SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work For Your Website in 2021

SEO Techniques


Most of the SEO companies stay confused because of the continuous change in Google trends and strategies. Whereas, many are confused about what to focus on in 2021. Google keeps changing its trends and techniques to keep on improving every year. So, it’s best to be able to keep up the pace and prepare for the awaiting changes.

The trend of ranking high on Google becomes only possible by using the right SEO techniques. Many of the websites are getting renowned for their products and services because of their accurate digital marketing and the use of the perfect SEO techniques. Such techniques build a great repute of websites on Google and give them a high ranked privilege.

So, here we are going to share with you the SEO techniques that will work for your website in 2021:

  • Do an complete SEO audit of your website

The very first thing you can do to improve your website ranking is do a complete SEO audit of your website. This will help you figure out the reasons for your website getting enough traffic and also your website status.

When I say website status it means following things among many other things,

  1. Your keyword status
  2. Traffic you are generating
  3. The errors and warning present in your website and posts
  4. Your on-page status of your articles

In the SEO world, Website auditing helps self improvising and improving your website as it suits the current trends and readers satisfaction.

While performing SEO audit, you should keep these following points in mind:

  • Are any meta description tags missing from any pages?

All pages must have a proper meta description tag present. It will help the viewers to know what the post is actually about.

seo techniques- proper meta description

  • Are the page URLs optimized properly?

Do not make the URL Very long and confusing.

Make it shorter so that viewers as well as search engine will not have a hard time understanding it.

As for example:

Instead of this what if the url would be something like this:


Would you go through this link? I’d rather not.

So always make your URL as short as possible.

  • Are there any missing alt text for the images you have used?
  • Are internal links and external links present in your post?

You should use internal(links from within your website) as well as external (links from other websites) into your article so that Google finds the authenticity and depth of your article. Also this is very helpful for readers to navigate to different pages of your website.

It is a very important website ranking factor.

  • Are your post structures properly optimized with the right keyword?

Now that you understand the importance and what to look for when doing an SEO audit of your website. Let me show you how to perform an SEO audit of your website.

Method #1: Use Ahrefs SEO tool

Step #1 : Go to ahrefs and login.

Step #2: Now click the site audit present on the top bar.

Step #3: Now click add project and add in your website that you want to audit.

ahrefs seo tools- seo techniques

Step #4: After you have added your website then it will automatically crawl through your website and give you the complete report.

The report looks like this one. It will point out every error and warnings in your website. Now all you have to do is take care of those errors and increase your health score.

seo techniques- ahrefs overview

Method #2: Use Ubersuggest(Free)

This method is also very efficient while doing SEO audits. And the good thing is that this is absolutely free.

Step #1: Go to Ubersuggest 

Step #2: Enter your website URL and click Search.

ubersuggest kwyword research -seo techniques

Step #3: Review your website errors and warnings.

You can view your ranking keywords and traffic generated on your website.

SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work For Your Website in 2021

Also view SEO analyser for possible errors and warnings.

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO. Every changes you made to your content is based on the keyword you are using. So keyword research is the most crucial of all SEO techniques.

Not so long ago your content would have easily ranked on google top page within a few weeks and with a single keyword. But now Google is focusing on quality content and giving the user better results as much as possible.

So keyword research is very important if you want to rank faster on google SERP.

Here are some tips that can help you with your keyword research:

1. Use google suggests

SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work For Your Website in 2021

Use Google search bar to find the keywords that are mostly searched.


2. Get idea from Related Searches at the end of the google search page

SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work For Your Website in 2021

3. Get Keywords idea from your competitors

A very easier and promising seo techniques when it comes to keyword research is to analyse your competitors and track what they are doing that you are not.

You can then make the required changes so that you have a better chance of ranking above them.

So you can research the keywords that your competitors are using and use them in your own content.

Now that you know the importance and ways of finding different keywords for your content, Let me make the keyword research task even more easier for you using these following keyword research tools:

  • Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a bundle package that provides different SEO tools that will help you to get to the google top ranking page.

To get different keywords ideas visit keyword analyzer in ubersuggest.

SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work For Your Website in 2021

After entering the keyword that you want to use in your article, this tool will show other related keywords along with search volume and SEO difficulty.

SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work For Your Website in 2021

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best thing that you can use when it comes to keyword research. It provides detailed information on the searched word and recommends very useful ideas for your content.

seo techniques- ahrefs keyword research

Along with these data it provides following keyword ideas also.

seo techniques

  • MOZ Keyword Research

Another popular tool when it comes to keyword research is MOZ.

It also provides keyword suggestions and search volumes along with the top page that is ranking for that current keyword.

seo techniques- moz

  • Video optimization

The trend of watching videos has evolved more these days. It has been observed that 72% of the people prefer watching videos over text when learning about a product or service.

It is also estimated that 75% of website traffic will be made through videos in the year 2020. Isn’t it so unbelievable?

Digital marketing is continuously growing, and if you are planning on targeting your clients through video, then it is quite important to focus on how effectively you can utilize the videos to attract clients.

You can use YouTube as a search engine after Google which is one of the great podiums for the products and displaying your brands and services. There are a huge number of searches on YouTube every month, by attempting right YouTube optimization might help you to rank your site at the top of search engines.

Furthermore, it could help to improve the number of views by increasing traffic on your video or channel. But make sure your YouTube video is SEO responsive.

You can start your own youtube channel for your business and upload videos on relevant topics.

