The 5 Most Common Reasons Ecommerce Carts are Abandoned

Reasons Ecommerce Carts are Abandoned

The 5 Most Common Reasons Ecommerce Carts are Abandoned and How to Give Customers Checkout Confidence?

For brands to monitor their site in order to know where and why a customer left the site is an important part of the process where the brands analyze their customer service. ‘Abandoned’ symbolizes the customer leaving the site without purchasing anything.


For example, a customer added titan paint sprayer parts to the shopping cart but left the site without checking out; it is called ‘cart abandonment. Similarly, when a customer leaves the site at the checkout without completing the order, it is called checkout abandonment, and if a customer opens the site and leave without even adding anything to the cart, it is called site abandonment.


So, there are different terminologies to describe abandonment at different stages, and the brands use this to review, analyze, and enhance their customer service. Analyzing this abandonment rate and reviewing the reasons behind it helps the brands improve their site to decrease the abandonment rate. All the possible reasons behind the cart abandonments are enlisted below;

Additional Costs

Additional costs are a big turn-off for the customers, and they think they are being scammed or manipulated by the customers by showing different prices and then adding extra costs in the form of tax or shipping. Additional costs make the customers leave the site at the very moment, as they leave to try other brands with no additional costs.

Poor Checkout

Certain brands somewhat force the customers into email registrations, login, and account creations in order to go to the checkout process. Customers leave the site when they are made to fill rather long checkout processes instead of completing them. Poor checkout is a big No for the customers, and they will definitely leave without buying.

Trust Issues

Not all customers would want to enter their credit card details on their first checkout or first purchase from you. Trust is only built when a customer has once shopped, and if he likes your service and products, he is definitely going to come back to you and possibly add the card details. If a brand is not able to convince the customer of the quality, there is a greater chance of cart abandonment.

Limited Payment Options

A convenient eCommerce needs convenient consumerism. A site where there is everything that a customer would want will definitely make more customers than the site, which has some limitations. Customers want ease, and in order to flourish, the brands have to provide ease to the customers. Ecommerce brands, which do not offer simple and easy methods of payment, turn away the customers, and the purchase is either postponed or deleted.

Shopping Around

Some customers do not visit the site to buy; they just come to check in. they might make purchases later, but the first four to five visits are just to check the site. They might also add the products of their liking to the wish list, and if the brand is not providing one, they might start adding the liked products to the cart to abandon it later.

Solutions To Cart Abandonment

Cost Calculator

The marketers don’t want to make the customers feel that they are being tricked into additional payments because the marketers are actually not doing it. Sometimes, the cost of the products increases when the customer chooses a bigger size of the product. In order to give the customers confidence that there is no additional cost and they are not being manipulated in any way, it is better to add a delivery calculator on your site where the customers can get an estimate of delivery by adding the zip code. In this way, there are well aware of all the prices that might be included in their total payment before reaching the checkout.

Guest Checkout

Most customers hate it when their checkout process is time taking. It is a big reason behind the checkout abandonment, and to remove this reason, the brands can add a guest checkout option so that the customers are not made to go through the account registrations and login procedures.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings of the products are proof of the quality of the products and make the customers trust the product and the brand; in order to solve the trust issues of the customers, add the reviews and ratings of the previous customers to satisfy the new customers, and give them checkout confidence.


Cart abandonment is a big problem in the eCommerce market, and being an eCommerce marketer, you cannot tackle it all at once. Keep close monitoring of your site so that you are well aware of the customer patterns; then only can you devise possible solutions for the betterment of your site and give the users a good experience by up-leveling the customer service.

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