7 Pro Tips To Optimize Your eCommerce/WooCommerce Store

Optimize Your eCommerce/WooCommerce Store

Tips To Optimize Your eCommerce/WooCommerce Store

Are you wondering how you can Optimize Your eCommerce/WooCommerce Store  so that you can win valuable organic traffic. Without enough organic traffic doing good business online becomes very demanding.

Especially when you are just starting your online store and you don’t have enough technical know-how on SEO, it becomes challenging to drive real traffic to your store.

But, worry not.

Getting traffic to your WooCommerce store can be much easier when you follow certain parameters and guidelines. Remember that a reliable hosting service and optimized eCommerce theme can make all your effort in the right direction. So, consider making sure your hosting and theme are up to standard.

Let’s see some of the effective ways to drive traffic to any eCommerce store.

Find out the right keywords

Keyword research and analysis is perhaps one of the most crucial things to help you drive more traffic. If you want your store to be more visible in the search results, you must implement the right keyword.

Many tools can help you filter keywords based on keyword difficulty, search volume, and competition. Not all keywords are a good fit for all websites. The keyword selection should be based on your goals, your website authority, and competition in the niche.

Ahref and SEMRush are popular tools that help you to perform keyword research. These are premium tools with monthly subscription-based pricing.

Free tools like Google Keyword Planner and keyword everywhere can come in handy when you don’t want to invest in premium tools.

Once you have the right set of keywords use them in your page title, headings, main content, product description, image alt text, media file name by making different variations. Do not use the exact keyphrase everywhere as it might look more like keyword stuffing.

Optimize your product page

Your product page is more for your audience than for the google bots. So, don’t try to make it too technical while trying to optimize the page. Focus on satisfying your user’s needs and provide value. That worths in the long run.

If some products are out of inventory, try removing them from the index. Unavailable products in the indexing are not considered the best practice. here is a practical note on making your product page more indexable.

  • Use high quality and multiple images
  • add alt attribute, name image file properly, compress the image to make it light-weighted.
  • Use the keyword in the product description and product title.

Optimize category pages

When it comes to an eCommerce website, category pages cannot be less emphasized. Like the homepage and product page, the category page should not only look great but also should be optimized for better conversion.

If your category page is poorly designed, the customer may not show interest in diving into the individual product. This will ruin your SEO effort.

Create a blog

A few years back blogging was more like a passion or a hobby. But today, blogging is used by almost all businesses as a powerful content marketing tool.

Blogging not only delivers reliable information to the audience but it also helps to build trust and relationship with the brand.

When you incorporate your target keywords in the blog post and create valuable content around the keyword, you will be able to rank high in the search results.

Here are some ways you can create an effective and SEO-optimized blog post for your eCommerce store.

  • Use your focus keyword you want to rank for. Make sure you incorporate keyword all around the post consistently including the title, description, and headings.
  • If you are selling a moisturizer, you should come up with a post like ” how to stay soft and soothing during the winter”. This helps visitors to solve their problems and when you can provide valuable content on regularly you build strong relationships with the reader and they are more likely to covet to a customer.
  • use enough visuals, quotes, videos, or any kind of media-rich content to make your post interactive and engaging.
  • Use internal and external links to relevant sources.

Work on-site architecture

The architecture of your eCommerce store should be in a way that customers find it easy to navigate and simple to look for things. Think of putting your important or best content in the front part and make the important pages accessible in an easy way. Great site architecture is always simple and scalable.

Optimize your Woocommerce store loading time.

Website loading speed is one of the Google ranking factors now. A slow loading site is not only annoying to the visitors but it also makes them leave your website in no time.

Various statistics have shown that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will be losing around 25% of your online visitors.

The question is, how can u improve the speed of your eCommerce store?

Here are a few things that you can do to speed up your online store.

  • Use reliable hosting that has blazing fast servers.
  • Use Gzip compression. There are free Gzip compression plugins available in WordPress that can help speed up your website.
  • Use browser caching
  • Optimize your images using image optimization plugins

Use plugin to optimize your WooCommerce store

keeping everything on the top manually can be frustrating when you have a large website. The good thing with the wordpress is that there are plenty of plugins that can help you automate your website optimization process.

Simply configure your SEO tools and they start working on the background to keep your site optimized. Here is a list of few plugins that can do the job for you.

WooCommerce SEO by Yoast

If you are serious about your eCommerce store, this WooCommerce plugin should be on your list. This plugin helps you get more clicks from social media and organic search results, manage your breadcrumb navigation, helps maintain a clean sitemap, and so on.


There can be lots of third-party script running in your WooCoomerce site in the background and often those scripts can make the site load slow. AutoOptimize helps you optimize the site by minifying these assets including HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. This plugin helps to minimize the heavy scripts and speed up woocommerce website.


Large images can make a website load slow. Using a plugin like Smush can help your site load faster by optimizing all the images on the site. The plugin automatically compresses the images during the upload so that you don’t have to spend time manually compressing each image. This image compression plugin will definitely help you to speed up woocommerce store.

And, what about the images that are already in the media library?

Well, this plugin also works on all the images that are already in the media library.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize my WooCommerce website?

How to optimize WooCommerce website
1. Find out the right keywords
2. Optimize your product page
3. Optimize category pages
4. Create a blog
5. Work on-site architecture
6. Optimize site loading time
7. Compress images
8. Minify unused scripts and stylesheeets.

Why is my WooCommerce site too slow?

Reasons why your WooCommerce site is too slow:
1. You are using a bad plugin
2. Your images are not compressed
3. Your sit is loading way too many unused scripts
4. You are using bulky theme

How do I make my WooCommerce site faster?

1. Use image optimization plugin
2. Minify scripts and stylesheets
3. If any plugin is slowing your site disable it.
4. Use high quality hosting service
5. Optimize site structure (Shop page, Category page, cart page etc…)
6. Use a CDN

How do I test my website speed?

1. GTmetrix: GTmetrix easily test the performance of your website and point ut possible errors and ways to overcome them.
2. Pingdom: It is a very popular website speed testing website which is very popular amongst website testers. It also provides you the possible ways to solve the errors encountered.


Optimizing your WooCommerce/eCommerce website in WordPress is easy when you know how to do and find the right tool. If you are serious about your eCommerce business, you need to learn eCommerce SEO so that you can derive thousands of visitors organically. A simple SEO plan and workout can bring hundreds of extra sales and yes when done the right way it won’t take years to get a result.

If you are having any wordpress related issue then visit our blog posts. We put different tips and solutions of various wordpress related stuffs.

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