The Social Media trends you should keep an eye on in 2022

Social Media

Nowadays, people are addicted to their phones to scroll, swipe, click, and share stuff on social media when they have nothing else to do.

Businesses of all sizes can now gain greater exposure through social media. But they need to be aware of using social media to maximize its potential or minimize its negative effects. This article probes the expected social media trends in 2022, along with tips on creating an effective strategy.

Significance of social media trends

 Our lives have been hugely impacted by social media in recent times especially. It will remain a significant component of the way we express ourselves and do business in 2022.

Each day, social media gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with their customers in real time. By sharing their products and services online, businesses can reach a broader market.

The importance of social media has become so apparent that it has become indispensable to the finance and investment sector. Anyone’s portfolio would be enhanced by investing in real estate investment trusts, or REITs. It will be hard to match the charm of the best REITS stocks. Yet, social media is crucial for convincing potential investors to make a move.

Understanding current social media trends is key in order to keep the content fresh and ensure it resonates with the target audience.

Lifecycle of social media trends

 It is rare for a trend in social media to last very long since there are constantly new platforms, ideas, and strategies for users to engage and attract attention. An online trend may last for several weeks, or even months, depending on the social platform’s algorithms and speed.

Furthermore, blogs are frequently visible and receive views for a long time after they are published. It is common for blog posts to be long and dizzyingly complex, covering a variety of complicated and varied subjects. Businesses that manage their own blogs gain more control over their online presence.

Instagram posts can be viewed for up to 48 hours. Meanwhile, the Instagram stories and reels, which last 24 and 12 hours, offer a completely different picture.

Posts on LinkedIn only last 24 hours. Since this platform is used primarily during business hours, knowing its visibility time will help you determine when to post.

The average visibility times for Twitter and Facebook posts are short, with Twitter posts lasting about 18 minutes. For reaching the widest audience, it is important to post frequently on these platforms.

What’s hot in social media

 Social media trends are constantly changing because of new platforms and users. Listed below are a few popular trends from the recent past.

  • Memes were originally only used inside niche communities, but are now ubiquitous on many media platforms. As a matter of fact, memes are great examples of behavioral science and are widely used on the internet.
  • The proliferation of smartphones has led to an increase in video content. Smartphones make it easier than ever to create video content, which can then be easily shared across social networks.
  • People are intrigued by behind-the-scenes content (BTS): They want to know what their favorite brands and products are up to behind the scenes. In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on how products are made and what happens behind the scenes.

Rise of Short videos

Social Media

Social media trends in 2021 were dominated by short-form video content. Platforms refer to these short videos in different ways, for example, Facebook Reels and Instagram Stories. The trend is on the rise even this year.

TikTok’s app downloads alone topped 383 million between January and June of 2021, making it the leader in social platforms for short-form videos.

The social commerce category experienced significant growth in 2021. Businesses have begun to easily link to products and services from within their content, whether through images, videos, or text. There are fewer friction points between a user seeing a product they desire and actually buying it.

Social media trends for the future: how to keep up

Next year, social media content will continue to emphasize diversity and inclusivity.

Brands have realized the importance of engaging, representing and creating content for people from all backgrounds, including groups who have traditionally been marginalized by mainstream media.

The nature of social media trends is to change continuously. This can make it challenging to remain relevant on social media. The best strategy is to observe what your audience responds to most and interact with them regularly.

Keep an eye on what others are sharing and adjust your message to reflect your brand. Staying up to date with trends will prevent you from wasting resources and tarnishing your brand. Engaging content makes your brand appear more active.

Another way to stay on top of social media trends is to follow influencers, brands, and creative agencies who aren’t afraid to build communities, content, and conversations. It is possible to identify upcoming trends and participate in a conversation before overheating and becoming unappealing by following them.

Be on the lookout for these social media trends in 2022

Social Media

  • As the attention span shortens, content becomes shorter. Animoto, a video-creation software company, conducted a survey in which 60% of respondents said watching long videos deters them from watching. A short-form video, such as a 15-30 second video, connects with people who do not have time or interest in watching longer videos. About a third of social media users are currently using TikTok, which has risen to the top of the short-form video app market in less than four years.
  • Influencer marketing on social media is not a new concept, but brands are poised to take extra advantage of micro-influencers in 2022 for their growth. Their audience size and niche are smaller, but they are highly engaged and impactful within the communities they serve. As brands invest dollars in ad buying to reach their target audiences this year, they also will continue to work with micro-influencers.
  • The phenomenon of social commerce has been around since 1997, but its popularity hasn’t taken off until recently. Customers want to be able to purchase products they like with as few clicks as possible. Users will be able to buy products and services without having to leave their apps in 2022 because platforms will continue to develop convenient ways to do so.
  • The past few years have seen their share of augmented reality moments. There have been some wildly successful AR applications, like Pokemon Go, but others have failed. Augmented reality is likely to take off in 2022 due to improved technology and a better understanding of how it works. As the metaverse grows, brands will have opportunities to use augmented reality to interact with customers in fun and engaging ways.
  • There will be more than just companies creating content about their products and services. User-generated content will be a bigger part of 2022, promoting brands, products, and services. Using their creativity and speed, this new generation of creators is capable of making brands’ content go viral in astounding time.
  • On platforms such as TikTok, creators are now making use of the dueting and stitching features, which allow them to make videos that engage with or respond to content a brand has already created. With double-dip marketing, brands can leverage their content to reach both their followers and those of their competitors.

A smart strategy is required to stay on top

 Establishing an effective social media strategy isn’t as easy as it seems. And fortunately, you aren’t alone in the process. Trends and memes are shortened due to the sheer volume of new content created daily. Thus, brands need to stay up-to-date with the platforms that they’re using and react rapidly when needed. Since trends are shorter in duration, companies will need Agile mindsets and systems to ensure content teams are working quickly, collaboratively, and productively.

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