Using video in your business you can drive the audience not only through google search but also through youtube. This will give you a great chance of ranking higher on google page faster.

As for example you can take, owner of backlinko, Brian dean has his official youtube page called “Brian Dean”.

seo techniques - video optimization

Using youtube so as to boost your SEO of your website is a great seo techniques in 2021.

  • Know your audience

What Google cares most is that it tries to give their user the most relevant and updated result as possible for any query made.

In the SEO world, it is said that first write for your audience and then for Google search engine.

Your content type depends on your audience. The better you will know about the biography of your target audience the better you will be able to create the content and the better will be the SEO.

So, without knowing the target audience you will not be able to end up writing the perfect content with all the covered topics. You won’t win the hearts of all the readers by pleasing everybody with the same content. The necessity and desire of every reader regarding the content vary. So, if the content is not designed based on the target audience then the chance of high ranking decreases.

Knowing your audience will not that very troublesome task if you follows these tips,

Let’s discuss how:

    1. Analyse comments on your blog posts
    2. Keep track of recent trends and see which posts are getting high number of shares
    3. Use Quora/reddit to find most asked questions on the internet
  • Utilize available tools

As we have discussed some popular seo tools already in this article, I hope you have already understood the importance of using different seo tools to boost your website ranking on google.

The business owners can best understand the importance of SEO. There are several paid and free tools that can help with a clear increase in the website’s performance. Favorably, they even let you analyze and fix errors and even can generate site reports.

Several tools perform different functions to boost the site’s SEO rankings. Relying on such SEO tools is one of the good strategies to accomplish and optimize your website. Explore keywords, track your rankings, and keep an eye on competitors or explore more sites or contents.

Some of the best available SEO tools as as follows:

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most used and recommended SEO tools online. It provides lots of different exciting features that will only make your SEO journey easier.

seo techniques - ahrefs seo tool

Some of the main features of Ahrefs are:

  • Site Explorer: You can easily track your or your competitors post to check for the ranking position, keywords used, traffic generated, page authority and many more things.
  • Keyword Explorer: This feature will let you find the right keyword for you to use along with their search volume and keyword difficulty.
  • Site Audit: We have already discussed what this feature does. In short, it lets you audit your website and give you a detailed report. It gives you critical errors or warnings if any.  This seo techniques is great for you to do your on-page optimization.
  • Rank Tracker: This feature lets you track the ranking of your post/page for a particular keyword.
  • Content Explorer: This article will help you make your blog post optimized in an SEO friendly way. It will check different things such as meta description, alt text of an image, url, keywords etc. And gives you the possible fix for the errors if any.

2. MOZ

A truly amazing seo tool that is used by almost every content writer and SEO experts. This tool provides lots of features that are very helpful in your content writing career and also as a SEO analyst.

seo techniques- moz seo tools

Let’s not dive into detailed features but let me give you some major features of MOZ pro SEO software.

  • Site Audits
  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Keyword research

seo techniques- moz features

Some other popular SEO tools that provides abundance of seo features are

    • LongTailPro
    • SemRush
    • Ubersuggest etc…
  • Make your website mobile friendly

With the exponential growth of mobile phone users in recent years, it is mandatory to make your website mobile friendly. It is the recent yet powerful seo techniques that every seo analyst should must consider.

More than 60% of the online searches are made from mobile.

So if you wish to compete with your competitors and wish to appear on top search results then you cannot ignore this factor.

seo techniques- responsive site

It is very important to plan and organize your website structure for desktop as well as mobile and tablets.

The structure that looks good on desktop may not look appealing on mobile and vice versa. So it is your task to make sure your website is responsive on all platforms.

Here’s how our site looks on desktop:

seo techniques- desktop view of thememiles

And how it looks on mobile (Iphone X):

seo techniques- mobile friendly site

The mobile optimized site should be able to adjust the width of the content and the text size also cannot be too large or too small.

You can check if your website is mobile friendly or not using this Mobile testing tool also:

seo techniques- mobile friendly site

If your website is not mobile friendly, well its not too late to redesign your website in a responsive manner.

  • Write long and compelling content consistently

A long and compelling content is likely to rank higher than other short content. This is not to say that short content does not rank on top of google ranking. It is one of the most effective seo techniques that will gave some promising results.

As long as you are providing content that is helpful, and are properly optimized, it will definitely rank.

But still if your content is less than at least 700 words then your chances of ranking are very low.

And you may ask what’s the decent content length for a content to rank higher. Well in that case 1500 words and higher is highly recommended.

And in order to have a long content you cannot stuff repeating words and unnecessary content. It must be properly optimized and should be worth the time of the reader.

Writing long content and publishing them consistently will definitely boost your ranking sooner than later.

  • Update old content

What most content writers do is write an article and once it’s published just forget about them.

What they do not understand is that everything needs constant care and nurturing if you want to keep them fresh and new. This same principle also works on your content.

You must update your old content over time and make some changes over time to recent trends.

This will help you generate traffic and also increase your website authority also.

You can update your content that is older than 6 months. This could help you generate good traffic without the need of creating any new content.

I don’t mean to say that you should not create new content, rather it’s about not forgetting about your old contents.

Final Words

Every year, the emerging SEO trends keep on arising. Don’t miss to follow a single new thing. Prioritize these SEO Techniques with content quality based on your priority list and you will have no trouble in building your company’s visibility in search engines.

Follow these above seo techniques and you will definitely get good results and hopefully you will achieve the number one ranking on google page.

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