5 Keys to Choose Best Hosting For WordPress in 2021

hwo to choose a best wordpress hosting

Top 5 Keys to Choose Best Hosting For WordPress in 2021


A question that I am often asked is what is the Best hosting for WordPress on the market, to which you can also rely on during the next year, 2021. To answer this question, I decided to compare them personally and, data in hand, draw up my ranking, based on real and objective data.

In the face of this investigation and light of the data, you will be able to choose the best hosting for your wordpress website..

What is hosting and what is it for?


The starting point is this: to define those who start from scratch or a little more. So what is WordPress hosting? A place that hosts the files needed to make your website work. Because in reality, this is what it is: a series of folders that hold the contents you upload as text and photos.

CMS, like WordPress, have a role: to interface between your knowledge and the server to create web pages. Hosting is the home that houses all of this. When you buy one of the best hosting for wordpress, you can choose between different solutions. However, it is better to bet immediately on the shared server. One of the parameters that define quality hosting is the reserved position on a website.

Requirements for quality WordPress hosting


You are here to buy quality hosting. Well, I want to make my experience available and help you make a decision. A decision that can be delicate. The final choice is up to you: I can only indicate the parameters that I use to evaluate a hosting.

When I want to create a successful blog, I look for only the best, but without forgetting the final cost: if I only have to spend, there are no problems. The goal, however, is to find the right relationship between quality and price: this is the challenge. So, how to evaluate the best Italian and non-Italian hosting?

Your Budget Limit

While choosing the best WordPress Hosting for wordpress website you need to look up to its price too. Well, you cannot ignore your budget limit if you are just starting out into the blogging, can you? I don’t think so.

If your WordPress site is small that gets less traffic and you are having less budget than you can go for shared WordPress hosting. It is comparatively cheaper than the others.

If you are having established WordPress site and high budget then you can go for dedicated WordPress hosting. It is comparatively more expensive than shared hosting. Despite its high budget, all technical and maintenance tasks will be taken care of by the team of Hosting’s WordPress experts. This helps you to save your time for doing more value-adding tasks related to your site.

So you can choose the best WordPress hosting according to your need and budget limit.

For those who are liking all the features of the particular WordPress hosting but have the budget problem to buy it then there is a solution for you too. 

Every year in the black Friday season, every year Nov. 27 to Nov 31st every popular company like Bluehost and many other good hosting companies run Black Friday Deals where they provide you with a highly discounted price. So, you can wait till the black Friday season this November and buy your best option at an affordable and discounted price.

Useful hosting resources

You know that every hosting has some characteristics: disk space (space you can occupy), traffic (data loaded and downloaded), and bandwidth (speed of upload and download). Having limits, especially on the latter elements, can be a problem for the blog, especially when you have spikes in visits.

Look for offers and web hosting capable of giving more in this sense. Don’t fossilize yourself on space; an average blog doesn’t take much. Consider scaling, increasing, and decreasing resources as you please. Hosting must follow your business. Not vice versa.

Backup and data security

You have to choose a hosting capable of securing your data. So here are the features to be respected: countermeasures to track malware and brute force attacks, presence of antivirus and antispam, activation of daily backup. Is there the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate? Better.

Server Uptime

Uptime means the time the server is reachable. So having a hosting that guarantees an excellent uptime means having a good starting point for the blog. Because an unreachable site becomes frustrating for users and Google, the warning is not a matter of life.

In the sense that sporadic downtime is not a problem. It can happen to everyone to have momentary problems. So all right if the page goes down for 30 minutes or even a few hours. But if it remains offline, the problem becomes more important: the user experience is affected.


Technical assistance and customer care

Many elements can make a difference when looking for good hosting, but remember that when you are in trouble (whether it’s your fault or not), you need someone to help you. Choose a web hosting that guarantees you 24/7/365 support. That is every holy day, every hour of the day and night.

Hence, you must consider a company with good technical assistance and customer care to make sure you have the best hosting for wordpress site that you own.

Make sure the service is reachable via phone, chat, and ticket. Another aspect to consider: better an Italian or abroad hosting? If your user is Italian and needs native speaker assistance, it is better to choose a national provider with servers in the Italian territory.

Why this? First of all, for the hosting latency times, and then for the simplicity with which you can interface with the support when you need to explain a technical problem.

