How to Use Your Website to Demonstrate Expertise and Build Trust ( +Examples)


How to Use Your Website

In order to convert, your website visitors need to trust you. They need to know that you’re good at what you do, that you have certain experience in the field, and that you’re not out there to trick them.

The information you display on your website can significantly boost your credibility. The way you structure it can help make it easy to understand and overcome a lot of buyer hesitancy.

Here’s how to use your website to demonstrate expertise and build trust:

Break up Information with Clever Formatting

What you say will sometimes be less important than how you say it. Your visitors typically won’t have either the time or the genuine interest to read through a lot of text. They want to know what you can offer them, how they can benefit from your product or service, and what it will cost them.

By making your pages easily skimmable, you will greatly increase engagement rates and user experience.

Check out eTraining, for example, and how they’ve structured some complex information in a straightforward way. They list the benefits of working with them in bite-sized paragraphs under a clear heading. You can whizz through their homepage and understand exactly what they offer in a matter of minutes.



Try to distill key information down into as few words as you can. You can use more detailed service or landing pages to provide more information. Ensure that what you show at the top of the page gets right to the point.

Showcase Your Work

One of the best ways to build trust and credibility is to show your website visitors exactly what you can do. If you can showcase genuine results, customers will have a much easier time trusting you.

Depending on the nature of your business, there are numerous ways to do this. If you operate in the SaaS space, how-to articles and videos can be a great tool. If you’re a service-based business, you can write case studies that detail the results you have achieved for clients.

If you can, show the actual work you’ve done. For example, if you are a house painter, show some before and after photos of your projects. If you are a wedding photographer, show the photos you have taken.

Vidpros is a video editing agency, and they display a lot of the videos they’ve created at the bottom of their homepage. They have first taken the time to explain what they do, and they then show you what you can expect if you choose to hire them.



Include Subtle Trust Signals

Every element of your homepage will play an important role in demonstrating your expertise and proving to your customers that you are trustworthy and great at what you do.

Take some time to consider what kinds of subtle trust signals you can incorporate that will sway your visitors.

Let’s look at Their value proposition highlights two important factors: they are the original brand in the business, even though many call themselves by similar names, and they have been in business for nearly 40 years.



They also show you exactly how many businesses are listed for sale on their platform at the moment, generating a lot of trust in visitors.

They also highlight some of their partners and the franchises they sell, establishing even more trust by showcasing the good company they keep.

Consider what you could do in a similar fashion that will subtly tell your leads that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Display User Reviews

What your previous customers and clients have to say about you is one of the best ways to demonstrate experience and build trust. As long as the reviews are honest and genuine, they will help you convert new leads.

Ask the people you’ve done business with to describe what they liked most about working with. What kinds of problems were they able to overcome? Also, ask them to tell you what they enjoyed the least – not to put in the testimonial but to work on it internally.

You can format testimonials and reviews in video or textual format. A combination of the two often works best.

Overcome Common Conversion Obstacles

Some of your website visitors will come armed with hesitation. They will have concerns about certain aspects of your business and will want to alleviate these worries before they even consider converting.

The more aware you are of these conversion obstacles, the easier it will be for you to address them on your homepage.

For example, Moto Machines know that their customers will most likely wonder about shipping costs. They sell some large and expensive items, after all, so this is a valid concern. They also know that a lot of shoppers will have questions before placing an order, so they have displayed the working hours of their customer service center.

Finally, they understand that they operate in a competitive market. So, they’ve mentioned their price match guarantee to further encourage customers to browse through their offer.

Show Who You Work With

Alongside testimonials, displaying the logos of the brands you have worked with will help new customers see you as trustworthy. You have clearly already done business with someone, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be good at what you do.

Grammarly, for example, showcases some major names in a variety of industries. This is a powerful trust signal, whether you’re an international corporation or a freelancer.

Don’t worry if you have only worked with small or unknown brands. While it is certainly great when you can display the logo of a well-known brand, you’re not looking for awe here. You are just proving that others have already placed their trust in you.

You will also be signaling to clients what kinds of brands you work with, i.e., in what niches and with what goals.


Be as Transparent as Possible

If you would like to go the extra mile, you can establish trust by being radically transparent about how you do business. This will clearly communicate to your audience that you not only have nothing to hide but are even ready to show them a lot of what goes on behind the scenes of your business.


Buffer is a company that is very open about everything. They show you how much they earn, and they tell you where the money you pay for a subscription goes. They show you how many signups they have per month, and they even tell you what their team members are reading.



This is an unusual level of transparency, and you don’t need to be as open if you’re not comfortable. Sharing details about your production process and the way you hire people, choose clients, or work with suppliers will help your audience relate to you more.

Provide a Knowledge Hub

Finally, the ultimate way to establish yourself as an expert both in the eyes of search engines and your audience is to create content that demonstrates your knowledge and experience.

There are numerous benefits to creating high-quality content. You can improve your rankings, earn quality backlinks organically, and provide invaluable advice to your readers.

Don’t underestimate the amount of work it will take to create a knowledge hub, be it just a blog or something more extensive. You will need to devote a lot of time to keyword research, content research, writing, and optimization.

A brand that executes this tactic very well is SEMRush. Their knowledge hub consists of a blog where they cover all kinds of SEO and digital marketing topics, various courses, how-to guides, webinars, and a help center.



You don’t need to be nearly as exhaustive, especially if your product is not as complex. Always start by considering what the main pain points of your audience are, and start addressing them one by one. Try to find a good balance between writing content that you can easily rank for, and content that is considered a pillar in your niche.

Wrapping Up

Before you start implementing these tactics, consider which one would have the most impact on your target audience. What are their concerns? What are their pain points? What would help assuage some of their doubts?

Choose the approach that would best address their needs, and make sure to align it with your brand’s personality, voice, and goals. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and try out new tactics and approaches.

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