Why Building An Email List Is Important For Your Business?

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Don’t kill your own business with the wrong email marketing strategy.

As an individual or a business owner, you’ve probably considered sending a vast number of emails to a large number of people at once. I know you probably thought it was hard because you didn’t have access to their data, but trust me, if you leave room for developing an email list, you can do it effortlessly.

What is an email list?

When you click the subscribe button on a website, you automatically share your email details with the website to receive updates or information from such a website.

Therefore, an email list is just a collection of emails from website visitors and customers who have expressed a desire to receive news, updates, discounts, and other information about your company in an electronic format delivered to their email inbox.

Why is an email list important?

Effectively communicating with the correct audience is the most difficult task for a business owner to complete since it is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. The easiest approach to manage all these barriers to productive communication is with a personal email list. 

A CPM for an email marketing list ranged from $100 to $600, according to active campaign.com. In the case of business owners, the cost can occasionally be higher.

The question to ask is: Is it worthwhile to purchase an email list? A bought email list typically lacks the correct or target audience; instead, it is like sending sporadic emails to a lot of different people’s inboxes, which they may or may not find interesting. For these reasons, it is not a suitable technique to consider.

One of the nicest things that can happen to your business is building an email list. You may simply develop relationships with your clients, contact the target market, and expand your business with the help of a personal email list. without the need to be caught up in a difficult situation.

If you’re still skeptical about why you should build an email list for your business, keep reading this article. I’ll provide the top 7 reasons why you should do so.

7 Reasons Why Building an email list is important for your Business

Targeted email

Email marketing is not spam in and of itself, but it may be if it is used improperly. 

There is no better database from which to send emails to your clients than the one you have obtained through their consent. Your product or company can easily grow by sending an email to the appropriate audience due to their interest in the specific product you are marketing to them. Research has shown that a targeted email allows customers to visit or click your link often. 

According to a Jupiter Research report, marketers who use quality targeting and list segmentation may boost conversion by 355% and boost revenue by 781%.

Reduce Cost

Is it worth it to purchase an email list? The response is no! Buying an email is quite expensive and risky, and despite your best efforts, you might not even receive a high-quality outcome. Email marketing comes with great ROI, the money spent on ads through social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. is way costlier than email listing.

Building an email list will enable you to spend less and expand your business with your audience with ease. Additionally, if you have an email list, you will always have access to it and won’t have to pay a price each time you want to send an email to your audience. Instead, you can send emails whenever you want for free.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing generates an average return on investment (ROI) of 430% for US-based companies. Additionally, email is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter at acquiring new clients.

Tracks and Records

One of the finest ways to expand your company is to have control over your data. With your email list, you can easily manage and regulate your client relationships and, if necessary, respond to emergencies. 

Having complete control over your company’s operations also gives you a measure of security and privacy, there is no requirement for a third party. 

Creating an email list will also enable you to track the expansion of your company and the frequency with which customers express interest in your offerings. This makes it simple to keep records and determine how well your product is selling to both current and potential customers.

Customer tracking, according to Tyler Read, CEO of Personal Trainer Pioneer, enables you to serve and efficiently target your clients.

Trust-building capacity

Trust cannot be established overnight, just as Rome was not. You need a mailing list to stay in touch with your consumers, as well as an email address that they are comfortable using to get in touch with you. 

Your business will develop, and your clients will refer to you as a reliable company if you can establish trust with them through email. According to a study conducted by Concerto Marketing Group and Research Now, when consumers have confidence in a brand, 83% of them will suggest that business to others and 82% will keep using that brand frequently.

Create an email list today to begin building trust with your audience.

Stronger relationships

Make your company the kind that your customers can relate to. Emails sent to the right people who can relate to or are interested in your offering will make them feel more connected to your business. Building a bond with a customer might make them remain with the company for long.

Sending emails to your audience regularly and mentioning their names makes them feel closer to your business and this may help promote your business because your consumers will be more likely to do business with you in the long run, and you might even gain lifelong clients as a result. According to a paper by Dimensional Research, 88% of purchasing decisions are influenced by customer service reviews.

You will find it simple to establish a connection with your customers if you can generate an email list.

Suitable for market research

You can do market research and test products among your consumers with the use of an email list. Using your email list is a simple way to gauge how your audience feels about a product you’re trying to promote or improve. As your key target group, their responses might also have a significant impact on whether you decide to launch this product or not. You’ll save money and time by doing this.

 A study published by Social Research Update found that using email as a research tool could provide researchers with several benefits, including quick access to global samples, minimal administrative costs (both financially and in terms of time), and its unobtrusiveness and “friendliness” to respondents.

A solution for personalized communication

According to survey results in our report, Inbox Insights 2022, nearly 60% of the most successful email marketers think personalization is one of the best ways to increase engagement.

Building an email list allows you to learn more about your customers whom you can address by name and capture their attention easily. You can then send them offers, discounts, or promotions, which they will notice when you mention their name at the beginning of your email, and this may prompt them to visit your website for more details on the offers you are making.

Some best email list-building tools

The prior explanation should have persuaded you that establishing an email list is safer for a company than purchasing one.

However, building an email list requires a lot of work, and if you don’t have the necessary tools, you might not succeed. We will briefly go over a few of the greatest tools for creating an email list in this article, and they are as follows;

1. Sleeknote

Sleeknote is a fantastic tool for growing your email list since it enables you to make attractive opt-in forms that are simple to modify. Additionally, you can use Sleeknote to make pop-ups and exit-intent forms, both of which are useful strategies for expanding your list. Additionally, Sleeknote interacts with all the major email marketing systems, making it simple to grow your subscriber base.