Loading speed with SSD disks

wordpress hosting

One of the parameters that you must carefully evaluate: the presence of SSD disks in the servers that host your blog. The reason is simple: this is one of the fundamental elements to decree the speed of execution of the blog. So make sure they are in the package you are buying.


To have a free field with this CMS, you must respect some essential points. For example, the first concrete case: there are requirements that WordPress.org suggests. They are straightforward:

  • PHP 7.3 or higher.
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher
  • Compatibility with HTTPS.

Then, having an Apache webserver with the mod_rewrite module is essential because it represents a solid basis for running the CMS. The same goes for Nginx, although WordPress points out that any server with PHP and MySQL can be excellent. But this is the basis, what else do you have to evaluate?


One of the requirements that we always seek from the best housing service for our site is working with performing servers. And capable of reducing the loading times of web pages. We know that speed is an essential factor for SEO and UX and that hosting is central.

But how to choose the best WordPress hosting? What are the parameters to be respected? First, make sure your servers are equipped with SSD disks to decrease run times. Then there are HTTP / 2, and HTTP Keep Alive, which play a good part in breaking down the seconds of loading a web page.



How to choose the best WordPress hosting? One of the parameters that can make the difference is the uptime, that is the time that a server structure can spend without interruption. The exact opposite is downtime, i.e., when the machine does not work, and the site is unreachable.

This occurs for several reasons, for example, a technical hitch. Having an unreachable domain becomes a problem for your business: users arrive and cannot find the website.

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This turns into drama if it goes on systematically. Better to have a hosting that provides uptime close to 100%, knowing full well that nobody will confirm and guarantee the maximum percentage.


wordpress best hosting

So make sure that the choice falls on service with all the requirements to make you sleep soundly. First, you need to have the daily backup to do an emergency restore at any time. Moreover, the servers must be defended by a good firewall system for the hardware you have chosen.


This is a point that is often underestimated but can make a difference when deciding whether or not to purchase a particular hosting. Better to invest some extra money and have well-structured assistance? My answer is yes, it is always better to choose who ensures you support with:

  • Guaranteed times.
  • Presence 365/7/24.
  • Immediate activation.
  • Telephone assistance.

It is essential to have the opportunity to interact to get help in particularly delicate phases, such as the transfer of a site and the backup with the relative restore of a previous version of the work.


best wordpress hosting in 2020 & 2021

Good hosting must offer several advantages to its customer. For example, the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate already installed and a series of email accounts with your domain. Better still if the contract defines the possibility of obtaining the unlimited traffic option.


When you need to choose your WordPress hosting for a web project, evaluate the needs thoroughly. A shared server, where your project is organized on a machine with other customers, is cheaper but shares resources with more needs. While a dedicated server does not.

But the investment is very different, the same goes for intermediate solutions such as the VPS (virtual private server). So it all depends on your specific needs, evaluating, however, that a quality service can guarantee maximum professionalism and performance even with a shared server.



Make a professional choice; don’t just evaluate the price because saving is not enough when building the foundations of a useful portal. The online presence of a corporate blog and your website or ecommerce is not only made of good content and SEO optimization.

These are essential aspects, but first, there is a choice: that of the best WordPress hosting for your needs. Which one did you buy? How are you? Leave your experience in the comments.


How do I choose a host for my WordPress site?

How to choose the best hosting for wordpress site?
1. Good Uptime- A good hosting service provider will have uptime upto 99%.
2. Speed- The server load speed should be less than 3s.
3. Good customer service- A good hosting company should have proper customer service.
4. Backup and data security- Your data and security of those data should be the top priority.

What is difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

Well the web hosting is a broad service that refers to anything that can be hosted on the internet. Whereas wordpress hosting is a niche tailored hosting service provided specific for wordpress website. Basically, wordpress hosting comes under web hosting.

What is the advantage of WordPress hosting?

Since wordpress hosting is specifically centered for wordpress website, it provides very flexible environment for wordpress website developers. It also provides plug and play features for the developers.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article have helped you choose the best hosting for wordpress website. Consider the points that have been discussed above and you will have no trouble finding best wordpress hosting for your website.

For more tips and tricks related to wordpress and SEO visit our blog here.

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