ReviewX: Use Multi-Criteria Reviews for WooCommerce To Boost Sales

review for woocommerce plugin

Get ready to add and collect enormous multicriteria product reviews for WooCommerce stores on WordPress using the latest advanced plugin called ReviewX.

Wondering how it exactly functions or helps you to accelerate sales? Well, that’s why we are here to give you a review of this latest feature-rich, fully-functional WooCommerce review plugin in detail. Be engaged with this blog until the end, and find out by yourself!

ReviewX is developed by a trusted team WPDeveloper that produces the best elements library Essential Addons for Elementor, currently having 800K+ happy users with lots of other amazing plugins in its savings. It lets you collect instant multicriteria reviews & ratings from your customers with other handy features to add credibility to your business and be your ultimate sales booster.

Explore ReviewX Exclusiveness On Your Ecommerce Site  

Customer reviews are always essential to attract other potential ones. In an online world, trust starts by seeing positive reviews about your product before having it. So to collect those reviews from customers, interactively showcasing it and make it influential for others is the real challenge. ReviewX comes to facilitate all the e-commerce site owners of WordPress to utilize their customer valuable reviews for WooCommerce in a way to accelerate sales and earn a maximum profit right away. Let’s check out its fully-functional features below:

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Key Features of ReviewX To Display Your Product Reviews For WooCommerce

ReviewX functions stunningly with its multiple review criteria, customer reviews for WooCommerce & ratings with visuals, outstanding graphical representations, maintain product order status, theme customization, and more features to manage and organize your Woo product reviews in detail with ease. 

Add Multi-Criteria Review To Increase Product Credibility

As you already heard about its multi criteria functions, but how it actually works and functions to boost sales that are the real question. ReviewX amazingness begins with this. You can add as much as featured criteria about your product using this. Your happy customers will rate those according to their point of view. Which will help you to know where you are actually doing well, where you have to improve, and mostly helps your upcoming buyers why they have to choose your product immediately.

ReviewX-review for woocommerce plugin

It will instigate them to get your product without any other confusion. This chain process of collecting and visualizing reviews for WooCommerce with multiple criteria surely gains customer trust and boosts the sales on an instance. 

Collect & Sort Customer Reviews For WooCommerce With Ratings 

ReviewX offers you to showcase your product reviews for WooCommerce with ratings on your eCommerce website. Your customer has to give you each criteria review inserting their preferred rating for it. It helps you to know how your product is performing and get encouragement to serve the best. 

Reviews for WooCommerce- ReviewX

Besides, your audience can sort your customer reviews with advanced search filter features with the recent reviews, photo reviews, video reviews, text reviews, or top-rated reviews for WooCommerce at a glance. This makes your potential buyers take immediate purchase decisions and increases the sale. 

Automated Review Reminder For Customers 

After purchasing and using the product, customers can forget about giving the reviews for WooCommerce products. ReviewX comes with this fabulous facility to remind your customers by providing an automated email to collect their valuable feedback on your eCommerce site. In this way, you can collect more genuine reviews to influence your potential buyers in starting and getting success in the long run.

review for woocommerce plugin

Encourage Customers To Give Visual Reviews For WooCommerce 

ReviewX helps you to collect text to visual any kind of reviews for WooCommerce products. Your customers can give text review, upload any video, or add video links to appreciate your product in a greater way. It will increase your product credibility and make it authentic for potential buyers.  

review for woocommerce plugin

Boost Sales Share Sharing & Customer Recommendation 

You can enable social share features that will help your customers to share their reviews on Facebook, Twitter, etc, social networking sites. Also, showcase the recommendation feature with emoji reactions that will work as an acknowledgment for your upcoming clients about your present customer excitement. 

review for woocommerce plugin

We all know that social sharing and a direct customer recommendation about products on the website works as an extra spark for site visitors. It creates an urgency to get your product right away and shares reviews just like others. 

Get Advanced Design Section 

ReviewX provides a separate theme customization panel to manage the overall customer review sections look of your eCommerce website. You can choose your preferred ready themes to showcase your review graph statistics, photo reviews, and whole template style. 

Besides, you can highlight your product rating type and pick a stunning theme color that will suit your website environment. You can also add a shop and recommend icon to change the whole outlook according to your taste.  

ReviewX: Use Multi-Criteria Reviews for WooCommerce To Boost Sales

Rank Top On Search Engines 


ReviewX will help you to provide your eCommerce site review on Google search to accelerate your SEO ranking effortlessly. You can create specific product review criteria to collect feedback from the customer. So whenever customers will search with those keywords, it will help Google to make your review position on top of the search engines quickly and increase your product credibility to boost sales. 

Organize & Maintain Woo Product Order Status 

With ReviewX, you can maintain your Woo product order status in advance. You will get full control over getting your product reviews from customers on pending payment time, order processing time, on-hold, completed, or more order statuses time according to your need. 

You can enable or disable any of these features anytime you want. It will help you to decide and organize your overall review collecting list at selecting any of the order statuses features beautifully using this WooCommerce review plugin. 

review for woocommerce plugin

Customer Comment Moderation & Approval:

ReviewX allows you in advance to moderate your customer’s comments. You can choose automatic approval or can moderate them. You can unapprove any of the customer’s comments, edit it, delete it, or make it spam as per your preference to maintain your WooCommerce site credibility.

review for woocommerce plugin

Finalize Your Feature List

ReviewX comes with a separate section on its settings that showcase a detailed overview list of features. Whatever features you have enabled or disable can check it out at a glance. If you forget to add any, instant you can do that or can remove one immediately. It gives you the advanced facility to manage your overall features settings with ease. 

review for woocommerce plugin

ReviewX Advanced Elements For Elementor Users 

ReviewX offers exclusive integrations with WordPress popular page builder Elementor. If your eCommerce site is built with Elementor then this will help you to make your site credible and trustworthy for visitors. You can now easily showcase your eCommerce customers’ beautiful reviews on your website using ReviewX Product Data Tabs and ReviewX Woo Review.

review for woocommerce plugin

It will help you to display it anywhere on your site as per your choice and attract your audience right away purchasing your products to boost sales. 

ReviewX Powerful Integration With Best WordPress Marketing Plugins NotificationX

ReviewX makes exclusive integration with NotificationX to advance your product review marketing using the best WordPress social proof plugin. You can showcase your real-time customer reviews from your WooCommerce store beautifully with NotificationX popup alerts throughout the website.   

review for woocommerce plugin

It will create an urgency among your visitors to purchase your products right away by looking at other customer responses live on your eCommerce website. It will help you make your product credible for your potential buyers, boost site traffic, and conversion simultaneously. You can check out this documentation to get a step by step guidelines about these integrations and earn maximum profit anyway. 

[Limited Offer] Exclusive Lifetime Deal

ReviewX offers a flexible price plan for everyone. However, currently they are providing a lifetime exclusive deal for early users. You can now get this stunning, feature-rich, fully-functional WooCommerce review plugin for your eCommerce site at selecting an affordable price. To manage your customer’s reviews to accomplish your product marketing successfully can easily be done with its exclusive pro feature to boost sales immediately. 

Try Out the Free Version of ReviewX 

Still, confused about purchasing ReviewX? You can then just try out the ReviewX Free version to check out it’s amazing functionalities. Feel free to let us know if you have any other suggestions. 

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Final Words

Using this plugin will help you get more traction from the users which in turn will boost your product sales. It is a very efficient and effective plugin you can use for your product marketing.

I hope you found this article helpful and were able to understand about the ReviewX plugin. To read more such articles about wordpress tips visit here.

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