How To Speed Up Web Page Loading Time in WordPress Site

How To Speed Up Your Page Loading Time in WordPress Site

How To Speed Up Your Page Loading Time in WordPress Site

Have you ever checked how fast your Word Press website loads? If not, do it by now. How To Speed Up Your Page Loading Time in WordPress Site.

Website page speed has been a crucial factor for any websites in 2019. Websites with pages having good speed determines visitors stay, conversions and where you rank in organic searches.

So, perform a quick check on your website today to know whether loads fast or slow?

If it loads slowly, then it has been time to focus on optimizing page speed. There can be a range of factors that are stopping the site to load fast. First, you have to check which areas to optimize from your stack of website building resources.

Here, I have listed some of the trusted and popular tools that can provide an insight into the areas that need optimizations. They are:

Today, in this section I will talk about some important factors to make your site load faster.

7 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Integrating Cache Plugin

Caching is the process of storing static files such as HTML, CSS and Java Scripts. The cache plugin in Word Press helps to retrieve each content every time someone accesses the website. By cutting off loading the same data over and over again, it helps to speed up the website.

Some sites already have browser cache enabled in the server. While, if your site lacks it you can easily go for plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

How To Speed Up Your Page Loading Time in WordPress Site

Deleting unnecessary plugins

Plugins are required to perform several functions on the site. However, overloading them is not the right choice. So, it is highly recommended to delete unnecessary plugins from your Word Press site.

The plugins impacts on the speed by using unnecessary database and creating a request to the server. Thus, check to remove the plugins for better speed performance.

Image Optimization

Images are a great source for making a website slow. High quality image holds more file size. So, one must optimize the images while using it on the website. The image can be optimized for the web in many ways.

reSmush is one of the best plugins available for compressing images.

How To Speed Up Your Page Loading Time in WordPress Site

Choose the best hosting

Good hosting is an essential thing for any website. Other practices will just go in vain if you have a bad hosting server. Choosing the best server is the top choice to make your WordPress site load faster.

Moreover, the good hosting has several pre-installed plugins so that you won’t have to think much later. So, it is better to invest a bit more and get a good hosting server for your website.

Using lightweight themes

While creating a WordPress site, always strive for a lightweight theme. The theme helps to influence a lot by making a site load faster. The lighter themes are easily accessible and load flexibly in any device. You can check the best blog theme here

Using CDN

CDN stands for a content delivery network. The main task of CDN is to deliver the contents of the website to the end-user based on their locations from the nearest available servers. CDN stores static files and delivers those files as quickly as possible after a request is generated.

Cloud Fare is the huge Free CDN platform anyone can integrate into their website. Cloud fare helps to make the site faster by efficiently delivering the contents.

How To Speed Up Your Page Loading Time in WordPress Site

Embedding huge files

After developing a website, everyone wants to post most of the information. It is good to make a website full of the required information.

However, while doing so one must bear in mind to avoid the large files that impact heavily on the site’s speed. It is suggested to embed those files rather than directly loading them in the website.

One of the basic examples can be embedding YouTube’s video.


The above areas are some of the best spots to make your site load faster. Practicing these things will surely make your website performance much better.

But don’t only take these practices as a full solution. As discussed on the top about some of the popular tools, try finding much more on your website optimization and perform accordingly.

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