Top 10 WordPress Themes for Writers’ Blogs in 2023

Writers' Blogs in 2023

Writers’ Blogs in 2023

Are you a writer or content creator willing to launch a website that could help you promote your books or writing services to a broader audience?

The first step is to choose a proper WordPress theme for it.

As a writer, you want to offer polished and professionally-looking blog posts to your audience, right? The WordPress theme and its features are critical here: Its design will influence the reading experience and overall blog perception.

In this article, you’ll find the top ten WordPress themes designed specifically for writers or bloggers preferring text content. Their style and customization options will help you build a writing platform that stands out from the rest.

What Makes a Great WordPress Theme for Writers

But first, let’s reveal the features a WordPress theme should have to become a good fit for a writer’s needs. What elements are must-haves here? What details to consider when choosing a WordPress theme for your future website?

The perfect theme for a writer’s blog is:

  • Minimalistic: As a writer, you want the audience to have a stellar reading experience on your website. For that, consider WordPress themes with a minimalistic, distraction-free design. Focus on as few specific effects as possible; make a visitor read your website as a book.
  • Responsive: Ensure your chosen theme is flexible enough to work on different devices and browsers flawlessly. You won’t be able to write engaging content if readers can’t check it the way you planned.
  • SEO-friendly: If you want the audience to find your blog online, consider its search engine optimization. As a creative person working with words, you might know nothing about SEO details, but it’s not a problem if your WordPress theme comes with corresponding plugins.
  • Fast-loading: Loading speed matters, especially today when user attention span is short, and many read content from mobiles. Consider light and mobile-friendly themes for your website to guarantee a positive user experience.
  • Containing “About” and “Portfolio” pages: Writers and content creators need these pages to introduce their experience and background to the audience. If you plan to sell books via the website, also consider themes with eCommerce sections.
  • 100% customizable: Choose a theme giving you 100% creative freedom. Check if its page builder allows modifying default settings and working with its sample material as much as you need to implement all your writing ideas in the best way possible.

Below are ten WordPress themes that fit all of the above categories. If you still doubt how you want your writing blog to look, feel free to use them as examples or inspiration sources to get some ideas.

1 — BuzzBlog

This theme is your choice if you don’t have the skills or time to customize your writing website: It comes with ten preset styles, so you can choose the one you like most — and integrate it.

Writers' Blogs in 2023
BuzzBlog is multilingual, so you can translate your website into any language you need to attract a broader audience and reach new demographics. Here you will also find over 500 Google Fonts featured! A dream of every person working with texts, agree?

2 — Writer

Writers' Blogs in 2023

This minimalistic WordPress theme is for you if you want to promote and sell your books online. Easy to set up and customize, it comes with a smart admin panel and a set of widgets to integrate for sharing your content across different platforms.

Modify the theme with a comment system, add a newsletter sign-up form to build your mailing list, or mention readers’ feedback to build your author credibility. The writer is a theme designed for publishers specifically, so it has all the instruments to feature textual content.

3 — Evoke

Evoke is a beautiful and eye-pleasing theme for journalists, photo bloggers, travel bloggers, arc critics, and any content creator who represents visual media with their written works.

Writers' Blogs in 2023

This WordPress theme has a multifunctional toolkit, seven different layouts, and advanced customization features. You can change colors, typography, logos, content blocks, and more in a real-time preview. With all that, Evoke looks simple and clean to praise the content over sophisticated design elements.

4 — CheerUp

CheerUp is for you if you plan to launch a magazine and write about fashion, food, or tech there. But whatever your writing niche, this WordPress theme is flexible enough to fit it.

Writers' Blogs in 2023
Numerous admin options, handy widgets, SEO-readiness to monitor your website performance, and responsive and mobile-friendly design — all make CheerUp one of the most popular themes authors choose for their platforms. 

5 — Lemars

Lemars is a super stylish theme to impress your audience. It’s perfect for lifestyle bloggers and creative writers crafting content that triggers emotions. This WordPress theme is mobile-friendly and SEO-ready, fast-loading, and cross-browser compatible.

Writers' Blogs in 2023
Choose among five different home page layouts and customize inner pages the way you like. Lemars also has a slideshow option, and you can format your text in a more engaging manner to grab the reader’s interest.

6 — Veen

It’s a common theme for writers, journalists, or anyone who learns to blog. Veen’s clean and minimalistic design is perfect for organizing your texts by categories and engaging readers with catchy images and descriptions.

Writers' Blogs in 2023
The theme works in all browsers; it is SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly. Tons of features are here to customize your website for outstanding performance: You can add or remove pages, change colors and typography, decide on the style for visual elements, and much more.

7 — Divi

For those willing their websites to look professional, Divi is the #1 WordPress theme to try. Its clean design makes readers focus on what you write, no matter which of 100 pre-designed layouts you choose to start.

Writers' Blogs in 2023

Divi’s page builder enables active manipulations with website blocks and content organization. Multiple typography settings encourage you to design your website as a book or a newspaper for your credibility and your audience’s stellar reading experience.

8 — Harmuny

This WordPress theme gets frequent updates, so it’s your chance to have a writing website that looks trendy and performs smoothly. Harmuny is super detail-oriented: It comes with all the features a writer may need.

Writers' Blogs in 2023

It’s SEO-optimized and multilingual. Its loading speed is fast, and tons of custom widgets in the pocket allow you to stuff a website with extra elements: sidebars, animations, Instagram feed, sliders, etc. You can customize header and footer layouts here, change Harmuny’s front page look, and revise the internal page design.

9 — Ruki

Ruki is the best WordPress theme for online journaling or personal blogging. Its original design grabs attention and invites the audience to read your stories. A few different formats are available to customize a website to fit your writing character and style.

Writers' Blogs in 2023

Ruki comes with RTL compatibility, fast loading speed, social integration, and post blocks that you can tailor whatever you want. It’s super-easy to customize: Even with no design skills, you’ll have a pleasant writing journey with this theme.

10 — Morning Time

This WordPress theme is great for personal or family blogs, though you can also customize it for business writing. As well as any other author theme, it’s minimalistic, i.e., clean enough to ensure fast loading speed and users’ positive browsing experience.

Writers' Blogs in 2023

Feel free to add or remove author content blocks, change a header and footer, revise the pages’ number and order, and place extra widgets to create a transparent design. Every aspect of your writing website will be in its place with Morning Time.

In a Word

So now you have it: the top ten WordPress themes that are perfect for writers’ blogs design as they were specifically crafted for websites where textual content is more critical than fancy design elements. But sure enough, you are free to check and consider alternative variants: WordPress offers dozens of stylish and user-friendly themes for any need.

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