a moment earlier, we talked about WordPress being handy in building any site. Continuing from that segment, it’s also undoubtedly a great option for creating an e-commerce site. 

WordPress comes with WooCommerce, a powerful eCommerce plugin to make an online store. In fact, WooCommerce is by far the best for eCommerce solutions, used by more than 28% of online shops.

WooCommerce Plugin

Install the WooCommerce plugin on your website, configure its settings, set up a payment system, and you’re ready to sell things from your site. 

8. WordPress is Constantly Updated

Another reason that makes it superior as compared to others. It’s frequently updated, and that means it goes head to head with the latest technological trends.

And that’s crucial if you want continuous growth of your business. Otherwise, you and your business site will lead nowhere. Plus, an old and non-updated site is highly vulnerable to being hacked.

9. Get Support from a Large Community

WordPress has a massive user base to help you out if any issues bother you. You can rely on a large online community on the WordPress forums for easing things out.

Frequently, the issue you are into might have occurred earlier. If that’s not the case, then you can ask for help whenever you need it. Plus, there are tons of blogs and articles related to WordPress that guide you better whenever you run into trouble.

10. Make Your Business Website in your Own Language

Following that, let us tell you another cool thing about WordPress. You can make your business website multilingual. Meaning it allows you to translate content into more than one language. For that, you can use a plugin like WPML.

translate a website-wpml plugin

Your targeted audience varies, and accordingly, you can choose to add a translated version of your site. With that, it’ll create a great user experience. And, also gives you a better competitive edge from a business perspective.

Cons of Using WordPress for Small Business Site

Now we move on to the dark side or a terrible side of working with WordPress. Even though its benefits can make anyone go for it without a second thought, it can also be a headache. And that we’ll point out here.

1. A Bit of Learning Curve for Beginners

We talked earlier about WordPress being easy for beginners. And yes, that’s a fact. 

But it has a bit of a learning curve at the beginning if you’re not tech-savvy. You should register a domain, set up hosting, and install WordPress. To complete these tasks, you may need some time to learn. 

2. Requires Regular Updating (Updating core, themes, plugins, security, speed)

Last but not least, WordPress requires regular updating. Updating the site is indeed one of the ways to prevent a website from being hacked. And it also ensures you’re right on track.

However, updating from time to time becomes a hectic task. So, you don’t have an option to be lazy at all. For optimum performance of your business site, you have to regularly update (WordPress core, themes, plugins, security, and speed).

Creating a Business Website in WordPress (Overview)

WordPress for Business Websites

You can create your business website easily without much of a hassle by following our step by step guide:

So, let’s begin.

Step 1: Get a Domain name and Hosting: A domain name will be your website’s name like Similarly, web hosting is the place where all your site’s files get stored. We recommend Bluehost as its one of the top hosting companies.

You have to pay $12.99 per year for a domain name, and website hosting comes in at $8.99 per month.

When you complete choosing your domain name, you’ll need to enter your name, address, email, etc. And below that, you’re required to add your payment information. 

Step 2: Install WordPress: 

And after all your purchase gets completed, you’ll get an email providing you information on how to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Bluehost automatically installs WordPress for you and redirects you to the login page of your WordPress. Once logged in, you’ll be able to access the WordPress admin area.

Step 3: Pick the Best Business Theme: There are tons of free and premium business themes available on WordPress. To ease your job of choosing, have a look at these best WordPress business themes. 

Step 4: Add more functionality with plugins: WordPress has an ocean of plugins, and you install it for added features. Plugins come in handy when it comes to enhancing your site’s capabilities. Here’s our handpicked list of best WordPress plugins for business.


And that’s a wrap! So, in this article, we’ve covered, Is WordPress good for business websites? We hope you liked it!

WordPress is the most liked content management system in the world. And with it, you don’t even need to hire a developer to build a website. As a business owner, you want what’s best for your business, and WordPress is undoubtedly the one.

To break this ice of confusion, WordPress covers up everything needed for a business website. So, the simple answer would be yes. But just like any other thing, it’s not perfect. It has some downfall as well. 

However, its never-ending list of benefits overshadows its weaknesses. And few of them aren’t even going to hurt your business at all! To sum that up, WordPress is a safe side to pursue by all means.

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