Comprehensive Analytics Page: A specific page with detailed information for your campaign analytics that you may use to assess the success of your efforts. 

Search Engine Analytics Events: To analyze and evaluate the objectives of your campaigns at any moment, Sleeknote seamlessly interacts with Google Analytics. 

Performance Analysis for SleekBox: See which of your efforts is producing the most conversions by comparing their performance to the targets you are monitoring.

2. Outgrow

Have thoughts of beginning to grow an email list? One of the better tools for getting started is Outgrow. With Outgrow, building your email list is simple and quick. You can design stunning pop-ups and opt-in forms using Outgrow that are known to increase conversion rates. Furthermore, Outgrow interacts with all the main email marketing platforms, allowing you to start building your list right immediately.


Raising lead conversion rates: I increase your conversion rates to over 40% by using over 1000 lovely pre-optimized templates! 

Integrating intelligent analytics with data:  Utilize over a thousand tools to segment your audience, integrate your data, and gain customer insights while assisting them.

Anywhere, in Minutes, Publishing: Embed Outgrow content on your page, in a popup window, in a chat window, on your subdomain, or as exit intent.

3. Pure chat

Pure Chat is an excellent tool to assist you in developing an email list if you’re trying to do so. You can easily install a sign-up form and begin gathering email addresses using its simple interface on your website. In addition, Pure Chat interfaces with a variety of well-known email marketing programs, making it simple to add new connections to your list.


Integrated approach: An all-inclusive live chat solution with contact history and visitor data in real-time to help your business improve every connection. 

Value: Real-time sales support that doesn’t nickel and dime you for each user or customer contact will increase your bottom line. 

Simplicity: Nothing you don’t need; everything you need. Pure Chat is highly user-friendly and simple to start up.

4. AddThis

AddThis is the best option if you want to create an email list at no cost at all. It is a free tool for creating sliders, pop-ups, and banners for list construction.

A call to action is always flashing on the list-building banners that cling to the top or bottom of the page.   Similar to sliders, popups created with AddThis don’t irritate users because trigger settings can be configured.


Customizable: Make your banners and pop-ups unique to reflect your branding. 

It is simple and cost-free to use: There is no cost to begin using this tool, and there is no requirement for special knowledge of how to do it. 

Analytics: It examines how well your material is performing and provides you with a weekly report.

5. HubSpot’s free form maker

A signup form is one of the first things you’ll need if you want to create an email list. And the free form builder from HubSpot is the best tool available for designing signup forms. 

You may design stunning, contemporary designs using the form creator that are suited for conversion. Additionally, it doesn’t require any coding expertise and is simple to use. 

So be sure to have a look at HubSpot’s free form creator if you’re searching for a robust and user-friendly signup form solution.


Drag-and-drop: The embedding and customizing of forms are made simple by the drag-and-drop feature of the form.  

Customizable fields: You can use these fields to gather pertinent information. 

Marketing automation: Using HubSpot’s Form Maker, you can send follow-up emails by automatically syncing contact information from the forms to the CRM.

 6. Picreel

You can design attractive opt-in forms and email capture campaigns with Picreel, a well-liked tool for creating email lists. You can quickly and easily design beautiful forms with Picreel that look fantastic on all devices and are mobile-responsive. Additionally, Picreel makes it simple to integrate with your email marketing platform so you can start expanding your list right now.


It has more than 100 pre-made templates that you may modify to meet your needs rather than having to start from scratch. 

A/B Testing: The application’s A/B testing feature aids in the creation and selection of better popups with more compelling copy, CTAs, and designs for marketers. 

Departure Technology: The program can identify users’ intentions to leave. As a result, you can design exit popups to draw visitors’ attention just before they leave.

7. LeadPages

One of the most well-known tools for developing email lists accessible today is LeadPages. Create stunning landing pages with LeadPages that collect email addresses and convert visitors into subscribers. For those trying to grow their email list rapidly and effectively, LeadPages is a fantastic option because it is simple to use and has a ton of capabilities.


Opt-ins via SMS & click sign up: Ever consider how utterly great it would be to record people’s emails while they are in motion? With LeadPages, you can now. You can expand your email list via text messages with this easy SMS text chat.

Analytics: Are you curious about the performance of your page? With only a few clicks, find out what appeals to your target demographic. You can even do an A/B test to determine whether a minor adjustment will be the key to success.

Integrations with your favorite platforms: Forget about system hacking. By seamlessly integrating marketing with existing business software, you can make it simple. Automatically add individuals to your email list, CRM, webinar platform, or any combination of the above.

8. Wishpond

Wishpond is an excellent tool to think about if you’re trying to grow an email list. Creating signup forms and managing your subscribers is simple with Wishpond. With Wishpond, you can also expand your list in a variety of ways, such as through competitions, discounts, and social media integration.


Automate your digital marketing: Wishpond’s powerful and simple marketing automation allows you to automatically nurture leads and retain consumers. 

Sending email newsletters is simple: Use email newsletters to stay in touch with the people who subscribe to your mailing list. Use Wishpond’s feature-rich email editor to inform people about sales, new items, and other things. 

A/B testing increases open and click-through rates: On-the-spot email creation and testing are simple. In the campaign dashboard, Wishpond provides real-time analytics while running the tests for you. We determine statistical significance and let you send as many different emails as you wish.


Creating an email list is one of the wisest things you can do for your company, and using the tools outlined above will make it much simpler. 

You can communicate directly with your clients by creating an email list, which also enables you to gradually build connections with them. It also gives you a useful resource you can use to promote your business and increase sales. Create an email list right now if you haven’t already.

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