Ten smart ways to make money blogging!

smart ways to make money blogging

Ten smart ways to make money blogging!

To me, blogging is an effective way to show my work to the world! It can also be yours! Do you have some skills that you think the world must see through your work? It can be a simple blog about your favorite subject, or it can be your photography, videos, graphics, or anything that you can convert into a publishable format! There are millions of people who are seeking quality services, especially amid the pandemic. Now is the best time to make some money blogging!

Does it make sense?

To get started, many of these methods take sincere commitment and a professional attitude. However, the effort pays off as long as you put in the effort. These valuable methods are practical with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

I believe that blogging is a liberating art form for many talented people who have some value to offer! Are you struggling to show your work to the people?

Have you ever had trouble portraying your work?

Do you have any misconceptions about self-marketing of one’s work versus self-portrayal of one’s appearance?

Or are you simply looking to have a better understanding of money blogging by reading this blog? Whatever the case may be! I’ve got good news for you: I’m going to debunk some of your money blogging myths and encourage you to share your work online to make potential clients! Always keep in mind that you are not doing a simple task. It’s just another sort of hard work that requires creativity. The only difference now is that everything is digital and virtual. Therefore, it has a worldwide reach. Thus, it can bring a sea of opportunities, too.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, a novice or an expert, an introvert or an extrovert, you’re always eligible to blog. Moreover, factors such as location, race, and academic background are also irrelevant! Wow! You must be enthusiastic about blogging now. Want to understand how to turn your enthusiasm into profit? Yes, it’s possible.

Because hundreds and thousands of success stories already exist in the Tech-savvy market. Some bloggers have made millions of dollars. How so? They could do it because they were not afraid to come out of their comfort zones.

So can you? Blogging gives you the ability to be creative in your area of expertise.

In addition, it empowers you to exercise your passion while making money in real-time.

But it is all about how you do it that makes a big difference, while also providing value to others is a secret key to success!

So without further ado, let’s know the top ten innovative and intelligent ways to be a successful blogger and make money blogging.

1 Sell your services (be a boss):

While selling your services won’t make you wealthy in a few months. However, it can set the pace up, build a solid base, as it is an excellent way to enhance your income and build your reputation.

So, sell services directly relevant to your blog’s content (for example, arts, science, technology, any niche). Being specific is the key here!

Or you can try freelance blogging services such as web designing, graphic designing, digital marketing, or virtual assurance.

You name it. There are millions of things to come up with and revolutionize how to do business online through blogs!

2 Sell ad space: (Monetization)

Once you realize that you have juice on your blog, that can gather people around. Now is the perfect time to sell ads. You can do it with the help of Google AdSense on your WordPress site. These ads are essential to make money. All you have to do is use Google script and integrate it into your site, and you’re all set to rock!

Since you have enough traffic on your website, you can make money each time a user clicks on the ad displayed at your site. In technical terms, Google has classified it as “CPC” cost per click.

Technically, Ad space is a section of a web page that you can use for brand marketing.

You may have noticed many of these ads while surfing online. Whereas you can easily spot ads at the top and bottom of the sites you visit.

In brief, displaying ads, banner ads, video ads, and so on is the cool thing you can do to make money. Labeling blanks or areas of your website for ad hosting is the first step in selling ad space. Algorithmically, through bidding processes or directly to marketers, these ads sell.

In sum, banner advertisements, sponsored material, and videos are just a few instances.

3 Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways for online entrepreneurs to generate passive revenue. Keep adding affiliates and keep generating income. However, in the beginning, have some patience. Spread out your information on many platforms and in different formats when promoting links or your affiliate program. Use your connections in more than simply blog entries. You can also use them in videos, comments, website banners, and other places. This guideline also applies to your affiliate program. Include this information on your site and in your emails, social media posts, and video descriptions.

Think about the products you already use and that your users may also like. Here, you can see whether there is an affiliate program you can join.

Try some of the popular e-commerce platforms for affiliate marketing:

  • Amazon
  • ShareASale
  • Commission Junction

You can promote a wide range of products through affiliate marketing. Almost all the major virtual retailers offer affiliate programs, including Walmart, BestBuy, Amazon, etc.

