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MilesWeb Dedicated Servers Review – Supreme Hosting

If you’re expecting even more growth and need a better server, you’ve come to the correct place.

Each web hosting server has its own set of characteristics and potential. They offer to the best of their abilities. If your website has outgrown hosting and is experiencing downtime, security problems, or performance issues, it’s time to upgrade your server.

You must be using a virtual private server (VPS) right now. You switched to VPS hosting a while back for more privacy and better speed. That was the right decision you could have made. Your traffic, on the other hand, has increased by twice as much as projected.

If your server’s capacity to handle a certain amount of traffic is limited, it will damage the website’s performance if traffic grows faster than expected. As a result, you risk losing potential clients, visitors, and your overall brand identity.

The performance of your server has an impact on the reach of your website. It should load rapidly, respond swiftly, and operate smoothly, among other things.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a smaller version of a dedicated server hosting. You get the privacy you need, but it can’t compete with dedicated hosting’s high resource capacity.

In a VPS, one physical machine is divided into numerous virtual servers, and they are shared among many users. When you buy a dedicated server, you get the entire physical machine to yourself.

There are fewer to no security threats with a dedicated server. The traffic of other users has no impact on yours. That also ensures complete privacy.

The dedicated server has numerous advantages. It can handle more traffic than a VPS can. Switching to dedicated hosting will improve your website in a variety of ways.

Why did we convert from shared hosting to a VPS? Because we understand that shared hosting can no longer deliver the same value or help to further growth.

Similarly, when a VPS server can no longer handle the traffic, it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

Growth is dependent on efficiency. Your bounce rate will rise if your website is inefficient. What good is it to travel so far only to be stuck there?

We also know the best hosting company which can provide you with a dedicated server at a reasonable price. They are called MilesWeb. MilesWeb is a best web hosting in Australia that offers web hosting services all over the world.

What Makes a Dedicated Server Different?

A virtual private server (VPS) offers a physical machine that is divided into multiple virtual servers. Each user has their own virtual server and resources.

It is more effective for websites that are larger than medium-sized businesses. Their websites require more resources, so in that case, VPS would work best.

Because your VPS server is no longer useful, your websites require more than a VPS server. You need a dedicated server in short.

In dedicated hosting, you own the entire server space. There will be no user or virtual server distribution on your machine. In terms of high performance, high security, a dedicated environment, and reliability, dedicated hosting is perfect.

A variety of hosting providers offer both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, including MilesWeb.

Unmanaged MilesWeb plans are for users who are comfortable with technology. They are free to use and operate the server as they want.

If you are not good with technology or require assistance, managed dedicated hosting is an option. You can contact MilesWeb’s support team and tell them about your needs, and they will take care of the rest.

MilesWeb Pricing and Plans

Supreme Hosting

MilesWeb unmanaged dedicated hosting plans start from $ 99/m. There are twelve + packages under dedicated server hosting. So you can choose a plan that perfectly fits your website needs.

They offer rich features and benefits with their dedicated servers. Any plan you select, you will receive endless advantages.

Here are some.

Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb guarantees network uptime to its customers at 99.99 percent. There will be no downtime on your website, and the bounce rate will be nil.

If you look at other web hosting companies, none of them promises a 99.99 percent uptime. I feel it is the highest.


Because your website is always up and running, it operates smoothly and improves the browsing experience.

The website will load more quickly than before, resulting in more traffic. The server will run smoothly and without errors at any time and on any occasion.

Root SSH Access

MilesWeb provides full root access. You have complete control over your server and can alter it whenever you want.

It enables you to keep track of and manage your databases, domains, sub-domains, and other associated resources.

The server is extremely reliable because you do not share any resources with other users.

Various Operating Systems

MilesWeb supports a variety of operating systems. You can choose the one you need and install and run the big web applications smoothly.

It doesn’t take long to set up. Once you’ve decided on an operating system, the crew will get you up and running in no time.

Wrap Up

If you want to grow your business and succeed, MilesWeb is an excellent dedicated server provider. They’re low-cost and provide the best bare metal servers.

The servers are extremely reliable, have a lot of functions, and give the highest level of security.

You can buy the server for a low price and upgrade to a better hosting plan later if necessary. And I’m confident you won’t be sorry you chose MilesWeb as your host.

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