Best SEO Techniques for 2021 To Rank A Website

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Seo stands for search engine optimization that is referred to as understanding the algorithms of search engines. It is an art that works according to the search engine and shows our website at the top of search queries. It is also said that SEO is the mother of marketing, so it plays a vital role in ranking a website as well as a business even.

The demand is so high in fact that a 2020 report by Microsoft predicted that SEO Agency services would be the most in-demand online marketing service in 2021.

If you are looking for Best SEO Techniques for 2021 To Rank A Website, then you are on the right page because today, I am here to give you all the points that will help you. So, keep reading the full post for better understanding and share your ideas at the end through the comment box. Ok, let me explain it.

Best SEO Techniques for 2021 to Rank a Website

Focus on Feature Snippet

Focus on Feature Snippet

It is a fantastic idea to get more traffic on your website through quality content. We all know that content is the king in SEO, so we have to present better material than the competitors. So google will show it on the top with related images from other websites.

So you will optimize your content and present in a better way then there are god chances of your website. You cannot force any search engine like Google, Yandex, or Yahoo to show your results in feature snippet, but with the quality content, you can easily make it.

Video Optimization

Video Optimization

According to the latest research, 72% of people prefer good information than the reading of blog posts. So it shows that we have to present our data in the video also that is related to people’s queries.

We can also add video in our article and optimize it with title, description & meta tags that will help to tank our video. Again I am talking if you are providing quality content, then every search engine will prefer you to show your website at the top results.

Quality VS Quantity

Quality VS Quantity

As we know, in SEO world “Content is king”. So quality content is without a doubt most important seo strategy. A well written content with the intention of providing useful information to readers abd also the search engine algorithm in mind has high chances of ranking than any other contents.

Also the content length is nothing you should neglete as it gives the reader and also search engine crawlers an idea that your content is actually authentic and have credibility.

As for the length of you content it should be more than 1500 words at least with properly optimized with keywords.

It is referred to as the quality of your website and content that you are presenting on the page. If you are providing quality content and talking related to the point, then you can compete already ranked websites which are containing more words article but with low quality.

Google likes relevancy, so always try to write only central and to the point facts that people want to read. It is not just about providing quantity but also quality work.

User Experience

User Experience-Best SEO Techniques

User Experience is an important point to rank a website. In the language of Google, it is called Bounce Rates. It is the behavior of visitors who are visiting your website. If the user like your content and stay reading the full post, then Google will think you are providing quality content and will automatically bost your website.

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So you have to engage the user and attract them to read the full post. You can add internal links to redirect the user to the other page of the site.

You can check the responsiveness of your website on desktop and mobile using google test.

Best SEO Techniques for 2021 To Rank A Website

Conceptualize the Content

Conceptualize the Content

We mostly hear that “Content is King,” but the reality is for away from this term. For example, if you are providing quality articles but not adding a video and step by step tutorials, then it will hard to rank. We have to engage the content according to the visitor demand that what they are looking for. You can use the following method to engage the content in the better way:

  • A Product Page
  • Complete Guidance
  • Add Related Tutorial Step by Step
  • Use of Info-graphics
  • Use of Video in the Content

Use of SEO Tools

Use of SEO Tools-Best SEO Techniques

There are many tools available in the online market that are free & apid. Mostly paid tools give you better results, never depend on the free tools, but to get an idea, you can use free as well. It helps you to engage your website according to competitors and keep an eye on competitors’ strategies.

You can implement better strategies to compete with the ranked sites. You can use Ahref or Semrush SEO tools that are going trendy nowadays. The use of Google keyword planner & google trends is also the best option for getting an idea about how many times a keyword is searching on the search engine.

Some most popular SEO tools are:

Use of Social Media Ads

Use of Social Media Ads-Best SEO Techniques

Every social media site has millions & billions of users every month, so we cant imagine its power. Some great social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook, offer you to run your business or website campaigns and attract the user to your page. You can set a budget for this technique that will be very beneficial for your website.

You can run a campaign for set period of time and get more traffic and leads. However most people prefer organic traffic and leads but if you are just starting you business or website then you can use this method and get quick traction.

Website Speed

Another important aspect that affects your site growth is website speed. A website loading speed should be less than 3 sec otherwise the chances of users closing your website increases even before reading the content. This will only increases the bounce rate of your website.

So having a site that loads faster is a great seo strategy that will help you generate more traffic and leads.

If you are having trouble with the site loading slower then there are couple of things you should consider like, delete old/outdated plugins or themes, use CDN, use minimal javascripts, optimize images etc.

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Stay Up to Date With Google Algorithm Updates

Google releases its algorithm updates over time that will help the readers get the answers to their quires relatively faster and also authentic results. This means no one can ignore the updates as it directly affect the ranking of your website.

So always stay up to date with the algorithm update and focus on the things suggested and explained on the update, that will surely increase the chance of your content ranking higher on google page.

Follow Google Developers Website For More Info

You should closely watch your traffic whenever a google announces a algorithm update and find out the factors that is affecting your traffic growth.

Update and Optimize Old Content

While many people may not realize this seo technique but it is surely one of the important one. Improving and updating your old content with keywords, backlinks and better readability is an easy way to get more traffic to your site.

Since SEO is not something you do once and forget about it. It needs constant work and optimization over time. Adding content to your old content and increasing your traffic, managing the headings, metadata etc are needed to be done over time.

Creating Backlinks

Another powerful seo strategy to help you get lots of traffic and audience is the backlinks creation. Backlinks means those websites links that links back to your own website.

As an exapmle, if a website refers your website by simply mentioning your site in their page. Then you get a backlink from

Now as simple as it seems there are couple of ways you can get backlinks and increase you website ranking.

Some of the backlinks generation techniques are:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Post
  • Directory Submission
  • PPT, PDF submission
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Bookmarking Sites

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How can I improve my SEO 2021?

Best ways to improve SEO ranking in 2021
1. Quality VS Quantity
2. User Experience
3. Conceptualize the Content
4. Use of SEO Tools
5. Use of Social Media Ads
6. Website Speed
7. Stay Up to Date With Google Algorithm Updates

Is SEO important in 2021?

The main importance of SEO is to drive organic traffic. And organic search held a high position than PPC technique as it is long lasting and more trusting. So the importance of SEO is increasing even as we speak now. SEO is going to be more important even in coming years.


After showing the above details above Best SEO Technique for 2020, I hope you will like my efforts and share it with the others on social media to help them.

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