4 Create a business directory:

What are the most common products or services that your audience requests recommendations for?

You can prepare a list of businesses that might join your business directory and then contact them for more integration. It’s easy to get started using helpful Plugins.

The first step is to figure out what type of directory website you want to start. Your directory site’s “niche” is the area of focus. So you can establish a comprehensive business directory based on your niche, which includes all industries and categories in a particular location. You can focus on a specific niche or industry. You may tailor your directory site, content, and even marketing to that business or profession by focusing on a specialty or area.

5 Consultancy services:

There are potential clients for consultants in all the niches. You can quickly charge on the hourly rates for the advice you’re likely already throwing away for free over the phone, emails, or VOIP.

The blogging consultant can help with technical details or design advice and program selection. The consultant can also develop methods for tracking the success of the blogs in terms of hits, customer responses, and sales growth.

6 Write sponsored post:

A sponsored post is content that bloggers write on behalf of a company. These clients want to get their content, product, or service in front of a specific audience. And this is where your job comes to take place. Historically, it dates back more than a century, beginning with radio soap operas and Hollywood movies.

You can post on behalf of your sponsors or review the products they want. There are many forms of paid promotion. Sometimes, it can be a recommendation or critical debate. Otherwise, your sponsors will give you the content, and while at other times, show your creative genius by creating content for their products. Content and other times, show your creative genius by creating content for their products.

Nowadays, it is a new normal for many out there. Besides, you can also promote brands through various social media applications. In addition, you can do paid posts for the brands and services that others offer through your blog.

You need to prepare these posts as the blog owner based on the guidelines set by a particular sponsor. Technically, you can do this with the backlinks to a sponsor’s site or new material on your blog.

7 Offer e-course:

This method can skyrocket your earnings, provided that you do it correctly. Selling products and services is one of the most common ways for professional bloggers to make money. In addition, an E-course frees up your time so you can sell the same product over and over instead of working one-on-one with clients. If you work hard while maintaining your course quality, it can turn into passive earnings, which is the dream period for many bloggers! You have to develop your e-course module and start promoting it until you get a good amount of membership.

According to facts, the most popular e-courses are in the niche of:

  • Blogging, writing, and video editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Computer programming
  • Psychological well being
  • Inspirational, motivational, and spiritual e-courses
  • Email Marketing

8 Write an ebook:

You are not always a beginner. The more you spend time, the better you become at your niche. If you consider yourself an expert at what you do, never hesitate to write an ebook. Make sure that you put out your ebook as soon as possible and sell it on your blog. The perfect marketing as self-marketing of your blog! So initially, avoid popular platforms for electronic reading such as kindle, kobo. However, you always have the option to sell your ebook through these platforms.

According to format and situation, the most popular electronic book genre varies. Romance is the most valuable and successful fiction book genre. Audiobooks are most popular in the thriller genre, while religious & motivational books are the most famous non-fiction formats.

9 Blog sponsorship:

To get started, many of these methods take additional time and money. The effort pays off as long as you put in the effort. These valuable methods are practical with a self-hosted WordPress blog. Some advertisers want to take it to the next level with just a banner ad or a sponsored article. They want the whole feast. A site sponsorship is when an advertiser has complete control over your website (at least to advert exclusivity). These include banner adverts, mentions in your pop-up, and their emblem on your blog banner.

10 Premium memberships:

Once you have built up enough fan base, it’s time to offer premium quality services to premium members on your blogging website.

If your content quality is top-notch, your valued members won’t hesitate to pay those extra bulks. As they, too, are looking for some value addition in their professional portfolios. With these restricted services, you will stress more toward premium members’ goals and satisfy them with their needs.

Membership content can change the way you do business online. Once it becomes public knowledge, you will get more and more members each day. It will lead to a large-scale investment option for your blogging business.

Not that difficult to build a site technically. You can create a website in a few hours using content management systems such as WordPress and others.

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